How to Dance in GMOD – (Gmod Dance Command) Full Guide

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Garry’s Mod is by default a sandbox game and in this guide, I will explain how to dance in GMOD along with much other information like the GMOD dance command.

GMOD is basically a physics creative simulation where you can make stuff and put stuff together and do all kinds of creative things.

So let’s quickly start and kindly read the whole article to get all the related information.


How to Dance in GMOD

In order to dance in Garry’s mod, you first need to enable the developer console. Dev console on Garry’s mod helps to run different admin commands and use cheat codes.

I am not sure about GMOD dance origin but it was created by MRePotatoes.


How to Enable and Open Console on Garrys Mod

Follow the below steps to enable the developer console and dance.

  • In the game press, the Esc key, and from the left-hand menu click on Options.


    How to dance in Garrys mod
    How to dance in Garry mod
  • An options box will now be up, click on the Advanced tab at the bottom of the box.


  • Here check the box “Enable Developer Console” and then click on OK.


    How to enable developer console in Gmod
    How to enable developer console in Gmod
  • Now in the options box, scroll down to the very bottom and you will find the Toggle console.


  • The toggle console is set to the tilde ~ key by default that is just below the Esc key and you can set it to any other which you can use to bring up the console in the game.


  • Now go back to the game and press the assigned key to bring up the toggle console.


GMOD Act Dance Command

So once the console is enabled you are ready to use all GMOD act commands and let me first tell you how to dance in Garry’s mod.

  • Open the console using the assigned key.


  • Type the simple command act dance and you will see the character start dancing.


    How to dance in Gmod
    How to dance in Gmod

But I think you should check other act commands as well and a few of my favorites are Garrys muscle act commands.


GMOD Act Commands

I have also seen people asking how to taunt Garry’s mod so I will mention all of them below.

GMod act salute command is also great as people use o7 in twitch you can also use this command to show respect.

Number GMod Act Command Action
1 Act muscle Dancing and showing muscle, looks sexy
2 Act cheer Comes with Cheer animation
3 Act robot For robot dance
4 Act zombie Half-life zombie attack
5 Act agree Agrees with thumbs up
6 Act becon Hand signal telling someone to come to you
7 Act disagree Shakes hand 
8 Act Salute salutes
9 Act Halt Halt sign
10 Act Wave Wave
11 Act Group Hand signal telling people to group up
12 Act forward Asking to proceed
13 Act laugh Start laughing by pointing 
14 Act pers Martial art bird position
15 Act bow bow


GMOD act command not working

I saw plenty of people having trouble using the GMod act command and they reported that these commands are not working for them.

You won’t believe that 2 days before writing this article my act commands for bind dance were also not working.

I did a lot of research and finally found a few solutions that really work.

  1. The first thing you need to assure is that Garry’s mod developer console is enabled.


  2. Restart the game and PC as well and check if it’s working now.


  3. Try running other dance commands like act muscle or act robot to assure if the problem is with any specific command or with the whole command.


  4. Probably there is a problem with Garry’s mod server or that specific command has been disabled.

If you have any further issues let me know in the comment box.



How to emote in GMOD

You can use any emote from the above list of Gmod act commands. Make sure the dev console is enabled and simply type the command act [Emote name]

Where is the GMOD dance from? GMOD Origin

Garry’s mod dance emote was made by MRePotatoes and According to Wikipedia, Garry’s mod was created in December 2004 by Garry Newman as a mod for Valves source search engine.

Is Gary mod kid-friendly

Gary mod game seems to be friendly and ok for the kids but if I talk about the server, the community has lots of typical and weird people.

As a single-player it’s fine but there is lots of toxicity in multi-players.

How do you become a God in GMOD?

Once your developer console is turned on in Garry’s mod you can easily enable GOD mode in GMOD.
Type the command sv_cheats 1 and then hit enter.
Now type GOD to enable GOD mode.



There are multiple GMOD act commands for dance like robots and muscles. You must try all the emotes one by one and use them at the proper time.

As I have seen many players wonder how to wave or salute when they get a wave from other players.

So you know now how to dance in GMOD you can easily enjoy the game.




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