How to Check Who Unfollowed You on Twitch – 3 Best Trackers

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Unfollowers are a common occurrence on social media. And one of the most popular streaming services – Twitch – is no exception. But what do you do if you’re not sure who unfollowed you on Twitch? In this article, we will tell you how to check who unfollowed you on Twitch and provide some pro tips for keeping your followers engaged

This really hurts when the number of followers goes down as you keep doing hard work to increase the list of followers on Twitch.

For the people who have doubts, can you see who unfollows you on Twitch? Yes, you can see both followers and subscribers who leave your community.



How to Check who Unfollowed You on Twitch

If you have really something in your mind about how to use this Twitch unfollow tracker service then I have shortlisted a few best services.

I will share 3 different services for the Twitch unfollow tracker including both paid and FREE.


NO #1 – UNFOLLOW (Paid & 7 Day Free Trial)

It is a paid service but they offer some little extra features that you might feel is worth it. However, they also have 7-day free trial services as well and you can start using them in order to evaluate the services.

The service includes analytics and real-time notifications that inform you when someone unfollows you. So you will also get the instant Twitch unfollow notification with this service.

Twitch Unfollow Tracker
Twitch Unfollow Tracker

The other best part is that you can also connect your Twitter account. On both Twitch and Twitter it will show you who is not following you but you are following them.

You may have to disable the live notification of unfollowing if you are live streaming and lots of people are unfollowing as the notification will keep popping up. 

But if you are really interested to see who unfollowed you on twitch, then you must try the Unfollow service.


NO #2 – WIZE BOT (Free)

Wize Bot is a free service to get the list of people on Twitch who unfollow you. This is very similar to Nightbot and has many other features.

How to See Who unfollowed on Twitch
How to See Who unfollowed on Twitch

Now as this service is free and contains tons of other services for twitch as well you can surely try it to get a twitch Unfollow list and for other features as well.

How to Use WizeBot to See the List of Unfollowers on Twitch 

  • Open the Wizebot website, scroll down a bit, and then click on the purple button of Connection with a Twitch logo on it.


  • You will be asked to authorize the Wizebot to connect with your twitch account. Log in to your Twitch and click on Authorize.


  • The installation wizard page will now be up. Choose your preferred language, country, and time zone, and then click on Install Wizebot.


  • Once installed you will be now in the Wizebot dashboard. From the left-hand menu options, click on Analyzes.


  • Now click on the Lists of the Channel drop-down and choose Unfollowers.

Here you will see the list of the people who unfollowed you on your Twitch channel.



Stream Elixir is another amazing platform that helps you to easy and automate your Twitch stream. With help of this paid service, you can track your followers and subscribers who leave your community.

You can also know about the people who you follow but they are not following you back.

As this is a paid service, you must know what you get along with this Twitch unfollow tracker.

  • Powerful Viewer commands
  • Host & Manage your Supporters
  • Full whisper support
  • Auto-interact with Viewers
  • Track both followers and subscribers

There are many more services that you can check by visiting the Stream Elixir feature page.


Why People are Unfollowing you on Twitch?

There can be tons of reasons people unfollow you on Twitch, but here I am sharing a few major reasons people unfollow you.

However, you need to handle this very strongly as many people get disheartened because of unfollowing and then demotivation.

Unfollowing is common on almost all social platforms and so you better understand the reasons.

1 – Follow-For-Follow Schemes

This is a very common scheme for beginners where they try their best to get more followers and join such groups or schemes of follow-for-follow.

I have seen most of the beginners both on YouTube and Twitch fall into this which is useless.

Sooner or later the fake followers gained through this scheme start dropping and if you have also gained followers from this scheme you will find people unfollowing you.

2 – Focussing on Multi Games 

This reason was suggested from a few streamers’ feedback. They said that if you keep changing your niche or games very frequently then many viewers may not like this and unfollow you.

Many streamers, especially beginners, focus on different games to grab viewers with interest in different games.

But this mostly doesn’t work, so it is better to focus on a single game and build a community.

3 – Lack of Engagement 

Viewers are of multiple types, few are like lurkers who just enjoy the gameplay but many want to chat and get engaged in the chat.

If you don’t communicate with them or they find no proper discussion in the chat they will probably unfollow you and switch to other streamers.

Don’t take this personally and better think about how you can make your chat engaging.

4 – Toxic Chat or Violence

These are other common reasons why people unfollow you and leave your stream.

If other viewers are getting toxic or personal with any viewers, community, religion, or race then many people will leave your chat and will unfollow you.

Better have mod in your chat and set twitch chat rules to ban such users immediately who break the rules or get toxic.

You can also check twitch chat logs later to find out chat records.


How to Deal with Unfollowers on Twitch? 

So now once you know how to check how unfollowed you on Twitch you can easily check the list of unfollowing.

But after scrolling through the huge list of unfollowing you may get stressed with a question. Why do people unfollow me on twitch?

1- Stop Taking Stress

My number one advice for this does not to look at the unfollow list all the time as I know people that look at it every day and are always stressed out mentally.

People change their name sometimes or twitch may remove fake followers, so the first thing that you need to do is stop looking at your unfollow list frequently and stop taking stress.

2 – Monitor Followers from Twitch Analytics

Twitch itself has Channel analytics where you can find many useful stats like followers, viewers, and chatters.

As I said above, do not take stress by looking at twitch unfollow lists all the time, you can instead look at this twitch analytics twice a month. This report will help you to know when followers are growing and when going down.

  • Log in to Twitch, click on your profile picture at the right-hand top and choose “Creator dashboard”.


  • From the left-hand menu options click on Insights and then click on Channel Analytics from the drop-down.

Here you will find the no of followers according to date and many other data. Check these analytics as well to find when you gained fewer followers.

3- Make your Content more Entertaining

The majority of the beginner’s streamer fails to entertain and engage their viewers. They talk less and even the quality of the stream is not as good.

I understand it’s really tough to handle all these but you need to be at least entertaining. Talk to your viewers, share your experience, and have some fun discussion that makes your followers stick to your stream.

Once the twitch viewers count goes high you will have more and more followers with no need to think about people who unfollow you. 

4 – Never talk about any specific Community, Religion, or Race

When you stream any game or art then you will have viewers from different communities, religions, races, and sex. 

While talking on the stream you need to keep them in your mind and never talk about something that is against any community. 

Respect everyone and never discriminate as people really hate such people. As you know how to check who unfollowed you on Twitch, you should also understand why people unfollow.


Does Followers & Viewers Count Matters in Twitch

Yes, real followers and viewers count do matter for every streamer. The importance starts from the beginning where you need 50 followers and 3 concurrent viewers for at least 30 days to qualify for a twitch affiliate.

Later your hard-earned followers will always give you instant views on your stream when you go live. This number of viewers only helps to build a new audience.

The more will be the viewer’s count, the more new viewers will click on your stream.  This is the reason people buy and use viewbots on Twitch.

But always make genuine and real followers who have followed you because of your gameplay or entertaining stream. You can also join a few best twitch communities to gain more ideas and help for followers.


FAQs on How to Check who Unfollowed you on Twitch

Do Twitch Streamers know if you Unfollow?

Yes, Twitch streamers may know if you unfollow them if they are using any unfollow tracker service.

These services are mostly used by beginner or mid-level streamers and it’s hard to guess whether a streamer is using such service or not.


How to Mass Unfollow on Twitch?

If you have been following tons of channels and are annoyed by notifications then the first thing that comes to mind is how to unfollow channels fast on Twitch.

From Twitch you need to manually unfollow the streamer as there is no such option from Twitch.
But there are few third-party websites that allow you to mass unfollow channels or notifications on Twitch.



According to me if you are streaming on any platform you can gain real followers by making yourself entertaining and with your good gameplay.

Now once you know how to check who unfollowed you on Twitch, try to avoid the mistakes you made in recent days.

Never do any discrimination and neither let it happen in your chat. Work hard, engage with your viewers and you will have more followers sooner or later.



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