How to check Twitch Chat logs in 2022 (Viewer – Mod – Streamer)

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In this article, I will briefly explain how to check twitch chat logs in 2022 as a viewer, streamer, or mod.

Many users want to know, can you see your twitch chat history. Yes you can

There are a couple of methods that you can use to check twitch chat logs.

Monitoring twitch logs can be really useful and can also be strong evidence in case you need to show the chat history.

So before starting let me share that what I will cover in this entire article.

  • What are twitch Chat logs?
  • Why check Twitch chat logs?
  • How to check Twitch chat logs as a viewer, streamer, and moderator?



What are Twitch Chat logs?

In simple words, twitch chat logs are the saved chat history that can be pulled out with twitch logs.

You can check twitch chat logs after streaming or while streaming on Twitch.

Twitch saves your stream chat logs so that you can view the chat logs later for moderation or any other purpose.

You can check your twitch chat logs as a channel owner, moderator, and sometimes as a viewer.


How to Check Twitch Chat logs in 2021 (3 Methods)

There are 3 different methods to chat twitch chat history and you can pick any one of the below methods.

Just want to educate you about all the methods so that you must be aware and choose the one that suits you best.

Make sure you also have good twitch chat rules on your channel as this works as a first warning to the viewers breaking twitch rules.

Method 1 – Using Twitch Chat Command

This is one of the quickest and easiest methods to check twitch chat logs.

You can use a simple twitch chat command to view twitch chat history by any user either during the stream or after the stream.

This command can be used by the broadcaster as well as by the moderator.

With this chat command, you can view enough data of the user like

  • User Messages
  • Number of Timeouts
  • Number of Bans they received
  • Mod comments

How to use Twitch chat command to view user chat logs

  1. Open your twitch stream channel chat.


  2. Type the command /user <username> and hit the enter key. So let’s say the user name is Frank so type /user frank and then enter.


    How to check twitch chat logs
    How to check twitch chat logs
  3. The user information box will now be displayed on the chatbox.
  4. Click on Messages and you will now see the user chat log.


Method 2 – View Twitch Chat logs using VODs

With this method, you can view twitch chat logs once the stream is ended.

The method will be time-consuming as there are no filters to directly monitor any specific user.

Basically, VOD (Video on demand) also call “Past broadcast” archives all your previously streamed videos.

So to use this method you first need to enable VOD on twitch.

I know there are a few major drawbacks like time consumption and VOD must be enabled but there are a few benefits as well.

  • You can view the entire screen of the chat
  • How and at what part of streaming did the user message.

How to find past broadcast videos on Twitch

  • Open Twitch website.
  • Click on your profile picture located at the very right-hand top and choose “Channel” from the drop-down suggestions.
  • Now scroll down a bit and click on the “Videos” tab and look for the stream on which you want to check user chat logs.


    How to find past broadcast videos on Twitch
    How to find past broadcast videos on Twitch
  • Start monitoring the video to find the user chat log you are looking for.


Method 3 – Use Chatty (third party software)

This is third-party software that you can install on your PC and then connect with your twitch account.

Once connected you can view all your twitch messages and can even chat on twitch with Chatty software.

The tool is simple and easy to use, but let share its cons first

  • You can only view twitch chat logs after Chatty is installed.
  • Chatty won’t display the deleted messages by the owner, editor, or mod.
NOTE: – Your chatty program should be connected and running in the background in order to save all the logs.


How to use Chatty software to view twitch chat logs

  1. Navigate to the Chatty website and click on the download tab to download the software.
  2. Once download, install and open the software on your PC.
  3. Click on Configure account and then connect with your twitch account.


    How to view twitch chat logs with chatty
    How to view twitch chat logs with chatty
  4. Once configured, click on connect to start checking twitch chat logs.

If the stream is online you can also chat from this software.

There are a few bots like nightbot that can also help you to check twitch chat logs.


How to Download your Twitch Chat Logs with Chatty

This can be easier if you can download twitch history and view it after the stream.

Chatty saves your twitch chat history that you can save into your device and view anytime.

Though there are many other options that chatty provides for twitch but that we will discuss in some article.

Let’s see how to view saved twitch chat logs

  1. Open Chatty application, click on the “Main” menu and choose Settings from the drop-down.
  2. From the settings box, hover up to the Chat section from the left-hand menu and click on Log to file.
  3. On the right-hand bottom, you will find Open click on it and this will take you to the saved log file.
  4. Open the file and you will find all the twitch chat logs


How to Check Twitch Chat Logs as a Mod

You might have been given a task to check twitch chat logs as a mod or probably as a streamer you want to assign this work to your moderator.

Checking twitch chat logs as a mod is very easy and can be done very quickly.

This is also a work of a moderator to keep track of the viewer’s chat where they can ban, timeout, or save their chat logs.

Follow the simple steps

  1. Open twitch stream and chat section.
  2. Click on the sword icon (Mod view) that is on the very left of the settings gear icon of chat.


    How to enabled mod view in twitch
    How to enabled mod view in twitch



  3. The twitch screen will now load up in moderator view.
  4. On the chat, section look for the twitch user for which you want to view the chat log.
  5. Click on the username and the user profile will be displayed on the right-hand side.


    How to check twitch chat logs as a mod
    How to check twitch chat logs as a mod
  6. Click on messages and this will display the entire chats from the user in the stream


How to Check Twitch Chat Logs as a Viewer

Checking twitch chat logs as a viewer is not an easy task and so you need to use a third-party tool website.

A few months back there was a perfect website called OverrustleLogs through which anyone can access twitch chat logs.

But this website has been shut down by Twitch itself as it’s against the twitch privacy policy.

There are still 2 ways to view twitch chat logs as a viewer that are not easy but you can give it a try.

Solution 1 –Through Just log Website

Open justlog website on your browser and you will find two options here of “Channel” and “Username”.

Type the channel name from which you want to find the chat log.

In username, box type your username or for whomever you want to check and follow the instructions.

This method works sometimes and sometimes it may take a long time so you can also give it a second try by trying after some time.


Solution 2 – Contacting Twitch

According to Twitch’s privacy policy, you can request a copy of your data saved in twitch.

You can request twitch by filling a form that needs a couple of information.

In the type of Information choose Chat and rest in the request detail section clarify the legit and proper reason for requesting twitch chat log.


Reasons to Check Twitch Chat Logs

Probably you were here for any specific reasons to know how to check twitch chat logs.

But you must know other reasons that why to check twitch chat logs and how these logs can help you.

Viewers Behaviour on your Stream

While streaming this is not possible to communicate with your viewers on the chat all the time.

This may not let you know how exactly viewers respond to your gameplay and of course your way to streaming.

In case if you are a new streamer and streaming any banned games by twitch, your viewers may have informed you on chat.

You will also get to know what your viewers expect from you and what exactly they are demanding which will help you to cover in the next stream.

Viewers should know that you notice them either while streaming or after streaming.


Helps in Giveaway by finding your Real Fan

Giveaway is an important part that is almost done by every creator and streamer.

Though there are many popular ways to run a giveaway and choose a winner, that’s just a random selection.

But what about those viewers who are your big fans and are always active whenever you stream.

With twitch chat logs you can find who are always active positively and also engage your other audiences.

You must also pick among these fans or regular viewers with some surprise gifts.

So not only your best viewers will be happy but you will also grow.


Report Inappropriate Users (Moderation)

You must keep an eye on your channel community to have a clean and safe viewer’s family.

Through twitch chat logs you can find users making inappropriate comments or spamming.

You might be thinking that you already have a mod or an editor to check that.

But there are still many things that you can pick and find only by monitoring their complete logs.

Your moderators can also ban such people by having a complete content review of their chat.

This job can be assigned to your mods in case you do not have the time. But make sure you mod perform this log monitoring properly.


Explorer New Ideas and Trend

While checking twitch chat logs you will see something funny or weird that might make you laugh or will come with many new things.

This is a great idea that will explore will new trending culture like emotes and memes.

You may even get many new ideas that can help you to engage more audience with some interesting content.



Can you delete your chat logs in Twitch?

No, you cannot delete your twitch chat logs but can clear your current chat history as a moderator or if you are the channel owner.
There is a simple command that you need to use for clearing twitch chat history.
–       Click on the sword icon that is on the very left of the chat settings gear icon
–       This will bring up the channel chat in mod view.
In the chatbox type /clear and hit enter and all the chat will be cleared.

Can you get a transcript of twitch chat?

Yes, you can get a transcript of twitch chat through the 3rd party website called chatty. Once the chatty application is running it saves all the chat twitch chat history.
You can view it by going to Main > Settings > Log to File.
A brief explanation has been given above that how to download twitch chat logs.


Does Twitch store Chat information?

Twitch does not store the information permanently so it’s better you should save your VOD every 14 days.
These 14 days can be extended to 60 days if you have a premium twitch subscription.
This is the reason I shared the 3 above methods on how to check twitch chat logs.



So as you are aware of all the 3 methods that how to check twitch chat logs you must keep them in practice to save the records of twitch logs.

All the 3 methods have their own importance

  • Checking twitch chat logs through command is easy
  • Through VOD you can view your twitch chat logs for 60 days.
  • The third method of chatty helps to download twitch chat logs and keep a transcript of logs.

You are also aware of the importance of checking twitch chat logs.

If I have missed something in this article related to twitch chat logs let me know in the comment section

Also, let me know if you have doubts and which method you liked the most.

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