How to Change your Twitch Name Color in 2022 – (Desktop & Mobile)

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Have you seen people having different name colors, don’t worry you are in the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to change your twitch name color in 2022 both on PC and Mobile.

Sometimes changes are important not only in life but also in your gaming life.

If you are a streamer you must keep bringing some changes and so changing name color in twitch is an easy task.

Viewers can also have different twitch name colors, in fact, anyone can change it.



How to Change your Twitch Name Color (Desktop)

There are still many viewers and streamers who asked me that how do you change the color of your text on Twitch?

How to get a glowing name on twitch? or change the twitch name color to purple or white.

I will brief everything but first, let’s see how to change your twitch name color on the desktop.

What do name colors mean on Twitch?

Twitch has some colors in the chat options which you can pick to change the twitch username color.

In total, you get 15 colors that you can use for free to change the twitch username color.

To get more colors you need to get the subscription of Twitch turbo or you can also access extra colors with Amazon prime subscription.

So what is twitch turbo and how to get more features with Twitch turbo and prime, we will discuss later in this article.

Twitch gives many chat options like changing twitch chat font size and colors.

There are two different methods through which you can change the name color on twitch.


Method 1 – Change Color with Twitch Chat Identity

This is a visual method where you can choose the twitch username color that suits you or your eye best.

So this is easy and simple, follow the below steps.

  1. Open the Twitch website and then pull up the stream that you wish to enjoy.


    How to change twitch name color
    How to change twitch name color


  2. Come to the chatbox and click on the star icon of “Chat Identity”.
  3. Now scroll down in the chat identity box and you will find the section of GLOBAL NAME COLOR.
  4. Here you will see the different colors, click on the colors one by one and see the preview of your username under identity preview.
    How to change name color on twitch
    How to change name color on twitch


  5. So whichever suits you the best make a final click on it and go back as you are all set.
  6. Now if you chat in any channel your username will display with a new color.

You can repeat this easy step again whenever you wish to change the name color in twitch.


Method 2 – Change Twitch Name color with Command

This is another easy method or I can say option to quickly change your twitch username color.

A simple command is used to change the color of the twitch name.

After command, you either need to type the name of the color or you can also use twitch hex color # by going to this website color code website.

You can change the name text color in any chat, so if you are watching someone stream and want to change their immediately then simply follow the steps.

  1. Open the twitch website on your desktop and sign in to your account.
  2. On chat type /color [color name] and then hit enter.
  3. For example type /color red for red and type /color green for green.


    How to change twitch chat color
    How to change twitch chat color

Now once done send any message on the chat and you will see your twitch name color has been changed.

If you need more twitch hex color options then you must have twitch turbo or prime subscriptions to get more color code.


How to Change your Twitch Name Color (Mobile)

I have also seen people asking that how to change your twitch name color on mobile.

Let me make it easier to understand how changing twitch name colors works on Android or iPhone.

Though it’s easy and almost like on PC still look at the steps.

  1. Launch your Twitch app on your mobile.
  2. Open any twitch chat to start the process of changing your color name.
  3. Type /color on the chat and press the send key.


    How to change twitch name color on mobile
    How to change twitch name color on mobile


  4. Now you will get a text message instructing that you can change your name color by using either hex color code (#00000) or choose the color name from the following list.
  5. You can simply use the color name from the list and type /color [color name]. For example for type /color blue for blue and /color BlueViolet for Blue Violet.
  6. Tap on the send key to execute this command and you will now see that your username color has been changed.

Note: In the case of twitch hex color code you can only choose the color code that is available in the free options. To enjoy more colors you need twitch turbo or prime

Best Twitch name colors

I have seen users who are very keen to know the best twitch name colors so that they can also try the same.

Let me be honest with you there is no such list of the best name colors in twitch.

But yes there are few recommendations and even some most used colors that you can try.

If you do not have twitch turbo or prime you can go with the 3 most used colors.

  • Firebrick
  • Green
  • BlueViolet

If you have twitch turbo or prime and have access to all colors then you can try these hex color code

  • #6441a5 (Blue Magenta ) same as Twitch color
  • #9bbe5a (Celery Green)
  • #5F9EA0 (Cadet blue)

Now, these are few suggestions so always remember it’s all up to you which colors suit your eyes.

It should be readable text so that either streamer or their mods can quickly see it.


More name colors with Twitch Turbo and Prime

So once you come to twitch mostly as a viewer to watch streams you may have noticed some users enjoying more features than you.

Features like twitch name colors, no ads, name badges, and many other perks.

There are few features or I can subscriptions that twitch provides call Twitch turbo and Twitch prime

What is Twitch Turbo?

Twitch Turbo is an upgraded feature which is on twitch for a long time.

You need to buy a twitch turbo subscription for $8.99 per month that will give you access to extra benefits and features like

  • No ads while viewing twitch streams
  • More Twitch Emotes
  • Chat Badge
  • Custom Chat name colors
  • Extended Broadcast Storage (for streamers)
    What is Twitch Turbo
    What is Twitch Turbo

To enjoy these benefits you can have the twitch turbo subscriptions.

My recommendation is that you should only go for this if you are a regular viewer on twitch.


What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is another subscription where you can link amazon prime with a twitch to get access to extra content and perks.

You can have extra name colors on twitch chat and name badges as well.

There are few differences between twitch turbo and prime.


How to Get a Glowing Name on Twitch?

If you have been on Twitch for a long time you must have seen users with a glowing name on the Twitch chat.

Though there was no such option from twitch to have a glowing name.

BetterTTV supported this feature and helped users to have a glowing username.

Unfortunately, this feature is no longer available and I am still wondering why this feature was removed, probably done by twitch.

There is an option that you can try that will make Twitch’s name glowing but won’t be easily readable.

How to get a glowing name on twitch
How to get a glowing name on twitch

You need to disable the option of “Readable Colors” 

  • Open Twitch chat settings by clicking on the gear icon located beside chat. 
  • Click on Chat appearance and then disable the option of Readable colors 

Let’s hope for the best and wait if any such feature comes in the future by any third-party extensions or by twitch.


Twitch Color Change Failed

This is another common problem where I have seen lots of users including me have issues while changing twitch username color.

I tried clearing my browser cache, disabling BTTV extensions and even tried switching to a different browser but nothing worked.

The main cause I found behind the failure of twitch name color is while doing this with Chat Identity.

So you can try 2 solutions that worked for me and many other users.

  1. Refresh the twitch page and check if this fixed the problem, if not
  2. Use the command method to change the twitch name color that I have explained above how to change your twitch name color.



How to get a white name on twitch?

To get a white color name you need either twitch turbo or prime as white color is not available in the normal Twitch Identity.

Once you have the Twitch turbo or prime subscription, the “Prime gaming” section will be added to the twitch chat settings.

You can click on the Chat settings gear ⚙️ icon and then click on Prime Gaming. Here you can choose the white color for your twitch name.

You can also use the command of /color along with white hex color code #ffffff
Type /color #ffffff and then confirm the color.

What are GREY names on Twitch? Why is my twitch name grey?

Recently many users reported that why is my twitch name grey which is not easy to read.
Some people also tried changing their color but still, it sticks to a grey color.

However, it seems like a bug from Twitch and to fix this problem you can try

       – Changing color from command method as shown above
       – Try changing the twitch color name in Incognito mode
       – Clear browser cache and cookies
       – Use a different browser

Hopefully, the problem of the grey color on twitch will be fixed.


Hopefully, you know both the methods that how to change your twitch name color in 2022.

The reason why I shared these 2 methods is as many times one of the options doesn’t work and so you can try with others.

There are limited colors for the basic twitch users which I guess is enough until and unless you are too active on twitch or wish to appear different than the basic users.

Make sure if you have not read the entire article as this contains everything related to the twitch name color that you may need in the future.

And yes do not forget to let me know your favorite twitch name color in the comment box.

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