How to Change Stream Title on Twitch as Mod 2022 – 3 Methods

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If you are wondering how to change stream title on Twitch as mod or by your own self, you are in the right place.

I will be sharing that how you or your moderator can change the Stream or Game Title.

Surely, I will brief for both on your PC and Mobile.

I am sharing all ways so that you can quickly change the title while streaming.


Can Mods change Stream Title?    

Yes, Mods can change the stream title from Twitch and also with Streamlabs Obs or from a Bot.

But make sure you choose a proper mod that can perform this job or else your idea to change the Game title will be ruined.

You can also give a new title to the mod and the rest can be done by them.


How to Change Stream Title on Twitch as Mod (PC)

Now many of the streamers want to ease their task by giving permission to mods for changing Stream titles.

Or probably you are a mod and given a responsibility to change the title.

Now let’s see How to modify a game and title as a mod? With different methods


From Twitch

  1. On the Twitch stream page, click on the Sword icon (mod view) at the very left-hand bottom of the chat. 
    Edit Twitch Stream informations
    Edit Twitch Stream informations
  2. From the next screen, click on the Pencil icon (Edit Stream Info) which is just beside the Game title on the left-hand side. 
    Edit Stream Info
    Edit Stream Info
  3. The broadcast option box will now appear.
  4. Now here type your new Stream game title for Twitch and then click on Done. 
    How to change stream title as mod
    How to change stream title as mod



  5. You are all set and successfully changed the Twitch Stream title.

You can also change and modify Go live notifications and Category options as well from the Broadcast Options.


With NightBot chat Command

This is another and the best method where you a mod can easily change the stream title by just simple command.

But you need a Nightbot added to your twitch and I am sure you must have done that.

If not you can set up by visiting the night bot website.

Let’s see what twitch mod commands to use for changing the stream title.

  1. Open Twitch Chat 
  2. Now in the chat section, you need to use the command !title 
  3. So type !title, give a space, and then type your new title. Once done hit Ok and the bot will change the Title automatically. 
    Twitch mod commands change title
    Twitch mod commands change title



  4. For example, if I want my new stream title as 99 vs me then I will type !title 99 vs me and hit enter.

Now if you get any error or if the command is not working then make sure the title command has been enabled from night bot commands.


How to Change Stream Title on Twitch as Mod (Mobile)

On Mobile, we need to access twitch from the browser and in desktop mode.

Now I would also ask all the streamers that please make a test stream on Twitch before going live.

This will at least assure that everything is good to go and you did not make any mistake.

This can be done for both iOS and Android.

  1. Launch Google Chrome browser on your phone and open the twitch website.
  2. Tap on the 3 dot icon at the very right-hand top and from the suggestion tap on the Desktop site box to open twitch in desktop mode.
  3. Open Stream chat and tap on the Sword icon (mod view) at the very left-hand bottom of the chat.
  4. Now tap on the pencil icon (edit stream info) and the broadcast option box will now be up.
  5. Change the title and then tap on Apply.

You can also use the night bot chat command to change the stream title.


How to change Stream Title using Streamlabs or OBS

So now as we are discussing that how to change stream titles on Twitch there are other options as well.

If you are streaming with Streamlab or OBS, then you can also change the title from here only.

Just follow the below simple steps.

  1. Open your Streamlab OBS and then come to the stream information box.
  2. If you do not find the box, then click on View from the left hand-top of OBS then hover up to Docks, and click on stream information.
  3. The stream information box will now be up, displaying all the information. 
    How to change stream title on streamlabs obs
    How to change stream title on streamlabs obs
  4. Click on the Game Title box and change it with your new title.
  5. Once done click on Done and the stream title will now be changed.

You can also change other options like Go live notifications, categories and also add more tags from here.




How do I allow Mods to change Stream Title?

Once you have assigned someone as a mod, they will have permission to change the stream title.

To assign someone as a mod, simply head over to the stream chat and type

/mod username, and hit the enter key, the user will now be a mod.



How do you change the category while streaming on Twitch?

You can change the category from the same page of Broadcast options both from the twitch and OBS.

Once you open the Broadcast options, below game title and notifications you will find the option of category.



Can Mods change Stream Title with Streamlabs?

Yes, mods can change the game title while streaming or offline from stream lab and OBS.

Stream lab OBS also contains the option of Switch to Mod view.


Bottom Line

I have noticed that most of the streamers who are active, get a lot of ideas while streaming and so they immediately change the stream title.

If you are a new streamer make sure you also bring this into your habit.

Hopefully, you know now how to change stream title on twitch as mod with all different options both on PC and Mobile.

I would be happy to help you if you still have any trouble.


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