How to Change Offline Banner Twitch (2022) – PC and Mobile

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Most beginner streamers like me try their best while streaming and even when offline. I am sharing the best way for you to learn how to change offline banner in Twitch PC and Mobile.

So it’s not only the beginners but most of the experienced streamers also change the twitch offline screen with the important message like

  • Time & Date of Streaming
  • Social Accounts
  • Some other attractive messages to grab their user’s attention

Well, there are a lot of benefits, but the true benefit is that it will give you the opportunity to give viewers a live perspective into the action.

What we’re going to talk about today is how to change a twitch offline banner and how to create a twitch offline screen.


What size is Twitch Offline Banner?_________________

Twitch offline banner size should be 1920 x1080 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

You must know the exact pixels, ratio, and size of the offline banner which will help you best fit the screen.

The banner should be in JPG, PNG, or GIF format and the size should not be more than 10 MB.

What size is Twitch offline banner?
What size is Twitch offline banner?

However, the method I am going to share will directly take you to the page where you just need to pick the twitch banner format and it will automatically detect everything.


How to Change Offline Banner Twitch on PC

If you are ready with your offline screen and even not then I am also sharing below how to create an attractive offline banner on twitch.

Adding a twitch offline banner is quite easy and you can easily do it by following the below instructions.

Step 1:- Open the Twitch website on your computer browser and sign in to your twitch account for which you want to change the offline screen.

Step 2:- On the very right-hand top click on your twitch profile picture and choose “Settings” from the drop-down.


Twitch Settings
Twitch Settings


Step 3:- From the settings page, click on the “Channels and Videos” tab. This will bring you to the about page, click on the Brand tab just beside to about.


How to change offline screen twitch
How to change offline screen twitch


Step 4:- Scroll down a little and you will see the profile banner section. Here you will see two options of Generated background and Custom Image.


How to change offline banner twitch
How to change offline banner twitch

Step 5:- Choose Custom Image and then click on Upload. Now you can either drag your prepared profile banner here or click on the + icon to choose the location of the banner.

Twitch offline banner will now start uploading and once done you will get the success message. Simply click on the SAVE button to save the changes.


Make sure the banner is not exceeding the maximum file size limit of 10 MB.

If you have not created the offline banner yet, then I have also shared how to create a twitch offline banner at the end of the article.


How to Change Offline Banner Twitch on Mobile

If anyhow you want to change the twitch offline banner on mobile, then you need to follow this easy trick as this cannot be done with the phone app.

Step 1:- Open your chrome browser on your phone, open and sign in to your account.

Step 2:- Once the Twitch website is up, tap on the 3 dot symbol at the very right-hand top and check the box of the Desktop site from the drop-down.


How do you change your banner on Twitch Mobile?
How do you change your banner on Twitch Mobile?


Step 3:- Twitch will now load in desktop mode. Tap on your profile picture at the very right-hand top and then choose “Creator Dashboard“.

Step 4:- Now on the left-hand side, you will an |⪢ arrow with a pipe sign. Click on it to expand the menu options.

Step 5:- Tap on settings and choose the channel from the drop-down. Tap on the “Brand” tab.

How do you change your banner on Twitch Mobile?


Step 6:- Here you will see the profile banner section. Choose Custom Image and tap on Upload to add your offline image.


Twitch Offline Screen Maker

There are a couple of options available that will help you to create an amazing offline banner for your twitch account.

I am sharing the 2 best methods through which you can create simple as well as animated twitch offline banners.

Method 1:- Canva

Canva is one of the best tools to create offline banners. Follow the below instructions to start making.

Step 1:- Open the Canva website and sign up with any Google or other email account.

Step 2:- On the right-hand top, click on Create a Design and then scroll down from the drop-down to find Twitch Screen (1920 x 1080). You can also search the twitch screen from the search box.


Twitch offline banner maker
Twitch offline banner maker


Step 3:- Once you click on the Twitch screen, a new tab will appear will the white canvas. On the right-hand side, you will multiple templates including the animated one as well. Choose the one that you like and click on it.

NOTE:- Make sure you choose only which is free, you can hover up to the design and it will show you FREE.

Step 4:- You can click on the text now to edit your information. There are several other options like

  • Elements (for shape and icons)
  • Text
  • Upload (you can upload your own design or logo)

Step 5:- Once done with the editing, click on Download and you are all set.



Method 2:- Snappa

Step 1:- Open the Snappa website and sign up with your Google or any email account.

Step 2:- Once signed in, scroll down to the Headers, banners, and profile pages section and then click on Twitch Offline Banner.


Twitch offline banner maker snappa


Step 3:-  You will now see multiple featured templates which are free. Choose the one that you like the most and click on it.

Step 4:- Snappa will now bring this design into editor mode. Click on the text to change the name and social icon text.

Step 5:- There are several other options like background, effects, texts, graphics, and shape that you can use here to make your profile more attractive.

Step 6:- Once done with the editing part, click on download located at the right-hand top.


Bottom Line

Twitch offline banner is an important part of the stream. It welcomes your viewers with the information that you are currently offline and what is your streaming time.

This banner also displays your social account information where they can follow you as well.

Hopefully, you learned quickly how to change the offline banners in twitch and how you can create them as well. For any query related to twitch, you can contact us and also let us know which method you liked the most for making a banner.


How do I customize my Twitch Screen?

If you have a new streaming time and days or want to update something new on your Twitch offline screen, then you need to make a new one.

If your last created twitch offline screen is saved on Canva, then you can go and edit it.
Once done, go to twitch settings and reupload it.

How to Make a free Twitch offline screen?

Canva is a site that gives you tons of features and templates in a free version. Visit the Canva website and create a custom twitch offline banner for your channel.

Steps are shared above on how to make and change the offline banners on Twitch.

Twitch Offline Banner not showing?

Many people reported that their twitch offline screen is not showing after changing it. What you can do is
– Wait for some time
– Clear browser cache
– Check offline screen from any other device
– Remove and upload the offline screen again.

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