How Much Money Does NICKMERCS Make? Net Worth & More

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While watching streams on Twitch or Youtube we wish to know more about the streamer’s net worth and other personal details. In this article, I will share all about NICKMERCS. How much money does Nickmercs make from Twitch and YouTube?



How Much Money Does NICKMERCS Make – Net Worth

Nickmercs is active on both Twitch and YouTube with huge popularity. He has around 6.3M of followers on Twitch and 4.04M subscribers on YouTube.

It’s hard to say the exact net worth, but the estimated net worth of Nickmercs has been calculated around $6,000,000. This is after deducting the salary he would pay to any of his staff like mods and other expenses.

That’s a lot of money right? Yes, he makes millions of money.

His monthly income is estimated at around $320,050 from Twitch and around $30,000 from YouTube. He also has a contract with the FaZe clan and this is his separate income not included in this article.

Let’s look at how much money Nickmercs make from Twitch and Youtube.


How Much Money Does Nickmercs make from Twitch?

Recently Twitch streamers’ earnings were leaked by 4chan which further was shared by twitch as well.

Twitch Streamers earning leaked
Twitch Streamers earning leaked

In this report, all streamers’ earnings from twitch were revealed and Nickmercs was on the top 5 high-earning streamers on Twitch with position 5. 

Nickmerc’s net worth was revealed to be $5,096,642.12 from August 2019 to Oct 2021.

Nickmercs net worth
Nickmercs net worth

Streamers on Twitch makes money from different resources and the most popular ways to earn on Twitch are

  1. Paid Subscription
  2. Donation and Bit Cheers
  3. Advertisement
  4. Sponsorship
  5. Merchandize


Earning from Twitch Paid Subscription

According to Twitch tracker, Nickmercs current active subscribers are around 57,010 as of Dec 17th, 2021. There are 3 subscription tiers that start with $4.99 and 50% is taken by twitch.

If on average I take $4 for every sub then I can multiply 4 x 57010 and that makes the total of $228,040 every month.

How many Twitch subs does Nickmercs have
How many Twitch subs does Nickmercs have


Earnings from Twitch Donations

There are two ways to donate your favorite streamer on Twitch, either through bits or external sources like PayPal.

It’s really tough to find and guess exact earnings from donations as there is no concrete clue or proof.

But still, after making a rough calculation I can guess between $7000 to $9000 every month from Twitch donations.


Other Income from Advertisements, Sponsors, and Merchandize

So as I said Nickmerc’s monthly income is estimated at around $320,050 so after adding earnings from donations and subs it makes around $236,040 per month.

So the remaining $84010 is from twitch ads and sponsors

This is just the assumption as again for sponsors there is no exact proof and probably earnings from sponsors can be much more than this.


How Much Money Does Nickmercs make from YouTube?

Nickmers has also a huge subscriber on YouTube and again he makes good money from here as well.

There are also different sources through which he makes money from YouTube.

  • Google Adsense
  • Donations
  • Sponsors


Nickmercs Earning from YouTube Ads

According to Social Blade’s current analysis on Nickmercs by Dec 17th, 2021 his last monthly views were 6.087M.

Earning from YouTube
Earning from YouTube

On average YouTube pays $3 on 1000 views, so if I calculate for 6M it comes around 

6M / 1000 = 6000

6000 x $3 = $18000

So the average Nickmercs monthly income from YouTube Adsense is $18,000. This would be $216,000 which is Nickmercs annual income.



Nickmercs rarely stream on YouTube and so I guess there would be no donations coming from YouTube. But I guess he would get lots of super chat and donations on YouTube if he comes live.



Nickmercs doesn’t have any of his own merch but he promotes sponsors like Scuf, Cash app, and Under Armour.

So he might get good money from the sponsors. Again there is no concrete proof of his income from the sponsors.

But we guess his monthly income from sponsors should be at least $5000

There would be many other resources he would earn through Youtube and so his monthly income from YouTube would be around $30,000.


Who is Nickmercs?

Nick Kolcheff known as Nickmercs is an American streamer on Twitch and Youtube who streams games like Fortnite and Apex Legends.

He is also the co-owner of FaZe Clan. Hope so you know FaZe Kalei who was recently banned on Twitch and then got unbanned from Twitch.

He is also a former MLG national champion and has many world records for Fortnite. Nick mercs is about lifting weight, shooting heads giving it 110 in-game. He has a hyper-masculine attitude, a winner-take-all mentality and that will hunt you down and lay in the kill competitive spirit type of swagger after he is a part of the MFAM.

Nick mercs hail from the old school of eSports and to track his origin story we’ll have to take you all the way back to the late 2000s where Nick first built a name for himself as a Gears of War pro.

Nickmercs Personal Information

Nick’s hometown is Michigan and he started navy training in between his college to become a Navy Seal but unfortunately, he failed as he was not comfortable underwater.

He joined college again and then got some deep information about streaming with his friends and then he started playing warzone and since then he stuck to this platform and continues streaming.

  • NickMercs Age as per today’s date that is December 17th is 31 years old. He was born on November 21, 2021.

  • Twitch streamer Nickmercs’s height in feet is 5’8” and he is married to Emumita Bonita in 2019. 
Nickmercs and his wife Emumita
Nickmercs and his wife Emumita

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How much does Nickmercs make per day?

On average Nickmercs make $10,000 per day from Twitch and $3000 from YouTube. This is his estimated income and the net worth of Nickmercs would be around $11000 per day both from Twitch and YouTube.

How many Twitch subs does Nickmercs have?

According to Twitch tracker, Nickmerc’s current active subscribers are around 57,010 as of Dec 17th, 2021.
Check the below twitch tier based subs
Prime = 13,021
Tier 1 = 24,364
Tier 2 = 491
Tier 3 = 182

What does Nickmercs Stream?

Nickmercs stream Games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. In the beginning, he used to stream WarZone.
He also holds many world records for Fortnite.

Nickmercs First stream

Nickmercs basically started putting the content of Call of Duty on YouTube. Though he played many other games during that time, Call of Duty was the major one.

He later came to twitch in 2014 and played other games as well.

What time does Nickmercs Stream

There would be changes in stream time and days as well. You can check his stream time on his  Twitch schedule.



Nickmercs is really a successful streamer and multi-talented. No doubt he is making good money with his talent and hard efforts of course.

How much money does Nickmercs make per day, monthly, annually as well as his net worth has been mentioned above?

I tried distributing his payment from different platforms by collecting the close estimated amount.

Please add more value to this blog by writing in the comment box if you have any additional value related to this topic.

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