How much Money Does Dream Make, Age, Net Worth (2022)

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Dream is not just one of the fastest-growing Minecraft YouTubers but the fastest growing channel on youtube. So how much money does dream make from YouTube and Twitch?

According to our calculation, dream net worth is approx $9 Million.

Dream has gained over 10 million subscribers in less than one year and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Today I will be sharing Dream earning from Youtube and Twitch in 2022.

Dream Net Worth

As of January 2022, Dreamwastaken has 28M Subscribers on YouTube and 5.8M followers on Twitch.

His early days of finding Pewdiepie’s Minecraft seed later with his Minecraft butt challenges and his current most popular and entertaining manhunt series has brought in millions of views and entertained millions with all his success.

It begs the question how much money does dream make let’s start off with his Youtube ad revenue

NOTE: Keep reading as I have also shared below how much dreams make every year.

How much Money does Dream Make from YouTube?

Dream is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers who got success without revealing his face on Youtube and neither on Twitch stream.

His net worth so far from YouTube is more than $7 Million which includes YouTube ads, Sponsors, and Patreon.

Earning from YouTube Ads

On average, a Youtuber gets 3 to 4 US dollars per thousand views.

Dream currently has about 2.4 billion views on his YouTube channel. So assuming dream makes 2 dollars 50 cents per thousand views he has made 6 million dollars just off of ads.

But that’s just the one channel he has 2 more Youtube channels by the name “Dream Team” and the “DreamXD” which have 31 and 220 million views respectively.

That brings up the total ad revenue to 627k dollars so the total net worth from all his YouTube channels from just ads is 6.627 million.

Next, we have his sponsorships dream has done some sponsored videos in the past


Earning from YouTube Sponsors

Dragon city is one of the biggest sponsors of Dream that I have seen many times talking about dragon city.

Since we don’t know the exact numbers for what they paid Dream, we can only guess that the dream made about $225,000 just from this one video.

However, we take the least figure and this would not be wrong if I say Dream must have made at least 1 M from the sponsorship on YouTube.


Earning from YouTube Patreon

Dream has currently 658 patrons and the first tier is supporters which is $5 a month and doesn’t really give you anything.

The second tier is supporter plus which is $19.99 and gives you access to custom plugins dream uses and his videos.

The third and highest tier is supporter plus which is for $35 and gives you the plugins and access to his private supported discord server. 

On average I think it’s fair to say most people will buy the supporter plus for 20 dollars because the base level doesn’t have many perks.

So with his 658 patrons that would be an additional $13,160 but that is just one month, so if I make it for a year that comes to $13,160 x 12 which will be $1,57,920 yearly from Patreon.


How much Money does Dream Make from YouTube every year?

If I talk about 2021, dream uploaded around 12 videos on YouTube. The total views of video uploaded in 2021 are around 405 Million.

Youtube pays around $2.5 on every 1000 views. So for 405 Million views, it will be around $1 Million.

Dream also made about $225,000 from sponsorship that I guess was in 2021.

There are other income from YouTube Patreon and merch that I guess would be around $2,00,000

So Dream on average makes $1.5 Million every year from YouTube.

How much Money does Dream Make from Twitch every Year?

There are even several ways Dream earns from Twitch like Ads, subs, donations, and merch.
Dream doesn’t stream much on stream, so he doesn’t have a twitch partner program and works just with twitch affiliates.

Dream makes around $802 k every year from Twitch which is just assumed from his subs and merchants.


Dream Earning from Twitch Subs

Though Dream subs are hidden on his twitch channel, according to twitch tracker dream has around 1543 active subs on Twitch.

How much money does dream make from Twitch
How much money does dream make from Twitch

Out of 1543 total subs, 994 are of Tier 1 that is for $4.99 out of which 50% is taken from twitch as a cut.

So if multiply 1543 x $2.5 that makes $3857 every month from twitch subs. Dream rarely streams and if just take it for 6 months it makes $15,430.


Earning from Twitch Merch

Last is dreams merchandise. He uses many products ranging from sweatshirts, cups to pet clothes.

A bottle and a sweatshirt that is $90, I am sure 80% of the commission comes to dreams grubby hands.

We don’t know how many people buy them but we can assume it is close to the number of his subs that is around 1.6k.

So if I multiply 1.6k x 80 of the commission that comes around $1,15,200 every month and if I calculate for a year by taking just 7 months it would be $80,06,400.


How Old is Dream, Real Name, and Other Details?

Fans really love to know more about their favorite creator or streamer.

So far you got to know about dream net worth and now you might have questions like how old is Dream and where does he live?

Dream’s real name is Clay and he was born on August 12, 1999. So by Jan 12, 2022 dream is 25 years and 5 months old

He lives in Orlando, Florida, and even doesn’t seem to be too active on social accounts like Instagram. But he keeps sharing his merch products on Twitter.

There are no details about his girlfriend or wife but through his social post on Instagram, he has a cat that looks very close to him.


I have rarely seen such a YouTuber like Dream who made millions on money and subs in just 1 year of time.

If you are also a YouTuber or Twitch streamer then you must learn from him that will surely give you a reason why he succeeded. 

I  have shared how much money does dream make from Twitch and YouTube. If you still have any doubts or any suggestions let us know in the comment box.


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