How Much Money do Twitch Streamers Make – (2022 Guide)

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So how much money do twitch streamers really make like not the big ones that make six figures a month but the small ones? 

Can you make a living out of it in 2022 or by 2023?

An average full-time Twitch streamer makes somewhere between $3000 to $6000 USD which depends on their popularity and sponsors.

Probably you are planning to start streaming on Twitch and seeking some information about that how much money twitch streamers make in reality.

I will brief you on that how much small twitch streamers make and about their payout. 

Just stick with the article here as we have almost information that you must know.



How Much Money do Twitch Small Streamers Make

Many people who want to stream think that twitch streamers are making a lot of money which is true but not all of them.

We are in 2022 and it’s really very competitive now as compared to the last few years.

According to a survey done by me on my discord community where there are approx 2k members. I found that around 50% of the small streamers are still working hard to reach their minimum threshold of $100.

How Much Money do Twitch Small Streamers Make
How Much Money do Twitch Small Streamers Make

The rest of the beginner twitch streamers are making just $200 to $400 every month.

Now if I talk about the average small streamers who have been streaming for 1 year or more are making approx $1000 to $2000. But they have given more than a year time with lots of dedication.


Top Twitch Streamers Earning Leaked

In October 2021, twitch streamer’s earnings were leaked, and according to that list

  • Streamers in the top 10,000 are making around $1000 every month.
  • Streamers in the top 1,000 are making $7,000 every month.
  • Streamers in the top 100 like Nickmercs make a minimum of $33,000 every month.


Highest Paid Streamers on Twitch

According to the twitch earning leaderboard, Critical Role was on the top of the highest Twitch paid streamer list earning $9,626,712.16 from the period of August 2019 to October 2021.

That makes his monthly Twitch salary $802,226.

But as of 2022, there are few other streamers in the top 5 list. According to TheRichest the top 5 highest twitch paid streamers in 2022 are.

  1. Ranboolive ($750,000 p/m)
  2. Quackity (600,000 p/m)
  3. Tommyinnit (500,000 p/m)
  4. Auronplay (450,000 p/m)
  5. PaymoneyWubby (400,000 p/m)

Now, these earnings are estimated and not based on any leaderboard and are just estimated ideas.


How much money do Twitch partners make?

Twitch partners’ or affiliates’ incomes and benefits are almost the same. The only differences are that twitch partners have access to more features like 60 days of VOD storage, up to 60 emotes, and a stream delay option.

So jumping from twitch affiliate to partner won’t bring any change in your income.

Your income on Twitch depends on ads, donations, subs, and sponsors. No matter whether you are a Twitch affiliate or partner.

So on average a small Twitch partner or affiliate is making between $300 to $1500 every month.

Big streamers table has already been shared above which has been revealed from the twitch earning leaked.


How Much Does a Streamer with an average of 1000 views make on Twitch?

If I just talk about Twitch streamer income who averages 1000 views must be making somewhere between $2500 to $4,000 every month by streaming at least 36 hours every week.

This income doesn’t include his other sources of Twitch income like bits, donations, sponsorship, merchandise, or affiliates.

So more views, more revenue and so you must work hard and smart to increase your view counts.

Many small streamers also use Twitch view bots and follower bots that are against Twitch ToS, but many people found this helpful to grab more viewers because of the view count.


How do Twitch Streamers Make Money?

I know most of the people who are planning to stream on twitch or have just started wish to know how exactly twitch streamers make money.

Here top streamers and gamers earn in 6 figures whereas small streamers still struggle to make money.

Let me share all the earning sources of Twitch used by the streamers to make money.



BITS are a kind of Twitch currency and one of the common ways of earning in Twitch. 1 bits costs 1 cent and 100 bits is equal to $1.

Your viewers and fans can donate these bits by purchasing from twitch. 

How do Twitch Streamers Make Money from BITS
How do Twitch Streamers Make Money from BITS

However, only 50% of the amount goes to streamers, and the rest of the 50% goes to Twitch accounts. So, for example, if any viewer gifts you 500 bits that are equivalent to $5, only $2.50 will come to your account, and the rest of $2.50 will be taken by Twitch.


Subscription is the one best way through which Twitch streamers make money. 

This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways through which viewers support their favorite streamers.  

Very similar like you take a monthly subscription to Netflix to enjoy movies and shows, similarly viewers take their twitch streamer subscription to get access to more emotes and benefits.

Twitch Subscription fee and perks
Twitch Subscription fee and perks

There are 3 tiers of subscription on Twitch

  • Tier 1 sub costs $4.99
  • Tier 2 sub costs $9.99
  • Tier 3 sub costs $24.99

You can get more details about these tiers by clicking on Subscribe button of any channel.


Another way to earn from Twitch is through a direct donation. As a streamer, this is a favorite and recommended way of helping any streamer.

Streamers have their donation link on the twitch about us page and even they display it on the screen. 

How much Twitch Streamers make from donation
How much Twitch Streamers make from donation

As a viewer, you can use this way to donate your streamer as Twitch won’t take any cut from this.


Ads are another source of earning in Twitch where viewers who cannot support you by donating, can also support you by watching ads on your stream.

Most of the ads are played at the beginning when viewers start watching any stream.

However, this totally depends on the streamer whether he wants to run ads on his channel or not. 

Many streamers do not run ads as they think that many people will even skip ads using a twitch ad blocker or viewers don’t like watching ads.


Sponsorship is very common for streamers and content creators now.

People running businesses related to your content will contact you and give you sponsorship deals to either promote their service, product or brand.

On Twitch or any other platform, you will start receiving the sponsor’s email once you have enough followers.

Sponsorship will totally depend on your follower count and viewer count. There are many big streamers who are even paid thousands of dollars as a sponsorship.

So, more and more you grow, the bigger will be opportunities and income.


Many streamers open their store website where they sell products like cups, hoodies, and T-shirts.

Famous streamer Dr. Disrespect also has his own merchant by the name of Championclub where he sells T-shirts, hoodies, and jackets.

For merchandise, you will need a digital marketing expert like DigiAze who can build your website and optimize it.

But it’s better to run merchandise when you are popular enough so that people can buy in your name.


Affiliate marketing is another way through which you can earn extra money. 

Streamers link products from websites like Amazon and eBay to your twitch account. So if anyone buys a product from this link streamer will get a commission.

Generally, streamer links products like mice, headsets, lights, and cameras.


Many streamers also make money on Patreon. Streamers provide more exclusive and kind of private streams on Patreon.

People support streamers and take membership on Patreon. In return, members get access to exclusive perks and streams. 


YouTube is one of the best platforms for content creators. The majority of Twitch streamers upload their stream clips on YouTube.

So enable VOD on your Twitch to save Twitch stream, edit and upload selected clips like the funniest moment on your YouTube.

Creators are getting crazy subscribers and views with YouTube Shorts.


How much does Twitch Pay?

When you think of streaming on Twitch or try guessing any Twitch streamer’s earnings, this is the first question that comes to your mind how much does Twitch Pay?

Twitch pays you for the sub, bits, and ads.

If I give you an average income of Twitch streamers including what Twitch pays and also through donations and sponsorship.

Average Views Income
100 average viewers per stream $1,000 to $2,000
1,000 average viewers per stream $4,000 to $6,000
5,000 average viewers per stream $10,000 to $15,000
10,000 average viewers per stream $25,000 to $30,000


How much does Twitch pay per Sub?

Twitch Subscription is the major way through which both Twitch streamers and Twitch make money.

In order to make money per sub, you either need to be an affiliate or a partner on Twitch.

Twitch pays 50% of each sub. If you go through the Twitch affiliate agreement there is a section of Twitch subscription services, where Twitch clearly says

The Net Subscription Revenues for the Channel Subscription Services will be split 50% between you and 50% to us.

So let’s say if a Twitch streamer has 50 subs of $4.99 then the streamer and Twitch both will make approx $125p/m as the total will be $249.5. 

The same goes with Twitch partners as well. You can also lose your twitch affiliate or partner if you break their policy.


How much does Twitch pay per View?

Twitch shows ads on streamer’s streams and pays approx $3.5 for every 1,000 ad views.

The revenue doesn’t change for the ads showing for 15 seconds or 30 seconds. Ad revenue may change if only a few people are seeing ads as most of the viewers are using a twitch ad blocker

So you better request your audience to disable it. 

Recently Twitch has launched a bigger ad payout with an ad revenue upgrade called the Twitch ads incentive program.

You can read more about the Ads Incentive program (AIP) to know how this works and how to increase Twitch ad earnings.


Twitch payout (How Much Money do Twitch Streamers Make)

Twitch Payout is a very touchy subject and the majority of the streamers don’t see their payout for months even after qualifying as twitch affiliates.

Here I will brief you about twitch percentage and the threshold as well.

Once you become a Twitch affiliate a new button of Affiliate is added to your Twitch creator dashboard.

After reading how Much Money do Twitch Streamers make and if you have recently qualified for a Twitch affiliate, then you need to know how to set up your Twitch affiliate.


How to Set up a Twitch Affiliate?

  • Open the Twitch website and log in with your account.


  • Click on your profile picture at the right-hand top and choose Creator dashboard from the options.


  • From the left-hand menu click on Preferences and then from the drop-down click on Affiliate.


  • Here on the top, you will find the Onboarding section under which there are 3 sub-sections.
    Affiliate Onboarding.
    Change Payout Method
    View Affiliate Agreement

Affiliate Onboarding

Affiliate onboarding is the place where you set up your affiliate account.  So once your click on Affiliate onboarding it will ask you to start the setup.

There are 4 steps that you need to go through.

Step 1 is the Payout Registration and here you need to enter your payment information where you want to receive your Twitch payout.

Step 2 is the twitch affiliate agreement where you need to agree with conditions like that you won’t multi-stream on different platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Step 3 is the Tax interviews section where you need to enter your information for tax purposes.

Step 4 is the Payout setup where Twitch validates your payout method. There is a verification to assure the bank you linked belongs to you. 

Once you are all done with this and in the future if you want to make any changes to your bank account, then you need to come to the same page.


Twitch Payout Percentage

You might have a question when you start streaming, how much will be Twitch payout percentage? Because this will help you to get an idea of how much you can make in the beginning.

Keep reading the article as I will also share should you stream on Twitch in 2022-2023 or not.

The twitch payout percentage is shared in Subs, ads, and bits.

Twitch payout percentage or cut in the sub is 50% which can be negotiated once the streamer grows.

Twitch also has its percentage in Ads and bits but there is no actual percentage that how much they will take and they pay according to views.


What is the Twitch payout threshold?

Once you become a Twitch affiliate or partner, you need to actually earn at least $50 to receive your payout which is the minimum threshold.

For wire transfers, the minimum Twitch threshold is $100. 

This minimum twitch threshold amount is for the streamers in the eligible country.


How do you get a payout on Twitch?

Once you become a Twitch affiliate or partner you can add your banking information in the Affiliate onboarding section.

Twitch gives you a variety of options to add to your Twitch Payout payment method.

  • Direct Deposit / ACH
  • PayPal
  • Check
  • Wire Transfer
  • Hold Payouts


How long does Twitch take to payout?

Twitch pay on the 15th of every month if you have achieved the minimum threshold of $100 for Wire transfer and $50 for other payout methods.

Just make sure that your payout method is verified and that there are no issues with the payment method linked with Twitch.


Is Streaming on Twitch Worth in 2022 and 2023?

In December of 2021, Twitch had around 7.5 million active streamers every three months, six billion hours of content were consumed each quarter on Twitch alone.

It seems plenty of people watching with plenty of opportunities.

So the simple answer is that streaming on Twitch in 2022 or 2023 is very competitive and you will have to start with lots of patience and effort. If you are expective results too early then better avoid this.

If you’re just starting out in your game streaming journey or you’re thinking about starting a game streaming journey then you must read all the information here.

Before starting I have a tip or key information that you must always keep in mind.

NOTE – According to a survey most people stream on Twitch as a hobby where they love playing games or want to explore their skills.

Success Key points to keep in mind before starting streaming on Twitch in 2022 or 2023.

  • Huge Patience
  • Don’t start streaming as just for money rather start as a hobby.
  • Be regular with your stream and focus on your streaming day and times.
  • Do a Subathon stream in between to gain more followers and show your efforts and skills to the audience.
  • Be entertaining and share your best moments and twitch clips on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Do Giveaways
  • Try to connect with some average or mid-level streamers. This will create an opportunity where you can play with them and that will surely explore you with more audiences.

These are a few musts and recommended tips that you must follow and rest you need to be creative so that you can add some more ideas to your streaming.


FAQs on How Much Money do Twitch Streamers Make

How does the Twitch affiliate program work?

Twitch affiliate is a kind of eligibility to start your earning from Twitch ads and subs. But you can still earn from bits and direct donations from the viewers.

You must have at least 500 minutes of broadcast in the last 30 days, 7 unique broadcast days in the last 30 days, and an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more in the last 30 days.

Twitch payout method under review?

Once you have achieved the Twitch affiliate or partner, an affiliate tab is added to your Twitch account.
Here you need to add your payment information where you want to receive your payout.
After submitting the payment method, Twitch will take 2 to 3 business days to review and verify the payment method.
Keep in mind their review days are counted in business days, so if there is Saturday, Sunday, or any holiday in between it will not be counted.

How Much Money do an average Twitch Streamers Make?

An average Twitch streamer who is regularly streaming makes somewhere around $5,000 USD every month.
This is an estimated income and this can be less or more than this.



I guess there are two major reasons for searching how much money do twitch streamers make? either they are curious to know how much they are making or probably they also want to start streaming.

We are close to the 2022 end and by 2023 there will be more competition on Twitch.

My recommendation is that you only come to Twitch for streaming by considering this career as a long journey.

Do not take this as short-term as you won’t be able to start earning overnight. If you have skills you will surely get success in streaming but yes, it will take some time.

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