How Much does Twitch take from Donations in 2022 – Must Read

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You might be here as a Twitch viewer or creator just to clarify how much does twitch take from donations?

Of course, before donating or accepting donations on twitch you must know how much twitch takes a cut of donations.

Let me quickly explain to clear all your doubts.



Does Twitch take a cut of Donations?

No, twitch does not take any cut from the donations made from third-party payment methods like PayPal and Cashapp. 

If the viewers donate their favorite twitch streamer through PayPal, the whole money goes into the streamer’s account.

Twitch has nothing to do with that money donated through PayPal or any other wallet.

There will be a only nominal regular fee charged by PayPal depending on how the payment has been done.

So any donations done from any third party will be cut free, even if done through Stream Labs.

But as a viewer when you donate to twitch streamer through the bits you have to pay approx 30% to twitch at the time of purchase. So basically streamers get the 100% percent.


How much does Twitch take from Donations in 2022?  

There are different ways through which twitch streamer makes money but twitch does not earn from all of them,

Okay let me clarify the ways how streamers make money on Twitch

  • Subscriptions
  • Bits
  • Advertisers Ads
  • PayPal Donations
  • Selling Games and Products

These are the major sources through which twitch streamers make money as they can also share their Twitch Store Past broadcast on YouTube. But as I said twitch does not earn from all of them.

Now you might have seen Twitch creators asking for donations through PayPal. Have you ever thought about why?


How do Streamers take Donations from PayPal?

There is no direct button like bits in twitch from where viewers can pay the money from PayPal.

Streamers share their PayPal email or links to receive donations from the viewers.

Let me tell you that most of the donations are received from PayPal as now many viewers know about twitch cut.


How much does twitch take from Ads, Subs, and Bits

Here Twitch comes in making money from ads, bits, and subscriptions.

Now to take a cut from donations Twitch has integrated Bits or twitch currency through which viewers can purchase and donate to the streamers.

Once you become a Twitch affiliate you can start earning. Let me make it clearer for you to understand

Twitch earnings from Subscribers                                  50% to 70%
Twitch earnings from Bits                                                 around 28% 
Twitch earning from Ads                                                   maybe $0.25 per 1000 views
Twitch Earning from Third-party wallet donation            0

(PayPal, Stream Lab, Google Pay)


How much do Twitch Streamers make from Donations?

Twitch Streamers make good money from donations as well. It’s hard to say how much any streamer is making from donations.

If you are a regular viewer of any Twitch streamer then keep an eye on the stream every day to get an idea of how much they make from donations every day and every month.

Twitch does not charge cuts from these donations, so all money received goes directly to streamers.

To know more details on how much Twitch streamers make, I have already written a detailed article you can read it.

Final Words

A creator not only from Twitch but from any other platform must be aware of almost everything related to engaging the audience and knowing the best source of income.

This will surely help you to earn the ultimate amount and hopefully, you know how much does twitch take from donations.

Let me summarize again, no cut on the donations made by third-party merchants like PayPal, Google Pay, and Stream Labs. Please let me know if you still have any doubts related to this topic or Twitch.

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