How to Get Google Snake Dark Mode – (Sep, 2022 Updated)

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Tons of people play the Google Snake game every day but everyone wishes to see something new in this game like Google Snake Dark mode.

The dark mode is used in many apps, websites, and browsers as this reduce the light.

Let me tell you I personally play Google Snake for at least 15 minutes every day.

I was looking for some changes in Google snake and found the best and working method to enable dark mode in Google snake.

So just stick with this article and you will have Google snake Dark mode in 5 minutes.


How to Get Google Snake Dark Mode?

There are 2 best and working ways to enable Google Snake dark mode in the game.

You can choose any one of the methods according to your convenience and whichever seems easier to you.

Both the methods are through GitHub, where you activate dark mode in the Google snake using

  • Console Script
  • Bookmarking

Method 1 – Google Snake Dark Mode (Github Script)

In this method, you need to paste the code into the Chrome console box. Follow the below steps.

  • Open the Google Snake game on the Google Chrome browser.


  • Click on the Play button and press the key Ctrl + Shift +I key altogether which will bring up the element box on the right-hand side.


  • From the right element box, click on the console tab from the top menu bar.

    How to get dark mode on Google snake
    How to get dark mode on Google snake


  • Now copy the below command, paste it into the box, and then hit the Enter key.

r=new XMLHttpRequest();r.onload=function(){eval(this.responseText);};‘GET’,’‘);r.send();

This will load in a second and you will see the background of the Google snake game has now been changed to dark mode.

Method 2 – Google Snake Dark Mode (Github Bookmarking)

This method is kind of permanent where you just need to make one click on a bookmark and Google snake dark mode will be activated.

Before proceeding makes sure your bookmark bar is enabled on Chrome.

You can enable it by clicking on the Chrome 3 dots at the right-hand top > Hove up to Bookmarks and check the box of Show bookmarks bar.

Once done follow the below steps.

  • Click on the link to visit Github Google arcade Snake mods and then click on “this” under the installation as a bookmarklet.

    How do i Change the background color on google snake
    How do I Change the background color on google snake?


  • The black window of the Google Snake Mods bookmarklet will open. You need to bookmark this page which can be done in two ways.


  • Either drag the Snake icon on the top bookmark bar or click on the star icon at the end of the URL box.

    Snake game dark mode
    Snake game dark mode


  • Once done, open the Google Snake game and then click on Play.

  • Now click once on the bookmark on the top that you just created.

Dark mode will now be activated with RGB glowing background which will give you a next-level game experience.


How to Disable Snake Dark Mode?

You might have a question in your mind now what if you want to remove dark mode from the Google Snake game?

You can easily enable and disable dark mode anytime you want very easily.

If you want that there should be an option where you can enable Google Snake dark mode only when you want then you should go with the second method of bookmarking.

With the bookmarking method dark mode is only activated when you click on the bookmark.  Once you close the game, Google snake moves to normal mode.

If you go with the first method of console script, then you will have to clear the console from the console box of Google Chrome.



How do I get the Google Snake mod?

There are several mods for Google Snake most of which are available on GitHub.

A few of the popular mods are Google Snake mod menu, toggle death screen, snake skull poison, and timekeeper.

What are the modes in Google snake?

Modes in Google Snake are generally the game background look and feel. You can change google snake game mode into dark or burger mode.

The method of getting dark mode in this article is the best mode for the Google Snake game.

Is it safe to use Dark mode in Snake Game?

Yes, the method shared in this article is safe and legit to apply. GitHub is a trusted platform and all scripts and sources shared here are verified.
You can use any of the methods to get Google Snake dark mode on your PC or laptop.



Google Snake is an excellent and old game to eat your extra or free time. You can enjoy this game during your office time or whenever you are free. Google Snake dark mode will give you a different look to enhance your experience with the Google Snake game.

Both the 2 methods to enable dark mode in Google snake are best and easy.

If you take my personal recommendation, I personally like the GitHub bookmarking method, where it’s all up to me when I want to activate the dark mode.

You can try both of them and let us know which method you liked the most.

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