Get Free Followers on Twitch (2022) | 3 Best Twitch Followers Bot

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You can get free followers on twitch by using some best twitch followers bots, but a quick disclaimer before starting the article is that such bots are against Twitch terms of service.

As a result, your Twitch account will be at risk and you may lose it anytime.

Both Twitch followers and views are important on Twitch. You need 3 concurrent viewers with at least 50 followers to qualify for the twitch affiliate program.

I have many people asking how do you get 50 free followers or 1000 free followers on Twitch?

This is just because they quickly want to qualify for twitch affiliate or to reach any specific followers count.

In this guide, I will share a few best & safe twitch followers bots of 2022 that are both paid and free.



How to Get Free Followers on Twitch?

There are tons of services on the Internet that are providing twitch followers but it may be hard for you to decide which is safe and legit.

We have also an article on the best twitch view bots that works and are free. Similarly here we have shortlisted a few best twitch followers bot that works and are safe to use.

NOTE – Use these bots only during the initial stage of your streaming and only when you don’t have too much to lose


Followers Bot #1 – Streamulator

Streamulator is one of the popular platforms that provide real twitch followers that will be related to your stream niche.

With Streamulator free plan you can get 10 free twitch followers every 12 hours

So either you take 20 followers from here every day or for more followers, you can also go with their paid followers.

Streammulator daily twitch followers plans start with $20 p/m where you get 15 twitch followers daily. There are many more other services that you can get from here like Twitch views, YouTube subscribers, and many more.

View Streamulator


Followers Bot #2 – FollowersPanda

Followers Panda is another good website to get free followers on Twitch effectively, safely, and instantly.

Here you get instant 10 free twitch followers for one Twitch account. The only drawback is that you cannot use this free twitch followers service again and again.

But the best part is that their paid service plans are very cheaper. You get 100 twitch followers for $2, 1000 twitch followers for $6, and 10,000 twitch followers for just $60.

Personally, I won’t recommend that you should go with huge followers. Instead, keep streaming regularly and get a few followers from here daily or on weekly basis.

View FollowersPanda


Followers Bot #3 – likigram

Likigram is currently offering 1000 free twitch followers but while writing this article, I tried making a test by going to this website.

Currently, their free services have some trouble and when I tried to connect them they said currently they have issues with their server and will be fixed shortly.

This website was recommended by a few of my friends who have used their services and were satisfied and this is the reason I am adding this website to my list.

Likigram’s basic plan starts at $7.99 and they provide 100 real followers.

So you just try to visit this website and can try their free 1000 twitch followers or can also check their paid service which is safe and secure.

View Likigram


Free Followers on Twitch with Discord

There are many discord servers from where you can get free Twitch followers, but not all of them are safe.

So after researching many discord servers to get free followers on Twitch, I found that all these followers are bots and useless.

There is a procedure to create a bot by adding commands and messages.

There are many videos on YouTube showing how to get free followers on Twitch by joining their discord server.

These Discord server owners’ main intention is to gain more server members and further sell followers in bulk. 


Is it illegal to buy followers on Twitch?

If you buy real followers from a legit website or through the help of any streamer then that is legit. But adding bot or fake followers may get your twitch account banned.

This is very important for the beginners who start streaming on Twitch and for quick success or popularity they take followers from such discord servers or phishing websites.

I have shared 3 trusted and best websites to get free followers on Twitch, simply try them.

Few of the drawbacks or negative impacts of using an untrusted followers site can be.

  • The account can get Banned
  • Your account can be compromised
  • Your device can be compromised
  • Fake followers mean no engagement.

There can be more drawbacks of using a twitch followers bot that is untrusted.


How to Grow Twitch Followers and Views Legally? 

Growing twitch followers legally is a real fruit with real juice, so majorly focus on growing your followers on twitch legally with your efforts and strategies.

I will share a few strategies and tips with you here to grow your followers on Twitch.

Keep in mind the right strategies and hard efforts can take you towards success sooner or later.



Strategy No #1 – Choose Right Niche and Don’t mix in the Crowd

This might sound basic and typical but choosing a niche or topic of streaming is an important part of streaming.

For example, if you play any instrument then better stream your performance with some new ideas or concepts that will attract the viewer’s attention.

If you are interested in gaming and think you are also a good entertainer then choose a game that is recently launched with low people streaming.


Strategy No #2 – Get in Touch with some Popular Streamers

This still works in 2022 and trust me if you are able to get in touch with any popular steamer of the same niche that can really help you to gain huge real followers.

Also, join a few twitch streamer communities to stay updated and who knows you get some good opportunities from here.

You need to be active on such streamer channels so that you can get a chance to play with them. 

There are many ways to get in touch with popular twitch streamers, a few of them are

  • Participate in their giveaways
  • Be active on their chat
  • Try to become a mod for their channel
  • Look for some opportunities and make good relationships with them.


Strategy No #3 – Post Twitch Clips on YouTube and Other Social Media  

Social media platform like YouTube and Instagram where short videos is a great way to gain views and followers.

With your good gameplay and talent, you can grab audiences from other social media to Twitch.

A few of them I recommend that you should use are YouTube, Instagram, and Discord.

Just enable VOD on Twitch and download twitch clips which you edit and upload on other social platforms.


Strategy No #4 – Go to Events & Meetups

Most of the streamers keep visiting other places and even discuss that during their stream.

If you stay active on their stream then you can meet them at the place where they are planning to visit.

Even there are many events and special meetups where you can reach out and try to communicate with them.


I know after reading these strategies you might be saying UFF! This is a lot to do.

But trust me this is the best way to be successful in streaming and if you see this as your full-time career.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Real and Fake Followers?

Real followers in Twitch are the followers that you get either through your streams views or if purchased from a legit site.

Fake followers are generally the follower count generated from a bot


Can you get banned for using the Followers bot on Twitch?

Yes, you can get banned for using bot followers. This is against twitch terms of service and they can ban your account if you try to complete Twitch program eligibility through bot followers.

It’s better to go the safe side and get real followers by following the above strategies or you can also get some with a legit website.


Which is the best Twitch followers generator?

I have shared the top 3 free followers twitch services that you can try but the best I recommend is Streamulator.


Free Twitch Followers app?

Apart from services and discord bot, there are many twitch apps as well that provide free followers for twitch.

Before writing this article I tried a few applications and in most of them, I got a message from my phone security that it was a trojan and can give remote access to hackers.



Hopefully, you found this article on how to get free followers on Twitch useful that will help you gain more and more followers.

Keep in mind free services are actually not free, they are either harmful or a part of the sales funnel. 

If you have a twitch account with good followers then better try these services on any dummy account and then go with your own account.

Please make a comment if you have any questions related to this topic or Twitch.

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