How to Set up Twitch Followage Command with Nightbot in 2022

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After setting up Twitch followage command with Nightbot anyone on your channel chat can know how long a user is following a streamer. 

This is a useful stat and can be helpful for both the viewers and the streamers.

As a viewer, you might be curious to know how long you have been following a streamer or as a Streamer you want to reward any viewer then simply use the !followage command.

You can set up Nightbot followage command in Twitch by following these 2 simple steps.

How to Setup Twitch Followage Command Nightbot

!Followage command can be run with multiple platforms like Stream Elements and Nightbot. In this article, we will use NIghtbot which is considered one of the best bots for Twitch.

Now in order to add followage command to Nightbot, you need to go with the below 2 simple steps.

STEP 1 – Connect Nightbot to Twitch and Add Command

In this step, we will first connect Nightbot with twitch and then add a custom command in Nightbot.

  • Open the Nightbot website, click on Login on the right-hand top side and then choose Login with Twitch.

    Nightbot login with Twitch
    Nightbot login with Twitch


  • It might ask you to authorize, so follow the further steps, and once connected you will now see the NIghtbot dashboard.


  • Click on Join Channel on the right-hand side.

    Nightbot followage command in Twitch
    Nightbot followage command in Twitch

  • Click on Commands from the left-hand menu and then from the drop-down choose Custom.

    How to Setup Followage Command with Nightbot on Twitch
    How to Setup Followage Command with Nightbot on Twitch


  • Now click on the +Add Command button on the right-hand side. This will bring up the Add command box where we need to fill in the information. 

Command – Here you need to type the command that users will type in order to check how long they have been following you on Twitch. Type !followage and then move to the next box.

Nightbot followage command
Nightbot followage command


Message – This is a kind of configuration command that we need to enter which will execute the command to show the result. Simply copy and paste the command below.

!commands add !followsince $(urlfetch$(touser)&channel=$(channel)&format=mwdhms)

UserLevelThis option asks you who all can access this command, as we need for everyone, choose everyone from the drop-down.


Cooldown – It’s a slowdown and asks you how often users can run this command. In order to avoid spamming choose the cooldown slider for at least 60 seconds.


Alias – Leave this option as it is.

Once done click on Submit and now we are done with one step and now let’s move to the second and final step.


STEP 2 – Make Nighbot a Moderator in Twitch and Test Command

Make Nightbot a mod so that it should have enough permission to work on your twitch channel.

  • Open Twitch and make sure you are logged in with your account.


  • Click on your profile picture icon on the right-hand top and choose Channel.


  • Now click on Chat and in the chatbox type /mod nightbot.

    Make Nightbot a mod in Twitch
    Make Nightbot a mod in Twitch

You are all set now and now it’s the time to test the !followage command.

In the chatbox type, !followage and hit the enter key. You will now see a message from Nightbot that how long a user has been following this channel.


Nightbot Followage Command Not Working

Many users have problems and said either this followage command Nightbot is not working or not working properly.

The same problem also occurs with other Nightbots commands like Shoutout and Uptime.

There can be different reasons why Nightbot followage command is not working.

FIX 1 – Try Different Message Command

There are multiple commands to run these kinds of Nightbot commands. If you have tried the one I have shared above, then try a few more from the given commands.


!commands add !following $(urlfetch$(channel)/followers/$(touser)?format=[1]+has+been+following+[0]+for+[2])


FIX 2 – Make sure Nightbot is a Mod in your Channel

Please recheck that Nightbot has mod permission in your twitch channel to run these commands.

You can quickly go to your channel chat and type /mod nightbot to make Nightbot a moderator.


FIX 3 – Disable Streamelements or other Service

If your Streamelements or any other service is connected for this purpose then try disabling them. You can go to their dashboard and disable them for your channel. You can also unmod them and check again if the problem is fixed.

FIX 4 – Contact Nightbot Support

The problem can be because of some connection issues between Nightbot and twitch. Try contacting Nightbot support and let them know about the issue you are facing.

  • Navigate to the Nightbot contact page, and choose Help & Support request from the “what can we help you with” box.
  • Choose Nightbot from “what product does this related for” and then click on Head to the Nightbot forum.
  • You can sign up here and then create a new topic, mention your problem and post it.

Wait for the reply and someone will surely help you with this. Make sure you describe everything in the subject before posting, if possible also attach the screenshot of the Nightbot command configuration box.


How do you get the followage command as a mod?

You can get the followage command as a mod by following the same steps explained above.
In the first step add a Twitch channel to Nightbot and then add a custom command.
In the second step make Nightbot a mod and test the command.

Is it Follow or Followage command in Nightbot?

Both are the same command in NIghtbot. While adding a custom command you can either choose !follow or !followage. 
Whichever command you create will work further when the user enters the chat.



These command offered by Nightbot really upgrade your streaming experience and also gives more open hands to your viewers in the chat.

In the streaming, industry Streamer gets directly connected to viewers through live chat. Here your viewers stay in the chat and should have enough to do so that they can stay in the chat for a long period.

Hopefully, you now know everything about followage command Nightbot and what to do if it’s not working.

If you have any suggestions for this article, please let us know in the comment box.

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