FaZe Swagg Net Worth 2022 | Swagg Age, Girlfriend & More

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Swagg is an African-American Twitch streamer and content creator on Youtube. With 2.53M subscribers on YouTube and 2.1M followers on Twitch, one of the most asked questions about Swagg is FaZe Swagg’s net worth in 2022?

People are loving his content and once you become a regular viewer of any streamer you wish to know more about them.

In this guide, you will know how much is streamer Swagg’s net worth, his age, salary, parents, and more about his personal life. 



Who is FaZe Swagg (Introduction)

Swagg who is also known as FaZe Swagg is a professional Gamer and a FaZe clan member. His real name is Kris Lamberson and you might have a question that what Swagg means.

Swagg according to Kris stands for “Serve Worship and Glorify God”.  

He was born in Santa Monica and lived for 3 years in LA. Then he came to Phoenix, Arizona because of his mom’s job transfer.

Kris started playing basketball at a very early age where he was coached by his father.


FaZe Swagg Net Worth 2022

According to the HowtoTwitch team FaZe Swagg’s estimated net worth is $1.2 Million. He is now a professional gamer, esports player, twitch streamer, and content creator on YouTube.

You might have a question now how much does Swagg makes every month? Currently, as of June 2022, he is making around $60,000 every month.

Now I will brief you that how he makes this kind of money and break his income coming from Twitch, YouTube, and Esports.

Further after his income, I will also share about Swagg’s earlier life, parents, girlfriend, age height, and much other information that you would love to know.

So keep reading the article below.


How does Swagg Make Money? FaZe Swagg Net Worth 

Swagg started his career in Gaming in 2013 by uploading content on YouTube. Now he has 2.53 Million subscribers on YouTube and 2.1 Million followers on Twitch and he is also a professional Esports player.

I will share Swagg’s monthly and annual income below but first, let me break down his income from different platforms.


Swagg Income from Twitch

Swagg has 2.1 Million followers on Twitch. Subs, ads, and donations are the 3 major sources of Income from Twitch.

As he has a huge number of followers  I am pretty sure he must have good sponsors too.

Income from Twitch Subs – According to the twitch tracker, Swagg has currently 8,542 subscribers.

FaZe Swagg Twitch Subscribers
FaZe Swagg Twitch Subscribers

There are 3 different tiers of twitch subs, if I take $3 as an average then Swagg is making 25,626 USD every month from twitch subs.


Income from Twitch Ads – Swagg regularly streams on Twitch and his last month’s views on the Twitch channel was around 500k. 

On average twitch streamers make $10 for every 1000 viewers. If I divide 500k by 1000 it makes 500 and then multiplies by $10 it will be $5000 USD.

So, it means Swagg is making somewhere $5000 from twitch ads.


Income from Donations – Twitch donation is hard to guess, but he has a donation button on his twitch about section. I have seen people donating him from $10 to $1000 on Streamlabs.

I make a guess he should be making at least $3000 every month from the donations.


Swagg Income from YouTube 

Swagg regularly uploads his game highlights and related content on his YouTube channel. Currently, he has 2.53 million subscribers.

The major source of earning from YouTube is through ads shown by Google AdSense.

According to Social Blade, he got 4.9 Million views in the last 30 days. YouTube pays between $3-6 CPM which is for every 1000 views. So if I calculate for 4.9M views it would be somewhere around $15,000

I have taken the least CPM of $3 as all views are not monetized because of ad blockers. 

So, Swagg is making around $15,000 every month from YouTube ads.


Swagg Income from E-sports

According to esports, Swagg is ranked #1233 in the highest overall rankings and #224 as the highest-earning player in the United States.

So far he has played 45 tournaments and his total earnings from these esports tournaments are $172,850. The largest amount he won was $21,000 on November 17, 2021.

In 2021, he has played 5 tournaments and his total win prize from these tournaments is $81,200.

So, I can Swagg annual esports salary is around $82,000.


Swagg Income from Sponsors

Swagg is one of the popular and professional gamers, he has many brands dealing with sponsorships.

Few popular sponsors of Swagg are GFuel, Doritos, Scuff gaming, MSI, NZXT, and Corona hard Seltzer.

Now there is no such information as how much these sponsors pay Swagg. Probably his sponsors may be handled by the FaZe clan.

Still, we assume that he should be making $3000 to $5000 every month from the sponsors. This could be even more or less as this is an average amount.


How much does FaZe pay Swagg (FaZe Swagg Net Worth )

Swagg is currently in the #24 position in the list of FaZe clan’s top 100 members. The total amount on his side was $158,033 from FaZe.

According to Forbes, FaZe clan is worth $400 Million. If you play as a member of FaZe clan you have opportunities to win a prize of $1 Million (In Crypto) as a signing bonus, $250,000 GFuel sponsorship, and a brand new Nissan GT-R for the winner.

If you think you can be a FaZe clan member and earn all these rewards then you can do the registration on the Faze1 website.


Does Swagg Faze have Merch?

I don’t think Swagg is focusing much on his merchant and so I can only see his merch on the FaZeclan merch website. After knowing Faze Swagg net worth you must be excited to know all kind of his incomes sources.

There are no other merch or affiliates of Swagg, neither you will see any links on this Twitch and Youtube accounts.

So I guess he might be making no money from Merch or probably a very low amount.


Swagg Career  

He went to public elementary school for his schooling and did high school at Arizona Lutheran academy. He went to 3 state championship games in basketball and won his senior year.

During his basketball play, he had an injury that continued for 7 months.

While doing all this he was Gaming too, so on his friend’s recommendation and also because he loved making videos, he started Gaming and putting videos on Youtube.

His content is based on popular games like Warzone and Call of Duty.


Did Swagg Left FaZe

Recently many people heard that is Swagg kicked out of FaZe or Did Swagg leave FaZe? The answer is NO, Swagg is still a member of FaZe.

So how did this rumor comes that he is leaving FaZe even Swagg has posted many videos on his YouTube with a title that “I left FaZe and tried out with this Team” and “kicked from FaZe clan for Aimbot”.

Swagg was actually having some fun while streaming COD Warzone on twitch. He introduced himself to them as a substitute teacher working in graveyard shift.

Because of his good gameplay, those guys offered him to play for their team

Then he posted that clip on YouTube with a title I left Faze and tried out this team. 


Swagg Real Name, Age, Height, Weight, and More

Swagg’s real name is Kim Lamberson who is an African-American guy who is a professional gamer.

He was born on May 14, 1996, in Santa Monica and lived for 3 years in LA. Then he came to Phoenix, Arizona because of his mom’s job transfer. As of June 2022, he is 26 years old.

Swag is a tall guy with a height of 6 feet 3 inches and he is also a fitness lover. He regularly visits Gym and has a personal trainer.

His Zodiac sign is Taurus and we are sure about his exact weight but he is around 90 kg.

Let’s know more about Swagg’s girlfriend and his family.


Swagg Family and Girlfriend

Kim Lamberson known as FaZe Swagg lives in Phoenix, Arizona, and lives with his family. He has a mom, dad, brother, and sister. 

Swagg Mother name – KIM

Swagg Father name – BILL

Swagg Sister name – KODI

Swagg Brother name – BJ

Now, who is Swagg’s girlfriend another most asked question? Swagg’s girlfriend’s name is Maria Russel. She is popular on Instagram with around 43.6 followers and posts her bold and beautiful pictures regularly.

FaZe Swagg girlfriend
FaZe Swagg girlfriend

Recently she pranked Swagg on his stream and further Swagg posted a video on YouTube that “My girlfriend deleted my account”.

Actually, Daniel closed his Warzone account and opened his banned account on the screen, and Swagg got scared by seeing the message “your account has been banned“.

Maria did this all with a common friend Daniel when Swagg left his desk for a few minutes.


FaZe Swagg Social Accounts

FaZe Swagg is popular on many social platforms. I am sharing his social account details so that you can know more about him through his social media.

Twitch total Followers – 2.1 million

YouTube subscribers – 2.53 million

Instagram followers – 606 k

Twitter followers -447.5 k

These are the major social accounts where he is active and can be contacted.


FAQs on FaZe Swagg Net Worth 

Swagg FaZe house?

Apart from his family house, he lives in the FaZe house for which he created a video on YouTube as well by the title “My Faze House Room tour and setup”.

Along with Swagg FaZe Santana, FaZe Booya, and Faze smooth also live in that house.

Swagg faze car?

Swagg seems a car lover and he recently bought a Porsche 911 Turbo S for which he created a video this month.

A year back he also purchased his dream car Mercedes AMG GTS Brabus 600. He is even having a Nissan car.

About 3 years ago he gifted a Chevrolet car to his mom on her birthday.

Is Swagg Doozy?

Now there is lots of confusion about whether is Swagg doozy?.
Yes, Swaggy Warzone’s name is Doozy and even he keeps changing his name like playing by name of Nickmercs.



Swaggy is a great Warzone player and also a man with a big heart. He is very close to his mother and always keeps her photo with him.

I am sure along with Faze Swagg Net Worth you have also got all related information about him.

Are you a fan of Swagg? If yes then let us know what you like most in him and what makes him different from others.



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