How FaZe Kalei got UNBANNED from Twitch – (Kalei Renay Profile)

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Twitch has now unbanned a twitch streamer FaZe Kalei, so how FaZe Kalei got unbanned from twitch after 3 days.

Twitch recently banned another streamer for some sexually suggestive conduct.

She is a FaZe clan member known as FaZe kalei the most recently signed faze clan member and their first female assigned player and warzone streamer.

Let’s get deep into that why was she banned and how she got unbanned.



How FaZe Kalei got Unbanned from Twitch

So finally twitch has removed the ban from FaZe kalei and she can now start streaming again.

Though there has been no more explanation given by twitch that is why exactly she was banned.

This is something really disappointing for every twitch streamer.

Now as the three-day ban restriction has been lifted, probably kalei will figure out the exact cause with her followers.

FaZe Kalei on Oct 16, 2021, tweeted that she has unbanned after 3 days, 42 minutes, and 54 seconds.

How FaZe Kalei got UNBANNED from Twitch
Tweet from Kalei after getting unbanned from twitch


She later tweeted a GIF that she can now stream

As there is no explanation given by twitch behind the Kalei ban, viewers are sharing their different views with reasons.

Most of them say that this might be because she used sexual suggestion content in the chat as her appearance was never sexual.


Why did FaZe Kalei got banned from Twitch?

FaZe kalei is a famous and popular female warzone twitch player.

She was recently banned by twitch due to some sexually suggestive conduct and she was really not happy with the reason she got banned.

What she has called a false ban for sexually suggestive conduct. Now the reason why she has supposedly been banned on twitch

Her response might go down in history as one of the single best responses to a twitch ban.

I have never seen such reaction as she did not hold back a single ounce as after receiving that email.


How FaZe Kalei reacted to twitch ban

After receiving an email from twitch, FaZe Kalei tweeted on October 13, 2021, that she was banned with the image of the reason.

She did say in all caps xQc style

“Are you guys smoking crack all I wear is oversized hoodies and shirts the only time I don’t is because I got a tattoo on my collarbone and that’s somehow sexual are you guys high”

Why FaZe Kalei got banned on Twitch
Why FaZe Kalei got banned on Twitch


She wasn’t done there she carried on saying it’s literally 5 am at twitch headquarters and I just have to sit here wondering what I did.

Because they won’t answer emails and they literally don’t tell you what you said or did three days probably over a false strike.

There is something that we have heard all the time of twitch saying they’re going to clarify the reason or at least somewhat narrow it down to a vod so streamers can really understand.


FaZE Kalei asked what should I do for 3 days?

Kalei still continued also saying I have no life outside of twitch what am I supposed to do for three days

I might go hang out at my mom’s work or some crap I don’t know I don’t have IRL friends man

She also said

They tell me to contact partner twitch support and this is the response I get showing a very simple response kind of taking her in circles, anyone, at twitch or knows anyone please god help me I’m being thrown in a loop for something that’s just gonna be a false ban”

This is something we have seen time and time again I am curious what will actually come of this.

 I don’t know how twitch operates and what they can get you for outside the platform it could have been maybe one of the things.


Who is Faze Kalei?

Kalei Renay also known as Faze Kalei is a 22-year-old female warzone player who streams on Twitch.

Faze started her streaming career in the summer of 2015.

So far she has 503k followers on Twitch and 111k subscribers on YouTube.

She was born on September 11, 1999, and belongs from the United States.

Kalei has been interested in gaming since her childhood and during high school, she started playing games as her hobby.

She continued her passion for gaming and decided to stream with the gaming content.

Faze Kalei Height and Social Links

Name Kalei Renay
Age 22
Height 4’10
Nationality American
Twitch   /kalei
YouTube /kaleirenay
Twitter /KaleiRenay
Instagram kaleirenay


Kalei Net Worth

This is one of the most asked questions about any streamer as people are keen to know the earnings of these streamers.

Recently top twitch streamers earning was been revealed and Kalei was on number 515.

Kalei’s net worth as per Twitch Earning LeaderBoard from August 2019 to October 2021 is $313,812.59.

These are the earning that has been released from twitch and there are many other sources from where she or any other streamer makes money.

Few of the earning sources are

  1. YouTube (AdSense and Sponsors)
  2. Through Instagram (Posts and Sponsors)
  3. TikTok
  4. Donations (Streamlabs)


Why FaZe Kalei become popular?

Kalei Renay is not only a gamer but she also plays Piano and Guitar very well.

She is self-learning these instruments since 9 and sometimes plays guitar/ piano while streaming on Twitch.

So Kalei is not only influencing gamers but also music lovers who wish to learn the instruments like piano/guitar while enjoying the game streams.

However, she is also an animal lover and has lots of other things that attract her viewers and also helped her in becoming popular.


How Recent Twitch ban affected FaZe Kalei

Recently like many other streamers FaZe Kalei was also banned from twitch for the reason of “Sexual suggestive conduct”.

Though this was disappointing for viewers and more for Kalei somewhere she gained more popularity.

She was trending on Twitter and many people search for her on Google.

This for sure increased FaZe Kalei’s popularity.

As you read how FaZe Kalei got unbanned from twitch after 3 days she must have surely noticed an increase in viewers.

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