10 Ways to FIX Error Code 267 in Roblox – [2022 Updated FIX]

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This is really annoying when you have an error code 267 in Roblox while playing Roblox either alone or with your friends.

So while researching for the solution I found many effective solutions along with the reasons that cause the error of “Disconnected- You were kicked from this game: Unspecified reason (Error code 267)” as shown in the image above.

In this guide, I will share how to fix Roblox error code 267 both on PC & Mobile.

But before proceeding you must know What is error code 267 in Roblox and what causes this Error.


What is Error code 267 in Roblox?

The error code 267 in Roblox means that a user has been kicked or banned for using a cheat or illegal script.

There are also other variations of this message including 

“banned from server” 

“kicked from server” 


“cheating suspicious”

It will then have a button that says “leave”. Now, what exactly causes such errors. 


What causes Error code 267 in Roblox

There are many causes for this error including cheating using scripts or exploits or can be due to a game developer using an illegal script.

Let’s understand with an example if you build a game with Roblox studio using admin commands to troll other players and if Roblox detects unusual activity they may ban a player’s account to prevent any kind of hacking anyway.

However, outdated browser or browser issues, internet issues, and antivirus can also lead to such errors in Roblox.

So let’s move to the best possible fixes that you should try to get rid of this error message.

How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267 – PC

Recently I noticed that many users had this problem on mobile as well so I am sharing the solution for both PC and Mobile.

Let’s start with the PC, if you have this error on mobile then skip below to mobile fix. 

NOTE:- Kindly try restarting after every fix.


FIX 1 – Remove any Suspicious Scripts

Probably by mistake or intentionally if you used any suspicious or illegal scripts while building games with Roblox studio the better remove them now.

Problems can be with any malicious plugins or scripts, so try removing them one by one and check what works for you.

If nothing works then you can remove all your creations and start from scratch.

According to a post of a suspicious module in devforum.roblox.com a user was working as a scripter and someone from his team used a suspicious script called “Handler” which seems like a malicious plugin used to gain access to other games.


FIX 2 – Update Google Chrome

If you are far away from the first fix then try updating your Chrome browser. 

In case if you are not using Google Chrome then better switch to Chrome as this is more suitable for Roblox.

I have seen many users having these issues just because they open Roblox with either an outdated browser or a faulty browser. So first let’s try updating chrome and if it doesn’t work we will also optimize Google Chrome for Roblox.

  • Open Google Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots at the right-hand top and from the drop-down hover up to help and then choose “About Google Chrome”.
  • Here you will find Checking for Updates and once done it will let you know if the updates are available. If available then proceed to update Google Chrome.
How to Update Google Chrome
How to Update Google Chrome

Once done restart your browser and check if this resolved the issue or not. If not, let’s optimize the browser for Roblox.


FIX 3 – Optimize Google Chrome and Use VPN

In this fix, you need to clear Chrome browsing data, reset and delete suspicious extensions.

  • Open Google Chrome browser, click on the 3 dots at the right-hand top, and from the drop-down choose “Settings”.
  • From the left-hand menu click on “Privacy and Security” and then on “Clear browsing data”.
  • Click on Advanced and set the time range to All time. Check all the boxes except Password and Autofill form data. Once done click on Clear Data.

    Clear Browsing data on Google Chrome
    Clear Browsing Data on Google Chrome


  • Again open chrome settings and from the left-hand menu click on Advanced to explore more options.
  • Now choose Reset and Clean up, then click on Restore settings to their original defaults and then on Reset Settings.

Once done restart your PC and then use any free VPN like Zenmate to access different locations and then try again.

Okay, we are now done with clearing browsing data and resetting chrome settings. Let’s also get rid of extensions that may create error code 267 in Roblox.


FIX 4 – Disable Extensions like AdBlock

Extension on browsers can also be a pain sometimes and can cause some errors to any browser activities.

I have seen extensions like AdBlock that we gamers use to
block twitch ads also create problems by causing such errors.

  • Click on the 3 dots located at the right-hand top, hover up to more tools, and choose Extensions.
  • Here you will see the list of all installed extensions and remove the extensions that you don’t identify or use.

    How to fix Roblox error Code 267
    How to fix Roblox error Code 267


  • Once done try disabling the remaining extensions like Adblock and then restart the browser.

Again check if Roblox is coming without any error or not, if not we still got many more solutions.


FIX 5 – Check your Internet Connection

The slow or fluctuating internet connection can also cause error 267 in Roblox.

Check your internet speed by visiting the speed test website and make sure you have proper speed and ping.

For fixing it better restart your modem and try to connect through the wired connection if possible. Do not forget to restart your PC as well.

You can also contact your Internet service provider and let them know about the issue.


FIX 6 – Uninstall Auto-Clicking Software

Many users have been using auto-clicking software like Auto Clicker for various purposes on their PC.

People download this software to auto-click on Roblox or to keep software like Microsoft teams awake.

Roblox may kick or ban you if they detect such tools as these software gives you unfair advantages and is considered as illegal scripts.


FIX 7 – Disable Antivirus & Firewall

While researching for the best fixes to resolve error code 267 on Roblox, I found a few users suggesting to disable their antivirus and firewall temporarily.

They also suggested that sometimes Roblox may get disabled by the antivirus program.

Try disabling your antivirus program and also your firewall, once done restart your pc and check if this fixes the issues.

If yes then you need to add an exception for Roblox in your antivirus program.



FIX 8 – Use a Different Web Browser

Though we optimized Google Chrome in the above solutions, still we can give it a try by opening Roblox from a different browser.

Try other browsers like Firefox and Brave to see if Roblox works fine over there.

If Roblox works fine on other browsers then better try reinstalling your Google chrome by completely removing Chrome with third-party software like Revo uninstaller.


FIX 9 – Create a New Roblox Account

Roblox games may kick or ban you sometimes for any game for a specific time and in this case, you can’t do anything only than to wait to get unban.

It’s better to create a new Roblox account with a new email and enjoy the game again until the ban is lifted on your old Roblox account.

Many users asked how long does error 267 lasts in Roblox, so it basically takes 30 days which is not fixed.

I understand this is just a solution to play games and not a fix for the problem but my priority is to bring you back to the game.


FIX 10 – Reinstall Roblox

This is the last solution I got for you and also hope that you get your issues resolved with the above solutions.

However, if nothing worked for you then the problem can be with Roblox or any bug with your Roblox app.

Better bypass this error 267 by completely uninstalling Roblox with Revo uninstaller and then reinstall it back.


How to Fix Roblox Error Code 267 – Mobile

Even my brother got this message while playing “Adopt me” through the Roblox game.

Error code 267 also occurs on Roblox mobile app and so if you have got this error on your android or iPhone, then follow the below fixes.

I won’t share a bulk of solutions here and there will be just 3 best fixes for Roblox mobile that will hopefully resolve the issues.


FIX 1 – Use VPN

Probably Roblox has flagged your IP address and so you may get banned or kicked from the game.

Using VPN to connect to different locations will assign a different IP address.

You can download any VPN like Zenmate or any of your choices on your mobile and then open the Roblox app again. 

I am sure this will fix your problem.


FIX 2 – Clear Roblox App Cache

Roblox app cache and faulty data can also become the cause for error code 267.

Clearing apps cache and data helps to resolve many other issues like twitch notifications or any app issues.

On your android, open Settings > Apps and look for the Roblox app. Open the Roblox app, tap on Storage and then tap on Clear Cache.

Now restart your app and phone as well and check if this fixed the problem. If not then you can also try clearing Roblox data as well.


FIX 3 – Reinstall Roblox App 

Roblox error code 267 on mobile mostly gets fixed by just using VPN and clearing cache. 

But if in your case it doesn’t work you must try reinstalling the Roblox application. Tap and hold on to the Roblox app and then choose Uninstall.

Once uninstalled go to the play store or app store and download the Roblox app again. Check if the issue is resolved or not.


Errors similar to 267 in Roblox

There are many other issues that occur in Roblox with different error codes. I am sharing a few of them so that you must have some information about them as well.

Check this below list

Error Code Meaning Best Solution
Roblox Error code 264 launching the game from the same account across various devices Log out from all other devices and Clear Cache
Roblox Error code 266 Slow Internet Connection Refresh Page and Check Internet connection.
Roblox Error code 103 Occurs with Xbox because of DOB and several others reasons. Check date of birth, Nat, Firmware glitch and assure content from other people is not disabled
Roblox Error code 280 Outdated Roblox Version Update Roblox



Roblox users face different errors which are because of different reasons. In this guide, you learn how to fix error code 267 in Roblox and also about many other Roblox errors.

Additionally, you can also try flushing your DNS on Windows, so if the problem is with your DNS or network then this fixes the problem.

let me know if you still have issues or any related problems in Roblox.


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