Does Steam Deck Download in Sleep mode – (Authentic Answer)

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The steam deck was recently launched in Feb 2022 and most of the users have questions does Steam deck download in sleep mode like Nintendo and Xbox?

No, Steam Deck does not download in the sleep mode and it should be awake to continue game downloading.

My younger brother purchased a Steam deck last week and the same question he asked me for which I made a little research on Internet and then made a practical test on the Steam deck.

Let me share what happened when tried downloading a huge game file in sleep mode.



Does Steam Deck Download in Sleep Mode?

Unfortunately No, as of now Steam deck games cannot be downloaded in sleep modes like Xbox and Nintendo.

To continue game downloading or updating in the steam deck you need to keep the device awake.

As soon as the Steam deck goes into sleep mode, the game downloading or updating will be either paused or halted.

So, let’s understand why this happens and if is there any solution for this.


Why does the Steam deck doesn’t download or Update in Sleep Mode?

The steam deck is not a dedicated console like Xbox, PS, and Nintendo.

It’s a compatible kind of computer that comes with an AMD processor and Steam OS.

It seems this processor doesn’t have the ability to keep the network active during sleep and so any downloading or updating gets paused or failed during sleep mode.

Do downloads continue in sleep mode
Do downloads continue in sleep mode?

This is common like other PC or laptops that don’t download in sleep mode.

Actually, this is what sleep mode is made to save power and consumption when you are not using it.

But there should be an easy option on devices like Steam deck to continue downloading when in sleep mode.  

As this device has been recently launched and huge users have made this request on the Steam forum and other platforms to add this feature. Probably Steam or AMD will soon bring this feature to the upcoming devices.


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Is there any way to Download Steam games in Sleep mode?

When it comes to downloading a large file game like PC games then you probably wish to with overnight downloading.

The steam deck gets automatically off because of sleep mode and so there are a few tweaks or tricks that can be applied to download games in sleep mode by stopping the deck from a shutdown.

Turning off the sleep mode seems to be an option to continue steam deck downloading in sleep mode. 

  • From your steam deck settings, adjust the display brightness to the lowest and this will keep the device awake to continue downloading. 
  • Enable auto dims feature of Steam deck. 
  • Wait for new steam deck updates and for our update as my team is continuously digging for a solution.

Steam deck sleep mode is a part of the Steam Fast Suspend / Resume feature and probably it may take some time to bring a proper solution to this problem. 



Does Steam deck download while playing games?

Yes, you can continue downloading on Steam deck while you are playing any game. Your steam deck device should be online and awake.

Steam Deck turn of Screen?

There is no such option to completely turn off the steam deck screen. You can adjust the brightness and dim the light.

Many users including me are requesting steam to come up with a new update where we can continue downloading overnight with the screen turned off.

Why does my Steam deck download gets paused when I am away?

The steam deck has a Steam fast suspend/resume feature where sleep mode or standby mode automatically gets enabled after some time of inactivity.
Once the device goes into sleep mode your downloading will be either paused or halted.


Since Steam deck is a gaming device similar to Nintendo that does have the option of downloading in sleep mode.

I have personally emailed steam with lots of members requesting screenshots to add this feature. Please make your comment if you also need this feature so I can email them the screenshot of all your request.

Apart from the tweak shared in this article to continue downloading in sleep mode, I am looking for some solution and will update as soon as I get any.

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