Do Twitch Mods Get Paid – [Shocking Reveal & Tips]

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If you spend a couple of hours every day on twitch or probably in the hope to become a mod then the first question comes to mind is do twitch mods get paid?

In this article, I will share each and every piece of information about twitch mods you must know.

Earning money while watching streams with the power of moderation is really a good opportunity but do streamers really pay their mod.

If you have similar questions in your mind then you should read this information where I will explore many secrets.



Do Twitch Mods get Paid

There is no answer in Yes or No as few mods get paid by the streamers and many not.

It all depends on the streamer and the kind of work and duty given to the mods. Twitch does not have any note on their TOS that a streamer has to pay their mods.

Generally, a streamer picks a mod from their viewers who are active on their stream.

So I can say most of the Twitch mods work without any salary. Streamers occasionally reward them with some gifts and cash, which is totally up to the streamer.

Do Twitch Mods get paid
Do Twitch Mods get paid

There are many big streamers who pay for their mods on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I will share a few streamers’ names with details but first I would like to discuss that should mods be paid?


Should Mods be Paid

Now I am very sure if you are a mod or want to be you will agree that mods should be paid by the streamers not only on Twitch but also on other platforms.

But what do streamers think about this? I spoke to one of the streamers on twitch who has an average watch time of 80 viewers.

Here is what she said on do twitch mods get paid?

I agree mods should be paid but it all depends on the type of streamers.

If you ask me about a year back I hardly had 10 live viewers at a time and at that period of time I was struggling in making money so how can I think of paying a mod.

But yes big streamers with high live viewers should appoint a paid mod.

I totally agree with her. As a beginner or a mid-level streamer who is not making good money, it would be really challenging for him to hire a paid mod.

There are many streamers who also invite mods to work with them on commission.

Do streamers pay their mod
Do streamers pay their mod?

Now according to me twitch should request their big streamers to pay for their mods. This will of course bring more opportunities for youth in Gaming and Streaming.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section and let me reveal some secret clarification on a few big Twitch streamers.


Do Tyler1 mods get paid?

Tyler Steinkamp, also known as Tyler1 is one of the famous twitch streamers that play League of legends. Loltyler1 has around 4.6M of followers on twitch and there is no clue to say that he pays his mod.

But a couple of months back his mod asked, do Ludwig pays his mod $1k every day?

Tyler reacted by saying “Hey stop asking such questions in comment or else you will not only lose your mod but also lose your chat privileges”.

This reaction indicated that Tyler doesn’t pay anything to their mod. That is just my assumption.

Does Ninja pay his Twitch mods?

Ninja is a big streamer on Twitch with 17.1M followers and streams games like Fortnite and Apex legends.

There is no clue or statement disclosure that Ninja pays for their mod.

But according to one of the posts on Reddit was in 2018 a user posted that Ninja roughly pays around $50 per stream

Does Ninja pay his Twitch mods
Does Ninja pay his Twitch mods?

Now as he has huge followers on Twitch I am pretty sure he must have lots of followers. So probably he pays a few of them or all or maybe to none.

Does xQc pay for his Mods?

xQc is another famous twitch streamer and during his Valorant stream, he disclosed that he doesn’t pay his mod.

According to him, it’s hard to pay all mods and only a few streamers do this.

He also said there are mods because they want to mod and it’s really a pain to pay a mod.

No further comment came from him on do twitch mods get paid.

What is a Mod on Twitch

Mod is a special role in Twitch who are given some responsibilities to keep the chat clean from spam and help streamer.

While on twitch stream you may have noticed a few users with a sword icon in front of their name.  

When a streamer grows on twitch they assign a few moderators who can mod the chat and make the streamer job easy.

Basically, mods help streamers by performing several tasks like changing the twitch stream title and checking twitch chat logs.

Once you become a mod you have the following powers

  • Time out Users
  • Ban and Unban users
  • Can turn on Slow mode on Twitch
  • Help and Welcome viewers
  • Can enable special chat modes like subscribers only chat
  • Host and raid channels.
  • Creating twitch clips

There are many other things that a mod can do on Twitch. So if you are interested too, read the below information on how you can become a moderator on twitch.


How to become a Twitch Mod

Hopefully, you might be interested now by knowing the mod’s powers and also that there is an opportunity to get paid or rewards from a streamer.

If yes, then the first thing you need to do is that you better try watching a stream on twitch that has low followers and not a streamer like xQc.

Big streamers have tons of followers and viewers, so they already have a couple of moderators and many on the waiting list.

You need to try your luck somewhere where opportunities are more and followers are few.

  • Find out any new streamer with few followers and viewers. Spend enough time on their stream.  
  • Welcome new followers and viewers on chat. Even help the viewers with their questions and make some positive comments to engage audiences. 
  • Agree with streamers’ opinions and answers whenever they raise a poll or ask any questions.


  • Never ask a question or comment with something that a streamer doesn’t like. You would probably know more about the streamer when you are regular on their stream. 
  • Let the streamer know that you want to be a mod on their stream but only when you are sure that streamers know you know by your name.What I mean is that when you will be active on their stream and engaging viewers, streamers will sometimes appreciate it which means they are noticing you and that will be the right time.


  • Don’t react like you are immature and reply with sense full words in the comment. 
  • Connect with them on their other social accounts like Discord, Twitter, and Instagram. If possible, request other viewers as well to follow on their social accounts.You can even chat with streamers on their social accounts.


  • Retweet their tweets and invite users to join their discord servers.

There are a couple of more things that you can do as you know to become a mod you just need to prove that you are the perfect choice for a mod.


How much do Twitch Mods make?

There is no such salary chart for the mods as it’s all optional and depends on the streamers whether they pay their mods or not.

According to many streamers, a moderator job is like a contribution as a volunteer where mods help to ease broadcaster jobs and in return, they get extra powers and perks.

But there are few streamers like Ludwig and ninja who pay their mod and few earn somewhere between $50 to $1000 per stream. As per Dexerto information, Ludwig was paying $5000 every day to their mod.

Many mods who are not paid but get rewarded with some gifts and cash which is occasional and depending on streamers mode and achievements.


When a Streamers needs a Mod

After knowing everything about a mod you must also know when exactly a streamer needs a mod and what kind of work they may take to pay mods.

I won’t be able to disclose the name,  there are few streamers who assign a paid mod by giving multiple tasks.

There comes a time when a streamer needs a mod to help them in their work.

Here mods need to be regular on stream and probably allotted with a shift time. Below is the list of all the task streamers ask their mods to do

  • Changing Stream title on Twitch 
  • Creating clips from twitch and uploading them on other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. 
  • Creating YouTube thumbnails and changing Twitch offline banners. 
  • Managing and moderating on other social platforms like Discord. 
  • Editing videos for YouTube.

There can be many other tasks given to these mods or I can say promoted mods called editors.


How can Mods make money from Twitch Streamers? 

If not as a mod then there are many other ways to make money from twitch streamers. Why I said as a mod because you need to get in touch with them to give your proposals.

Proposals should be something that brings value to them like helping them in their work and some good opportunities for streamers that can bring more value to their stream and increase their earnings.

I have personally worked with a streamer as a mod for almost a month and then gave my proposal to the streamers. He was looking for some website and SEO work and I quickly grabbed the opportunity by giving him the best deal.

Similarly, you can chat with streamers and let them know what you can do for them and what are your expectations. This can be any digital marketing services, mod, editor, or assistant. 


Bottom Line

Hopefully, you got all the information that do twitch mods get paid or not and how to become a mod on twitch.

This was necessary for you to know all this information about mods because most people want to become mods to earn money which is not wrong.

If you want to become a mod, better follow all the above tips as once you get connected with a streamer there are many other opportunities that you can get.

If you still have any doubts let me know in the comment box.

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