How to Fix Discord “Well this is Awkward” Crash in 2022

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Discord is an amazing and very useful platform now not only for gamers but for many other communities. But recently many users have had issues with DiscordWell this is Awkward” crashes mostly on PC and laptops.

This is really annoying when you are in the middle of something or want to do something important and discord keeps crashing with this message.

The message appears when you start discord saying that “Looks like Discord has crashed unexpectedly.. We’ve tracked the error and will get right on it..

I got this problem yesterday and found the best way to fix this error on Discord.



Why does my Discord Keep Crashing with “Well this is Awkward” Error?

Many users are gettings this Discord crash error including me and they have already tried restarting Discord and the computer, but nothing worked.

The major cause I found behind this problem was the Discord cache and corrupted files.

I got this Discord well this is awkward on my Windows 10 PC app but when I tried running discord on my Chrome browser, it was running perfectly.

During my research, I found a few more possible reasons like Discord hardware acceleration and device temporary files.

Now, let’s move toward the fix. 

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How to Fix Discord Well this is Awkward

I am very sure about these fixes as they work and worked for many users. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and do not miss any part.

Note:- Please quit discord completely from the task manager before applying any of the below fixes. 

FIX 1 – Delete Temp Files

Temp files are a part of the Windows directory that contains all temporary files and these files can cause such issues with apps like Discord.

  • On your Windows PC & laptop, press Windows + R key altogether to open the RUN box.
  • Type TEMP and click on Ok.
  • The temporary folder will now be up and you will see huge files and folders here. Press Ctrl + A to select all and then press the Delete key.

Once deleted, restart discord and see if this fixed your problem.


FIX 2 – Clear Discord Cache

This is another major reason for Discord “Well this is Awkward” crash error. Discord cache causes many such related issues like Discord stucking on a grey screen.

Follow the below steps to fix the problem.

  • On your Windows PC & laptop, press Windows + R key altogether to open the RUN box
  • In the RUN box type %appdata% and then click on Ok. This will bring up the roaming folder, look for the Discord folder here, right-click on it and choose Delete.
  • Again open the RUN box by pressing Windows + R key, and type %localappdata% to open the local folder. Look for the Discord folder, right-click on it and choose Delete.

Now restart your PC or laptop, visit the discord website and download discord again. Once downloaded, sign in again to your discord and the problem will be fixed.



How to Fix Better Discord Crashing?

Now if you are facing a Discord “Well this is Awkward” crash due to better Discord then try the below fix.

Keep in mind better discord is against Discord policies, its plugins and themes can also lead to laggy discord and other problem like Discord crashing.

The best way to fix the Better discord crash is reinstalling better discord. This need to be done in 3 steps

Uninstall Better Discord

  • Visit the better discord website and click on Download.
  • Once downloaded click on it and the installation wizard will come up.
  • Click on I accept the agreement box and then hit on Next.
  • Now from choose an option box, click on Uninstall better discord and then hit on next.
  • Choose the Discord version you are using, if not sure go with the first option and then click on Uninstall

Once uninstalled, click on close and move to the next step.

Delete Better Discord from Windows Directory

  • Press Windows + R key to bring up the RUN box, type %appdata%, and then click on Ok.
  • The roaming folder will now be up, here look for all folders by name better discord, right-click on it and choose Delete.

Reinstall Better Discord

Now you need to finally reinstall better discord, so open the download folder and look for a better discord setup file that you just downloaded in step no 1.

Double-click on the file, follow the steps and choose Install Better Discord.

Once done, check if the issue is resolved.



These 2 solutions shared above for Discord Well this is Awkward are the best fixes, but still, if you have issues then better remove better discord completely from your PC.

There are a few users who recommended that better discord plugins keep crashing, due to which discord crashes as well and becomes laggy.

Let me know what solution worked for you in the comment box.

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