7 Best Discord Unblocked Websites (2022 Tricks) for School

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If you are not aware, Discord has over 300 Million+ users and the majority of them are students who want to know about discord unblocked websites so that they can access discord from their school.

Discord is mostly used for gaming and there are rarely a few students who don’t like gaming and so everyone like you is a member of a few cool discord servers.

My younger brother is pretty active on Discord and I have been helping him to access discord from his school.

I got 7 best and working way to unblock discord at school PC and Chromebook.


What are Discord Unblocked Websites?

Social apps & websites like Discord and Facebook are usually blocked in school or work by the administrators.

To access these blocked websites like Discord, we use Discord unblocked websites.

There is no need to sign up or download anything to access discord and it’s safe to use.

Are you in hurry, no problem let’s move to the 5 best discord unblocked websites?


How do you Unblock Discord at School (Quick Solution)

Before moving towards the 5 best discord unblocked websites, there are a few things that you can do to quickly access discord with no tricks and smoothly.

Many schools just ban the Discord app and not the website version of discord.

You can try opening Discord on the browser as the app and web version of Discord are almost the same.

If the discord web version is also banned then you can also try requesting to school admin to unblock it. Give a legit reason and do a little buttering of admin.

Already tried this or none of this worked, no worries try the below solution.


5 Best Discord Unblocked Websites 

These are the 5 best tricks to unblock discord at school. The reason I am sharing the 5 tricks is that I am sure any one of them will surely work for you.

Giving you the solution is my priority.

1. Use VPN to access Discord 

VPN (Virtual private network) is one of the best ways to access blocked websites like Discord.

With the help of a VPN, you can change your IP location and can make discord unblocked.

There are several VPNs including both free and paid versions.

You can first try using a free VPN like BrowsecVPN which is available as an extension. Open the link and install it on your Chrome browser.

If this free version doesn’t work then I would recommend that you should try a paid VPN like Nord or Ivacy VPN which is fast, safe, and best. 

Now, if the VPN doesn’t work for you or you don’t want to use VPN then check the below tricks to get discord unblocked.

2. Use Web Proxy to Unblock Discord

There are many web proxies that work best as discord-unblocked websites. 

Web proxies basically open your website on a different network and so you can unblock websites like discord and other blocked websites by the administrator.

I recommend using HideMyAss web proxy which is free and best as a discord-unblocked website.

Use Web proxy to unblock websites
Use Web proxy to unblock websites

Visit HidemyAss and enter the discord URL and from the more options check all the options of Encrypt URL, Disable Cookies and Remove Scripts. Once done click on Agree & connect.

Discord will be working slowly here but at least you would be able to use it. 


3. Discord Unblocked Extension

Discord Unblocked is an extension especially designed to use blocked Discord at schools and work.

This extension is mostly recommended to unblock discord on the school Chromebook.

If you have tried the above 2 solutions and doesn’t work then better try this extension.

  • Open the Discord Unblocked extension website and click on Add to Chrome.

    Discord Unblocked
    Discord Unblocked

  • Follow the steps of installation.

  • Once done open the discord website on the same browser, hopefully, it will open and work. 

If this also doesn’t work for you then nothing to worry about as we have 2 more solutions for you.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome remote desktop is a way to remotely access your home or work computer. 

This can be a good discord-unblocked website if you have a laptop or PC at home

Chrome Remote desktop is usually not blocked in Schools and at work.

What you need to do is to install Chrome remote desktop extension on both school and home computers.

You can ask someone at home to follow the steps or share the code with you through which you can access your home computer from the school computer.

  • On your school computer, open Chrome remote desktop website and then click on Access my computer.


  • You will be now redirected to the Setup Remote Access page. From the left-hand menu click on Remote Support and then you need to enter the access code in Connect to another computer section.

    How do you unblock discord at school
    How do you unblock discord at school?


  • Now again on your home computer open Chrome remote desktop website and from the left-hand menu click on Remote support.

    Chrome remote desktop
    Chrome remote desktop


  • Click on the download button in the blue circle under Share this screen.


  • Follow the steps and once the code is generated you need to enter that code in the chrome remote desktop opened on the school computer.

You can teach these steps to someone in your family who can follow the steps and share the code with you.

Once you have access to your home computer you can open Discord or anything that you want.


5. Try Google Translate to Open Discord

This is the last way that you can try where you can use the discord unblocked website version from Google translate the website.

The only drawback of this trick is that it works really slowly here. 

  • Open Google translate and type www.discord.com in the first box. This will be automatically converted to a discord link in the translation box.

    Discord Unblocked Website
    Discord Unblocked Website


  • Click on the link and a broken kind of discord website will be up.

As I said above that this will work really slowly and will also be low responsive.

Look for discord sign up or sign in and get logged in to your discord account.


How do you Unblock Discord at School?

Students are much more active on Discord these days where they have their own servers to enjoy chatting and streaming.

But the majority of the school’s admin blocks websites and apps like Discord.

If you take my recommendation then VPN is one of the best ways to access Discord’s unblocked website version. If you have a PC or laptop at home then better go with Chrome remote desktop trick.

You can also check 2 more steps below that are specially explained for the School Chromebook.

However, when it’s all about unblocking discord at school then you can try all the options shared above in this article.

I also recommended that you should better focus on your studies during school time and that you have all other time to access discord once at home.

How to Access Discord on School Chromebook – 2 Tricks

Most schools have Chromebook for students with almost all social apps and websites blocked.

Though the above method works on School computers as well, I just shortlisted the best 2 tricks to unblock discord on School Chromebook.

Try the below 2 tricks and let me know which worked best for you.


Method 1 – Use Archive.org Discord Unblocked Website

Archive.org is a Wayback machine website that captures every website on the Internet. I have personally tested this method and it worked.

This method is tested and works, the only drawback is that the site will be a little slow.

  • Open the archive.org website, enter.discord.com in the URL box, and hit Enter.

    How to Access Discord on School Chromebook
    How to Access Discord on School Chromebook


  • You will be displayed with several dates, choose the latest one and click on the date to open the discord website.


  • The discord website will now load, click on the Login button at the right-hand top and enter your details.

Once logged in you would be able to enjoy discord. You can also try the second method as well.


Method 2 – Unblock Discord with GoGuardian

In this method, we will use Javascript code to bookmark Discord on the Chrome browser. Follow the below simple steps.

  • Open Chrome browser and then open a new tab.


  • Right-click on the bookmark bar and choose Add page.


  • In the name section type Discord and in the URL box type the below script and then click on Save.

    Unblock Discord on School Chromebook
    Unblock Discord on School Chromebook



  • Again right-click on the bookmark bar and choose Add page. Name this as Discord Unblocked Website, in the URL box type the below script and then click on Save.




  • Now you will have 2 new bookmarks by the name Discord and Discord Unblocked website.


  • Open a new tab and then click on the Discord bookmark once it opens, immediately click on another bookmark of the Discord unblocked website.

If you fail on the first attempt, then keep trying as this will work and open discord. Once you successfully open it you won’t have a problem using this the next time.|


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Use Discord Server Preview with Cloudflare.

As we are talking about discord unblocked websites, Cloudflare has a feature where you can preview your discord server.

With this trick, you can at least know who is online on your server.

You just need your discord server widget to apply this method. Follow the below simple steps when you are at home or have access to discord.

  • Open your discord, right-click on the discord server and choose Server settings.


  • From the left-hand menu choose Widget and copy the Server ID from the right-hand side.


  • Now come to the Cloudflare Discord preview page and paste the code into the left Widget box.

As soon as you paste this into the widget box, you will see all the members online on the right-hand side.

Unfortunately with this trick, you can only see the online members and nothing else you can do.


FAQs on Discord Unblocked Website

Discord unblocked websites for school Chromebook?

The best Discord unblocked website for School Chromebook is the Archive.org trick. However, you can also use other options like VPN, Google translates, and GoGuardian.

All the tricks and methods are safe to use and tested on both Windows and Chromebook.

How to unblock discord on School Macbook?

VPN Chrome extension works on School Macbook as well.

So either you can use any VPN through the chrome browser installed on Mac or use archive.org to unblock discord on Schol Macbook.

Is there an unblocked version of Discord?

There is no official discord unblocked version from discord.
So you need to use third-party discord unblocked websites or extensions to access discord.


Hopefully, the 7 best Discord unblocked websites will help you to access discord on your School Chromebook, Windows, or Mac computer.

While applying these tricks have some patience and be careful with the steps explained.

Please let us know which method worked for you best as this help other readers who want to unblock discord.

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