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Just like Online stores, there are tons of Discord servers, so how people will find your server? Just like ranking an online store on Google, you need to rank your discord server by using the Disboard bump bot discord.

I rank websites on Google and also discord servers, so here I will share all my tips and the best way to use bump bot in discord.

But I guess you should know more about discord bumping and the Disboard bump bot.


What is Disboard Bump Bot in Discord?

Disboard bump is a feature of through which you can rank your discord server on the top discord server bumped recently section temporarily.

Disboard has approx 5 Million users on its website every month.

So what does bumping a Discord server do?

When you add the Disboard bump bot to your discord server and bump the server using the command, your server shows in the top section of Disboard.

This brings more users’ attention to your server and helps to grow your discord server quickly.

As the bump is temporary so you might have questions that how often you need to bump your discord server.

You will get answers and solutions to all your queries, so keep reading the article.


How to Setup Disboard Bump Bot?

Disboard bump bot can be easily added to any Discord server within a minute. 

So before starting with the setup. Choose a discord server where you want to add this bump bot to grow server.

This need to be done in the 4 easy steps

Step 1 – Add Disboard Bump Bot

  • Navigate to the website and click on the Login button with the discord icon at the right-hand top.


    add Disboard bot to discord
    add Disboard bot to discord


  • It might ask you to log in with your discord account or give you the Authorize page if you are already logged in. 
  • Click on Authorize and you will be in the Disboard dashboard now. 
  • Here click on Add New Server and from the drop-down choose the server where you want to add this bump bot.


    Add server to Disboard
    Add server to Disboard

Now you will be in the configuration box where you need to configure details like language, tags, and description to get the best results.


Step 2 – Configure Disboard Bump Bot

  • Language – Choose a language according to your server and location. 
  • Category – If you have a gaming server, then you choose the game category from the drop-down, or for any type of community, go with the community category. 
  • Tags – here you need to enter the keywords or tags related to your discord server. For example, if you have a giveaway server then you can type keywords like giveaways, free giveaway, free nitro, and free UC.


    Configure  Disboard bump bot
    Configure Disboard bump bot

This will help Disboard to share your server with the right people.

  • Description – Describe enough about your server so that people can know what value they would get by joining your server.

Once done click on the Save button and then follow the next step.


Step 3 – Invite Bump Bot to Discord Server

Here you will see the invite box, choose the right server, click on Continue and then click on Authorize.

Verify the captcha verification if prompted and now open your discord server.

Step 4 – Run Disboard Bump Bot Commands  

In your discord server, you will find that Disboard is now been added. So now you need to run Disboard bump bot command to finalize everything and bump your server.

First, you need to add a welcome channel for the new members. Open the text channel and type the command  /invite [#channel name] and then hit the enter key.

Disboard command to welcome users
Disboard command to welcome users

In the channel name, you need to type the channel where you want to welcome your new members. This can be your Welcome channel or Rules channel.

So, finally, you need to run the bump command. 

Type /bump in the chat and hit Enter. Your server will now be bumped.

Disboard bump bot command
Disboard bump bot command

Once the command run successfully you will also see a countdown that when next you can use this command.

Disboard bump bot for discord
Disboard bump bot for discord


How often can you Bump a Discord Server on Disboard?

You can bump a Discord server on Disboard every two hours.

If you try before 2 hours you will get an error message saying “please wait for another remaining time to bump again for this server”.

This is just to avoid spamming and also to keep the server in the top suggestions for some time. If they do not set this time limit then people will set a bot for this which will keep the discord server bumping.

So either you can wait for some 2 hours and come back again to bump or use auto bump to bump the server automatically every 2 hours.

If you wish to know about auto bumping then keep reading the article.


How do I auto bump my Discord server?

Auto bump is like icing on the cake where you just add the Disboard bump bot to your discord server and it automatically gets bumped every 2 hours to grow your server.

There are a few scripts that can be used for this but I won’t recommend that, so it’s better and safe to use a bot.

Here we will use the Carl bot that will auto bump in the server every 2 hours.

Note – Auto bumping is not recommended and is against Disboard policies

Follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to website and log in with your discord account. 

  • Once you come to the dashboard, click on manage and choose the server where you want to use an auto bump. 

  • Now from the left-hand menus, scroll down and click on Autofeeds. 

  • Click on the green button of Create new Autofeed. 

  • Fill in all the information like channel name, and command and you are all set.

Make sure you see the auto bump time for at least 2 hours or it may get banned by Disboard for bumping too fast.

If this doesn’t work for you then you can go with a bump buddy bot that reminds you every 2 hours to bump your server.

Disboard Bump not Working

So, far you learned how to set up a Disboard bump bot on discord and how to use auto bump to grow your discord server.

But many users have reported that either the Disboard bump or bump command not working for them.

However, the process is simple but still, if you have issues, keep the following points in your mind.

  • Remove Carl bot from your discord server and then add again by following the above steps carefully. 

  • Run the command properly and make sure you are using the right prefix command on / forward slash. 

  • Restart discord and try again.

If still it doesn’t work then leave for a few hours and then try again as sometimes the bot services are down.


5 Tips to Grow your Discord Server?

I understand you are here to grow your discord server and so you must also read these 5 best tips to grow your server which are based on my experience.

  • Create an attractive server with proper channels, categories, roles, and other useful bots. 

  • Try to stay active on your server until you have any mods. Members don’t like servers where they don’t get any responses. 

  • If you have a gaming server, then try creating videos and sharing that on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Link your discord with twitch if you stream on Twitch. 
  • Plan some giveaways like free Nitro, gifts, or additional tips. 

  • Give value to the people they are looking for and so they will automatically come to your server.

Keep in mind people only join, subscribe or follow when they get something from you. This can be some useful information, a chance of winning something or getting something for free.



FAQs on Disboard Bump Bot Discord

What does bumping a discord server do?

Whenever you bump your server with the Disboard bump bot, your server bumps to the top position of Disboard server suggestions and even on the search results.

So after bumping your server, chances are that people coming to Disboard at that period of time view your discord server and join it.

Bumping is temporary and you must bump your server at least 3 times a day for continuous 30 days to see the result.

Disboard bump bot commands 2022?

The recent Disboard bump commands that work on the discord server are.

/help: This!
/bump: Bump this server.
/page: Get a link to the server’s DISBOARD page.
/invite [channel]: Set an invite to this channel.

What is a bump buddy bot?

The bump buddy bot is another useful bot that helps you to create a reminder to bump your discord server.

So once you are done with the Disboard bump bot, you should also set up a bump buddy bot that will help you to remind every 2 hours to bump the server.

This way you will bump your server more and more to grow a discord server.



Hopefully, this article helped you to know how to add and use Disboard bump bot discord.

The process is simple and once done with the setup you just need to run a simple command.

Try avoiding some extra tricks like creating multiple servers for bumping and then diverting those members to any specific server.

If you use some legit ways to move members from one server to another then it’s acceptable.

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