Twitch Clint Stevens Net Worth 2022, Age, Real Name & Height

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Before talking about Clint Stevens net worth and his personal information let’s know a little that who is Clint Stevens?

Clint Stevens is a famous American Twitch Streamer who mostly streams games like Mario, the legend of Zelda, and Vampire survivors.

Clint is also a popular YouTuber who regularly uploads videos. He started his career both on twitch and Youtube in 2016.



Clint Stevens Net Worth 2022

Clint Stevens estimated net worth is calculated around $1,200,000. This net worth is estimated from his income from YouTube & Twitch and after deducting all the liabilities.

However, this net worth is an estimated amount and there is no actual data on Clint Stevens’s net worth.

But you might have a question in your mind how much money does Clint Stevens have? Or how much money does Clint stevens make every month or year?


How Much Money does Clint Stevens Make per Month?

Clint makes money both from Twitch and YouTube. If I calculate his earnings as of March 2022, from both the platforms then it can be estimated at around $15,000 every month.

This includes all sources of income like subs, ads, and donations.

No doubt, this earning has been decreased because earlier like in 2021 he used to make around $30,000 every month.

His Twitch subs just fell to 1000 from 6000 and the same with the views as well. This is because of his health if you check his Twitch channel he streamed about a month ago.


Clint Stevens Earning from Twitch

Clint started streaming on Twitch in 2016 and got much popularity. There are 3 major sources of earnings from Twitch which is Subs, Ads, and Donations.


As of March 2022 according to the Twitch tracker, Clint has 1050 subscribers. Most of the subscribers have tier 1 subscriptions that cost $4.99 on which twitch takes its commission as well.

If on average I take $3 for every sub and multiply with 1050 subs then currently Clint is making $3150 every month from Twitch Subs.


Streamers make around $2 to $4 CPM which depends on the type of streamers and their contracts.

In simple words, Twitch pays around $3.5 for every 1000 views.

In the month of March 2022, Clint’s total views on his twitch stream videos were 90k. So now If I multiply $3.5 by 90 it makes $315.

So Clint makes somewhere $315 every month from twitch ads.


There is no such data of donations and bits for Clint and neither did he ever disclose his top donators.

He has a donation link in the about section of his twitch profile.

But according to his popularity, he must be getting at least $1000 of donations every month.


Clint Stevens Earning from Youtube

Clint Stevens is also uploading regular videos and clips on YouTube. Google AdSense pays $3 to $5 for every 1000 views on YouTube videos.

In March 2022 Clint Stevens’s YouTube channel had around 1.074 Million views.

So 1000 views = $4

1074000/1000 = 1074

1075 x $4          = $4300

So Clint Steven’s recent YouTube Earning per month is somewhere around $4300.        


Clint Stevens Other Income

The other sources of Income mean like through Merch, Sponsors, and a few other ways. I did not find any merch from Clint either on YouTube or Twitch.

But he might have a few sponsors which is not publicly disclosed but yes he might be making at least $1000 to $2000 per month from sponsors.

Finally, I would assume that his other monthly income would be around $5000 and his overall monthly income would be somewhere $15,000.


Clint Stevens’s Real Name and Age 

 This is another common question that people ask what is Clint Steven’s real name and how old is Clint Stevens?

Clint Stevens’s real name is Clint Stevens only and he was born on January 19, 1994. So as of today, April 2022 clint steven is 28 years and 2 months old.

Recently in his YouTube video, he appreciated his father and a famous twitch streamer Ludwig for the birthday gift.


Clint Stevens Height and Weight

How tall is Clint Stevens? From his stream and videos, he looks like a short guy and this is why people have these questions about the streamer’s height.

Clint Stevens’s height is 5 feet and 6 inches or 1.67 meters. Before doing proper research my guess was almost the same. Let me know what was your guess about him before knowing this.

His current weight is around 60 kg or 132 lbs which is good according to his height.

If I talk about his eyes and hair then Clint Stevens’s hair and eyes color are brown.  


Clint Stevens Family and Girlfriend

Clint had not disclosed or posted anything about his family except his sister who occasionally comes to his stream.

His sister’s name is Katie and she sometimes takes over Clint’s streams reading chats and even playing games.

Apart from her sister, there is no more brief information about his family.

Now there has been a lot of gossips where many female streamers talked about Clint and dating but there is no information that he has a girlfriend.


How Popular is Clint Stevens

Clint is of course popular in Streaming and on Social media. This is the reason why you are reading about him.

He is popular because he is actually entertaining streamers and speedrunners. His personality and gameplay both hold the viewer in the stream.

However, Clint is popular on Twitch with 531k followers, YouTube with 227k Subscribers, Twitter with 99k followers, and Instagram with 30.2k Followers. Clint started his carrier on YouTube by uploading speedrun videos which were loved by viewers and further he started streaming on Twitch in 2016.

Clint is not regular on his stream for which he also made a tweet in 2018.

Clint Stevens Tweet
Clint Stevens Tweet



How many viewers does Clint Stevens have

Clint Stevens has 4246 viewers on average. If I talk about every stream then Clint gets 18,443 views and 550 followers every stream.


Why does Clint Stevens barely Stream?

Yes, it’s been seen that Clint is not regular on Twitch stream for a long time. In Oct 2018 he also tweeted that he is not feeling like himself and have lots of anxiety.

He was regular for a few days but again as of March 12, 2022, his last stream was 25 days ago.
I guess he still has some personal issues and hopefully he will handle them.



Clint Steven is a young streamer and social media star who is loved by the viewers even though he barely streams now.

So now as you know Clint stevens net worth and the money he makes every month, do you have some other thoughts about him.

Please let everyone know why you like Clint Stevens in the comment box. Also, share your thoughts and other information related to this article.


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