CatJAM Twitch Emote Meaning, Origin – How to Get CatJAM

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Most of us are pet lovers and also love emotes when in the chat, in this guide we will talk about CatJAM Twitch emote which is very popular and trending.

I will brief on CatJAM twitch emote meaning, origin, and how to use it in Twitch.


What does CatJAM Twitch Emote Means?  

CatJAM is a BTTV emotes that is used by the viewers when they enjoy the music played by the streamer.

This cat is also known as Vibing cat that repeatedly bobs its head up and down.

Streamers get motivated when their chat is spammed by this CatJAM emote after playing good music randomly, occasionally, or after any incidence.

Know you must have a question that is CatJAM a real cat, if yes then where does this Cat come from.


CatJAM Origin

CatJAM twitch emote came from a viral video in TikTok where a cat bobbing its head matching the beats of music.

The video was uploaded on April 15, 2020, on Tiktok by user Micklagi.

The original video on Tiktok has got only 328K views so far as many people had difficulties finding the original video. 

Origin of CatJam is very similar to another slang on Twitch “Owa Owa” that came from a dog video uploaded on TikTok.

 Check the original video of CatJAM on TikTok from the link below.

Original Video of CatJAAM on TikTok

How to Get CatJAM Emote in Twitch?

As said above CatJAM is a better twitch tv emote and to use it you must have Twitch TV extensions installed on the browser.

If you still don’t have a BTTV extension then follow the below steps to quickly download and use all BTTV Emotes and also to enhance the twitch experience.

  • Open the Better TTV website and click on Download to Chrome. I am taking chrome but this extension is available for almost all browsers.

    Install BetterTTV on twitch
    Install BetterTTV on twitch


  • Click on Add to Chrome and then on Add to Extension.


  • Click on Upgrade Permission if prompted and then click on Allow. So now the BTTV extension has now been installed on your browser.


  • Now open twitch again or if already open then refresh the page. You will sou will see a new emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom.


  • Click on the emote icon and you will all BTTV emotes. If the streamer has not added CatJAM emote or not showing under BTTV twitch emote then better refresh the page a few more times and also suggest your streamer to add the emote.


How Streamer can Add CatJAM BTTV emote to their channel?

If you are a streamer and want to have CatJAM emote or any other BTTV emotes to your twitch channel, then follow the below easy steps.

  • Open betterttv website and click on the Emotes tab at the left-hand top.


  • In the search box type catJAM and hit the enter key. In the result, you will find many similar emotes, for the actual match look for catJAM by junebuglive and click on it.

    How to get catJAM twitch emote
    How to get catJAM twitch emote


  • Now click on Add to Channel and you are all done.

Refresh the twitch page to check if catZAM is added to your channel or not, if not then wait a couple of minutes as sometimes it may take some time to appear in the channel.


When to Use catJAM emotes in Twitch chat?

Hopefully, you know where to use the catJAM emote in Twitch but still, I would like to share some points where the emote is perfect to use.

Now after reading this, if you have some more ideas when exactly to use this emote then please let everyone know in the comment box.

  • You may send a catJAM emote in the chat when a streamer has played some melodious or good music.

  • Played music exactly matching the situation.

  • The streamer started singing himself.

  • You are on any artist stream who play a musical instrument or sing.

Now keep in mind that these emotes are not only for viewers’ fun but also to motivate streamers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Vibing Cat?

You might be thinking Mick Lagi, who posted the video would be the owner of the cat. But no, Mick lag’s friend owned this cat but he later gave it away because the owner’s son had some allergy to cats.

Is catJAM vibing cat male or female?

Mick Lagi also revealed that the cat is female and her name is Minette.

More variants of catJAM?

Many of you might have seen a few other emotes very similar to catJAM where either there is a rat instead of a cat or catJAM emote has been modified.

You can check all variants of catJAM at the BTTV website.



Emotes play an important role in the chatting part of any stream to express your feelings more clearly.

You will see different emotes getting trending and used on different occasions and times, but you must be aware of all emotes.

Like you knew today what is catJAM twitch emote is and when to use it, similarly, you must know about all other emotes that are mostly used in the chat.

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