How to Fix Twitch Notifications not working in 2021 (PC & Mobile)

Twitch Notifications not Working

Notifications play an important role in almost all apps like twitch but what if twitch notifications not working. If you are not getting twitch notifications you will miss your favorite streamer stream. As a streamer, you may notice a drop in your viewers while going live on Twitch. In this article, I got a solution … Read more

Words you can’t say on Twitch in 2021 (Twitch Banned Words)

Words you can’t say on Twitch in 2021

This might be frustrating but let me share the words you can’t say on Twitch in 2021. You must avoid these words as you may get banned and also because it keeps the community and streams safe. Now, this is important to know if you are an experienced or either a beginner streamer on Twitch. … Read more

How to Set Chat Rules on Twitch in 2021 – Chat Rules Template


Have you not set any chat rules so far, then you must know how to set chat rules on twitch and why to have chat rules? Chat is an important part of any stream that connects your viewers with you and the viewers get more attached to the stream because of this communication. But on … Read more

How to Make Someone an Editor on Twitch in 2021 (PC and Mobile)

How to make someone an editor on Twitch

Are you thinking of adding an editor on your twitch channel, I am sharing step-by-step instructions on how to make someone an editor on twitch. Once you grow on twitch will lots of followers it becomes quite tough to manage. Twitch provides you an option to add moderators, editors, and VIPs to your channel. Let … Read more

How to Change Stream Title on Twitch as Mod 2021 – 3 Methods

How to change stream title on twitch as mod

If you are wondering how to change stream title on Twitch as mod or by your own self, you are in the right place. I will be sharing that how you or your moderator can change the Stream or Game Title. Surely, I will brief for both on your PC and Mobile. I am sharing … Read more

What does o7 mean in twitch? Twitch Slang (How to use it)

What does o7 mean in twitch

If you are a regular viewer on Twitch you might have seen people using this o7 and you want to know that what does o7 mean in Twitch. O7 generally typed as o7 is a kind of expression or acronym to show respect. Here “o” indicates head and “7” as a salute. So it means … Read more

How to do a Test Stream on Twitch in 2021 (In just 3 Steps)

How to do a test stream on Twitch

Have you made your mind to stream on twitch? And want to learn how to do a test stream on Twitch. You made the right decision, even if you have started streaming but something is going wrong. Run a test stream first to assure your stream quality and audio is good and then go live. … Read more

How Much does Twitch take from Donations in 2021 – Must Read

How much does twitch take from donations

You might be here as a Twitch viewer or creator just to clarify that how much does twitch take from donations? Of course, before donating or accepting donations on twitch you must know that does twitch takes a cut of donations. Let me quickly explain to clear all your doubts.   How much does Twitch … Read more

How to See who is Following you on Twitch in 2021 (PC & Phone)

How to see who is following you on twitch

The majority of popular streamers are already using Twitch, so it’s not surprising that how to see who is following you on Twitch. It’s not so much a secret anymore.       If you’re looking for a way to grow your Twitch following and earn money off those followers, then you may be thinking about exploring more … Read more