SADGE Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – Get on PC & Mobile

Sadge Twitch Emote Meaning

Different emotes on Twitch have different purposes to enhance your chat experience and Sadge is considered one of the best Emote to express sadness on any Twitch chat. In this guide, I will take you through SADGE Twitch emote meaning, Origin, and how you can use it both on PC and Mobile. Sadge is a … Read more

What does Booba Twitch Emote Mean? – How & When to Use?

What does Booba Twitch Emote Mean

You might be excited to know more about Booba Twitch emote or you may have seen people spamming with this emote or meme when something exciting or sexy appeared on the stream. Do you like Booba a meme so simple, people probably don’t think it matters but they should? Because it’s not just a meme … Read more

PauseChamp Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – Emote Explained

PauseChamp Twitch Emote

Emote plays an important role in chat and especially when you have to quickly express your feelings. Pausechamp twitch emote is one of them and here I will brief everything about this emote. Pausechamp Twitch Emote Meaning Pausechamp is another popular Better Twitch TV emote and a variant of Pogchamp emote. If you are aware … Read more

NaM Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – (How to Use it with BTTV)

NaM Twitch Emote

NaM Twitch emote is a popular Better Twitch TV emote which has been used around 1.9 billion times.Now most of us wish to know the story behind these NaM twitch emotes. In this guide, you will know the meaning, origin, and how you can use this emote with Better twitch tv extension.   NaM Twitch … Read more

4Head Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – Briefly Explained

4Head Twitch Emote

4head twitch emote is just used as a reaction to a joke which to some extent is true but I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen the emote as a replacement to lul or any other laughing people. In this guide I will take you through that what does 4head twitch emote means, its origin, … Read more

CatJAM Twitch Emote Meaning, Origin – How to Get CatJAM

catJAM Twitch Emote

Most of us are pet lovers and also love emotes when in the chat, in this guide we will talk about CatJAM Twitch emote which is very popular and trending. I will brief on CatJAM twitch emote meaning, origin, and how to use it in Twitch. What does CatJAM Twitch Emote Means?   CatJAM is a … Read more

KKONA Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – How to Use in Twitch

Kkona Twitch Emote

There are different emotes on Twitch that is trending and you may have seen people using or spamming with Kkona Twitch Emote on chat. So what exactly does the Kkona Twitch emote mean, how this emote originated and why is it called Kkona, or when to use it. You may have tons of questions related … Read more

WidePeepoHappy Twitch Emote Meaning and Origin – Full Guide

WidePepoHappy Twitch Meaning

Do you still wonder what exactly WidePeepoHappy emote in twitch means or about its origin? It’s not only you, thousands of people are still searching about this emote. Wide Peepo Happy is another variant of the popular emotes PeepoHappy that was a Pepe Frog emote. Let me explain everything about this emote and keep reading … Read more

What does POG mean on Twitch – (How to Use PogChamp Emote)

Twitch tweet removing Pog emote

I have seen most of the people have 2 questions in their minds what does POG mean on twitch and how to use Pogchamp emote. Pogchamp emote, you’ve probably seen this dude’s face when something hyper surprising happens on stream but who the hell is this guy and where did he come from Keep reading … Read more

What does o7 Mean in Twitch? (When & How to Use)

What does o7 mean in twitch

If you are a regular viewer on Twitch you might have seen people using this o7 and you want to know what does o7 mean in Twitch. O7 generally typed as o7 is a kind of expression or acronym to show respect. Here “o” indicates head and “7” as a salute. So it means “I … Read more