Does Steam Deck Download in Sleep mode – (Authentic Answer)

Does steam deck download in sleep mode

The steam deck was recently launched in Feb 2022 and most of the users have questions does Steam deck download in sleep mode like Nintendo and Xbox? No, Steam Deck does not download in the sleep mode and it should be awake to continue game downloading. My younger brother purchased a Steam deck last week … Read more

How to Get Google Snake Dark Mode – (Sep, 2022 Updated)

Google Snake Dark mode

Tons of people play the Google Snake game every day but everyone wishes to see something new in this game like Google Snake Dark mode. The dark mode is used in many apps, websites, and browsers as this reduce the light. Let me tell you I personally play Google Snake for at least 15 minutes … Read more

Why Twitch Can Be a Good Platform for Promoting Online Casinos

Twitch for promoting online casinos

Twitch is one of the biggest platforms with millions of viewers and Twitch can be a good platform for promoting online casinos. Online gambling is no longer confined to the casino. Nowadays, you can gamble on your phone, laptop, or even on Twitch. As an online casino owner, you want your online casino to be … Read more

How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League – (5 Pro Tips)

How to Grab in Knockout Rocket League

A new game mode was recently released in rocket league called knockout bash. This is probably the best update we’ve ever had so if you haven’t played the new mode yet you definitely need to check it out. If you have and you’re confused about how to grab in Knockout Rocket league then this article … Read more

Get Google Snake Game Mod Menu FREE (Sep 2022) – Full Guide

Google Snake Game Mod Menu

Will you believe that there are millions of people from the United States who come on Google to play the Google Snake game and everyone like you want to get the Google Snake Game mod menu hacks to have more fun? There are many ways to get this Google snake menu mod, you can search … Read more

Logitech Mouse Keeps Double-Clicking on Windows – (2022 FIX)

Logitech mouse keeps double clicking

Logitech is a well-known company that manufactures computer peripherals. But if I talk about the Logitech mouse,  like G102, G502, or G702, many users have reported that their Logitech mouse keeps double-clicking on Windows 10 & 11 PC. A Logitech mouse double-click issue on Windows can be frustrating. It is also possible that your mouse … Read more

How to Fix “ A JNI error has occurred” Minecraft in 2022

A JNI error has occurred Minecraft

This is another common problem where Minecraft users are getting an error message of a JNI error has occurred Minecraft while starting the game (client) or server (.jar). The problem is mostly coming with the Minecraft versions 1.17 and 1.18 or with the higher versions. So as soon as you click on the game to … Read more

How to Fix Diablo Public Game Lag in 2022 – 8 Quick Solutions

Diablo Public Game Lag

Enjoying a game without any lag gives you an ultimate experience but recently many users reported lag in Diablo 2 and 3. So, how to fix diablo public game lag, server and mouse lag. Don’t worry its not only you as many Diablo users have lagging issues and many have more severe issues like crashing … Read more

Best Rocket League Settings (2022) Camera, Controller & More

Best Rocket League Settings 2022

While watching streams and speaking to the rocket league players I have seen most of the people ask streamers about their best rocket league settings. Rocket league’s perfect controller, camera, and sensitivity can surely improve your gameplay. In this guide, I am sharing the best settings for rocket league in 2022 which is almost used … Read more