How to Fix Discord “Well this is Awkward” Crash in 2022

How to Fix Discord Well this is Awkward

Discord is an amazing and very useful platform now not only for gamers but for many other communities. But recently many users have had issues with Discord “Well this is Awkward” crashes mostly on PC and laptops. This is really annoying when you are in the middle of something or want to do something important … Read more

How to Stop Discord from Lowering App Volume – (PC & Mobile)

How to stop discord from lowering app volume

If Discord lowers the volume of your, app or game then you came to the right place. Here I have listed the best solution how to stop discord from lowering app volume. The solutions are for PC, Android, and iPhone users. I personally spend around 4 to 5 hours every day on Discord and keep … Read more

How to Stop Discord Showing what Game you are Playing (Oct, 2022)

How to stop discord showing what game you are playing

Discord gives you an amazing feature where members can see what game you are playing. But in this guide, I will brief how to stop discord showing what game you are playing. This is called Discord game activity which is used by most people but many want to hide this feature probably because of privacy. … Read more

How to Hear VALORANT Comms on Discord Stream – (FIXED)

How to hear valorant comms on discord steam

Discord was initially made for gamers to enjoy comms-in-game. Recently while streaming games like Valorant on Discord players are having trouble where viewers cannot hear the comms in-game but can hear the game audio. In this guide, I will brief step on step how to hear Valorant comms on the Discord stream. If you are … Read more

7 Best Discord Unblocked Websites (2022 Tricks) for School

Discord unblocked website for school

If you are not aware, Discord has over 300 Million+ users and the majority of them are students who want to know about discord unblocked websites so that they can access discord from their school. Discord is mostly used for gaming and there are rarely a few students who don’t like gaming and so everyone … Read more

Setup Disboard Bump Bot Discord (2022) | Grow Discord Server

Disboard bump bot discord

Just like Online stores, there are tons of Discord servers, so how people will find your server? Just like ranking an online store on Google, you need to rank your discord server by using the Disboard bump bot discord. I rank websites on Google and also discord servers, so here I will share all my … Read more