Can you Smoke Weed on Twitch? If Yes then how (Twitch Tos)

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When it comes to streaming on twitch you want to make sure you follow all the terms of service. You might also want to light up that “can you smoke weed on twitch” and that is what we will discuss in this article.

Probably you have recently got your twitch affiliate or program and it would be very important to understand Twitch ToS on smoking while streaming.

What Twitch ToS says on smoking, vaping, and smoking weed. Let’s see one by one.



Can you Smoke Weed on Twitch?

Smoking weed during a twitch stream is allowed if you live in a country or a region where marijuana is legal.

In fact, Snoop Dogg a famous American rapper and popular twitch streamer smoked a blunt in 2018 on stream just a few months after it was legalized in the state of California.

Snoop Dogg smoking weed on Twitch
Snoop Dogg is smoking weed on Twitch

But if you are located in someplace where smoking weed is illegal then you are not only in the red line of Twitch TOS but you may also have trouble with criminal acts from your country’s law if reported.

However, smoking weed is still not considered when you are streaming on any platform even if you are in a country where smoking weed is legal.


Experts Recommendation for Streamers on Smoking Weed during Stream

Now you might be thinking smoking weed on twitch in a country where it’s legal won’t be a problem for you now, but still, many experts won’t recommend this. 

According to Twitch TOS, it’s clearly mentioned that you must respect all local and international laws while using twitch services.

If you read Twitch community guidelines (Breaking law)

Breaking the Law

You must respect all applicable local, national, and international laws while using our services. Any content or activity featuring, encouraging, offering, or soliciting illegal activity is prohibited.

This includes committing or aiding in the malicious destruction, defacement, or theft of public or another person’s private property without permission on stream.

So, it’s better to avoid smoking or smoking weed during the stream as this may create trouble in the future.


Can you Smoke Cigarettes on Twitch Stream?

Smoking cigarettes is almost legal in every country which means you can purchase them legally and so you can smoke on stream as well.

There is no Twitch ToS that says smoking is prohibited on streams but twitch also advises avoiding this on streams.

It’s better if you use a BRB (Be right back) on stream while smoking just like an offline banner.

There are multiple reasons that I would share below why smoking is not recommended in the stream.


Can you Vape on Twitch Stream?

Vaping has become so common that you may have seen multiple streamers vaping on stream not only on Twitch but other platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Vaping on Twitch again is not against twitch guidelines but even it’s not recommended to vape while streaming.

As vaping is more convenient for the streamers and while getting distracting from the game they can enjoy it. But as I said above its not recommended and still there is a chance of getting banned if you don’t keep the following points in your mind,


Why Avoid Smoking on Twitch

Now hopefully after reading the above information, can you smoke weed on twitch or not you must be aware of the basic concept and twitch ToS.

But there are many experts and streamers who recommend avoiding smoking during the stream.

Here are a few reasons shared by them.

The first reason is twitch guidelines itself where it says you must respect all local and international laws. So if your viewers are from different countries where weed is illegal, they may take action by making a complaint against you.

According to Twitch community guidelines under self-destructive behavior, Any activity that may endanger your life or lead to self-harm is prohibited. So if you smoke weed too much during the stream or promote smoking weed, this could be a problem for you.

If your viewers are mostly kids or a mixed audience then this can be a problem as well. This indicates that you are influencing kids to smoke, vape, or weed.


Few Tips for Smoking on Twitch to Reduce Risk

Still, if you want to smoke on Twitch stream then kindly follow the below tips that will reduce the risk factor.

I am sharing these tips because there will be few people who will still continue to smoke and it’s better if they at least keep following points in their mind.

💡TIP 1 – Use BRB (Be Right Back) Screen

If you are a regular consumer of weed or a smoker then probably you would feel like smoking.

So if smoking is just your habit and you need it after regular hours then better use the twitch BRB screen and let your viewers know you will be right back in a few minutes or seconds.

You can visit website for BRB templates or you can also create your own on Canva.

This is a better solution as you can smoke without showing anyone.


💡TIP 2 – Enable Mature Content 

Twitch gives you an option to mark your content as mature content which means you are telling twitch and viewers that your content is for viewers above 18.

However, there is no surety that after enabling this minor won’t slip in your stream but at least you are keeping yourself clean.

There would be no chance that you are influencing minors to smoke as you have already enabled mature content.


💡TIP 3 – Don’t Promote Smoking 

Sooner or later streamers are more identified and loved because of their qualities and positive nature.

Never focus much on smoking, vaping, or weeds, and make yourself versatile by showing your other talents and positive thoughts.

Your words should have some motivation as tons of people watch and follow you.

So engage viewers’ attention towards any other topic or subject while you are smoking.



Twitch Streamers who Smoke Cigarettes

There are many streamers who smoke or vape and even many on streams where marijuana is legal.
Snoop Dog is one of those who smoke weed during twitch streams.

Did any streamer smoke for 24 hours?

A twitch streamer, Cewpins smokes weed for 26 hours and even his content is almost based on such a subject.

He does many similar experiments and challenges and he also shares the video on Youtube.


Bottom Line

Hopefully, you are aware of can you smoke weed on twitch or not and even much other related information.

I guess you know that “Smoking is Injurious to health” so better be away from smoking, vaping, or weed. Keep in mind when you grow and gain lots of followers, most of the followers even try to follow your lifestyle.

So if you are a streamer then try to give a good message to your viewers. I guess this article helped you to get all information related to smoking on twitch but still if you have any doubts let me know in the comment box.

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