Call Of Duty: Warzone Tips To Win More Warzone Victory!

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Call of Duty Warzone is one of those games that can give you the highest of the highs and the next second the lowest of the lows as well. You can’t even imagine what you are going to get from the game and this ultimately makes it more fun. Here I am sharing 5 Call of Duty Warzon tips that you must read.

After all, who likes to enjoy games where everything is pre-decided; you certainly would get bored of it after some time.

And this is precisely what makes Call of Duty Warzone such a popular offering in the online gaming community.

However, just because the game can be unpredictable, should one throw caution to the win and not care about the results? Of course not.


5 Call of Duty Warzone Tips

If you are concerned about the outcomes, then read this 4 call of duty warzone tips carefully. 

That’s why you are here to read this blog and even use the best warzone cheats for your gameplay. But you still might be missing something that can easily bring you closer to success. And that is precisely where the below-listed tips will help you out.

1. Check the map before the drop.

Now it is possible that you might have a preferred location on the map where you like to make your drop.

And you have done that since your very first victory. Now, no need to feel guilty about it as it is something everyone does, and there is nothing wrong with it.

After all, landing in a known location allows one to survive the first couple of hectic minutes, and also, they would be in a known terrain to handle any attack.

But it would also be wiser if you looked at the map before your drop.

You will immediately spot the location where the center circle will appear, info that would prove to be pretty helpful later. It is essential that you make adjustments to your drop location based on the center circle spot.

2. Take your enemies out while still being in the air.

Naturally, you would like to thin the herd of your competitors as quickly as possible, hopefully before the start of the match.

Now, how will you react if we let you know that it is something that is actually possible in Call of Duty Warzone? Yes, that’s right, you can easily cut the chute of your enemy players while they are still in their drop motion and eliminate them from the round.

Is it a bit underhanded? Yes. But to win in Call of Duty Warzone, you need to be ruthless.

However, the possibility is there that you will experience the same results. So, it is advisable to be extra careful during your drop.

3. No point in hoarding cash (Call Of Duty Warzone Tips)

Call of Duty Warzone is a challenging game where everyone gets knocked out at least once in the gameplay.

It would not be surprising to find someone that has experienced this multiple times in one day.

Naturally, this means that there is simply no point in hoarding in-game cash, only for it to be looted by enemy players.

No, it is far better if one spends them on making the character stronger and well-equipped to handle any challenge it might face in the game. One can easily buy store streaks, UAVs, and so much more from the buy station, so what is the point of hoarding all the cash?

4. Make getting your loadout the number one priority.

It goes without saying that you would love nothing more than to get your hands on your prefeed gear and equipment to combat against enemy players.

It is pretty understandable as not only would you have the experience to handle the weapon, but it would also be at a higher level than any other gear one might find in the game.

This only showcases the importance of getting that crucial loadout from Buy Station.

So, what you need to do is gather the required amount as soon as possible. You can do that by looting other players, doing daily quests, and, best of all, by completing contracts.

5. Tweak your settings

In case you have a recent bad experience with Call of Duty: Warzone, it is possible due to the outdated settings of your gameplay.

Default settings are designed to make it easier for beginners to adjust to the game settings. But to be able to get the best of your character, you might need to make some changes to the settings.

Now, use these call of duty warzone tips and win more Warzone Victory like a pro. 

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