Better Twitch TV emotes not showing (2022) – Show all Emotes

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Is Better Twitch TV emotes not showing on your Twitch?

Here is the solution on how to show all the BTTV emotes on Twitch and OBS.

Keep reading to find all the information related to Better TTV not working or not loading.

Let me give an overview that what I will cover in this article

  • BetterTTV emotes not working
  • BTTV emotes not showing
  • How do I get all the BetterTTV emotes?
  • How to show Better TTV emotes on OBS?



How to Fix Better Twitch TV Emotes not showing?

Keep in mind that to enjoy Better twitch TV emotes you first need to install a BTTV extension and connect to your Twitch account.

So, if you have still not downloaded and don’t know how to install then follow the below instructions.

How to Install Better TTV Extensions?

  1. Navigate to the BetterTTV website and click on “Download for Chrome” or whatever browser you are using.
  2. You will be now redirected to the Chrome web store, click on “Add to Chrome“, and then on “Add to Extensions“.

Once Installed, you need to Enable BTTV emotes. Hopefully, you will now see the extensions.

If yes, but can’t see all the emotes like Monkaw and KEKW, then follow the below steps

You might have a question now that what is this KEKW?

KEKW is a funny Spanish guy laughing emotes from betterTTV.

You may have seen people spamming KEKE on Twitch chat after some funny activity on Stream.


How do I get all BetterTTV emotes?

There are many emotes likes MEKW and MonkaS that you won’t find under BTTV emote list.

You need to manually add them, see the instructions below.

  1. Open the BetterTTV website and the click on Emotes tab which is on the left-hand top.
  2. This will now show you the list of Top BTTV Emotes and GIFs.
  3. Choose the one that you want to add and click on it.
    How do I get all the BTTV Emotes?
    How do I get all the BTTV Emotes?
  4. Now click on “Add to Channel” and in case you do not see this option, make sure you are logged in to BTTV with your Twitch account.

Follow the same steps for the all emotes you want to add.


How Fix Better Twitch TV Emotes not working?

Make sure you have installed and enabled the BTTV extension and if you have already done, let’s see how to fix betterTTV emotes not working in 2021.

Solution 1:- Re-enable BTTV Emotes

Here we need to disable BTTV emotes and then enable it back again. Follow below steps

  • Open Your Twitch account and then open any of your favorite channels.
  • Now click on the settings gear icon located beside the chat button.
  • Under BTTV settings, scroll down and click BetterTTV settings.
  • Now in the settings, scroll down until you find “Emote Menu” and “Emotes”.
    How to Enable BetterTTV Emotes on twitch
    How to Enable BetterTTV Emotes on twitch
  • If emote menu toggles and all three options of emote are enabled, then disable all of them and restart your browser.
  • Open the Twitch website again and enable emotes again.


Method 2 – Emote only Chat

If any streamer has enabled the emote-only chat option, you won’t be able to use some or all BTTV emotes.

So just try sending these emotes on some other channel and see if this works fine over there,

If this is not the issue then proceed with more fixes below.

Method 3:- Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

Probably some browser caches or cookies are stopping to BTTV to load, so let’s clear these caches and then try again.

Google Chrome     

  1. Open Chrome browser and click on 3 dots at the very right-hand top.
  2. From the suggestions choose settings.
  3. In the settings windows, click on Safety Check which is on the left-hand menu section.
  4. Scroll down a bit to Privacy and security and then click on Clear browsing data.
  5. Choose a time range to “All time” and then click on “Clear browsing data“.


Microsoft Edge

  1. Open Microsoft Edge browser, click on the 3 dots at the very right-hand top, and choose Settings from the suggestions.
  2. From the left-hand menu, click on Privacy, search, and services.
  3. Scroll down a bit and from under the Clear browsing data section click on choose what to clear.
  4. Select the time range to “All time” and then click on “Clear data“.

Once done restart your browser and open your twitch website again. Hopefully, this will fix Better twitch TV emotes not showing problems.


Method 4:- Reinstall BetterTTV Extension

In some cases, if the above 2 methods don’t work, then you need to reinstall BTTV EXTENSIONS?

This is simple and can be done with a few easy steps

  1. Open the BetterTTV website and then click on betterTTV emotes, which will take you to the chrome web store.
  2. Now here you will see the “Remove from Chrome” option in front of BetterTTV.
    Betterttv emotes not working
    Betterttv emotes not working
  3. Click on Remove from Chrome and then again on Remove.

Once removed, repeat the same step to install again and go back to better twitch settings from the twitch channel to assure all emotes are enabled.


How to Show BetterTTV Emotes on OBS?

To enable and get betterTTV emotes on Streamlab OBS, follow the below steps

  1. Open your OBS studio and click on Settings located at the very right-hand bottom.
  2. Now in the settings box, click on Stream from the left-hand menu.
  3. Under Service, drop-down make sure it’s selected to twitch and also connected to OBS.
  4. Now click on Twitch Chat Ads-on and from the drop-down choose “BetterTTV and Frankerfacez
    How do I enable BTTV Emotes on OBS
    How do I enable BTTV Emotes on OBS
  5. Once selected, click on Apply and then on OK.



Hopefully, you can now fix all BTTV issues like Better Twitch TV emotes not showing or working.

I have shared everything that will surely help you, but still, if you have any issues let us know in the comment box.

I would be glad if you leave your comment if the problem is fixed and also comment on your favorite emote on Twitch.

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