Safe & Best Twitch View Bots in 2022 – Paid & FREE

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Before I share the best Twitch view bots, I would like to share a disclaimer that view bots are illegal and against twitch’s terms and conditions.

As a result, your Twitch account will be at risk and you may lose it anytime.

Viewbotting on Twitch seems an easy path to gain quick viewers but keep in mind it’s fake and real viewers are now smarter and can easily identify these view bots.    

But, I understand you might be still interested and wish to know a few of the safest and best twitch view bots in 2022. 

Be aware and do not use any Viewbots available online as there are many scams going on and they may steal your personal and banking information.         



Best Twitch View Bots of 2022 [Paid]

I have also a few best and free twitch view bots that I will talk about after the paid ones.

There are multiple reasons that beginner streamers wish to use Viewbots at least during their initial time to grow quickly.

If you are looking to gain more followers on twitch then visit Streamulator where you get daily 10 free twitch followers.

How do Viewbots help in gaining more real viewers, I will explain this topic. First, let’s have a look at the 5 safest and most legal view bots that you can use. 

ViewBot #1 –

BoostHill is always the best place to buy Twitch services, especially when you have to buy Twitchviewers for your live stream. They are providing viewers along with chatters that actually chat in your stream even with your custom-crafted text

This thing makes BoostHill unique because no other service provider is even close to this feature. It makes the whole thing so real that no one can find out if viewers are real or not.

The majority of other service providers can only provide a few hundred views, but BoostHill is capable enough to provide thousands of stable views to many streamers at a time.

BoostHill never compromises on the quality of its services. This is the reason that they have maximum positive Trustpilot reviews.

To make you more confident, they have 24/7 live technical support and visual demonstration of buying their services on YouTube. BoostHill is providing a complete range of Twitch services, you can check them as well.

Key Features

Can provide maximum stable views.
Custom chatters feature.
Delivery Starts in 5 minutes.
Steady delivery.
Offers auto-connect packages
24/7 live support.

Buy Twitch viewers and chatters from BoostHill and take your flight toward success like the many other popular streamers have already taken it.

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ViewBot #2 – BuyTwitchViewers is a fully focused platform that delivers quality twitch services. Among all these services, buying twitch followers is solely concentrated as the name suggests itself.

You can get twitch viewers from them at the cheapest possible price. Even at that price, the quality of their service does not deteriorate. They offer both plans, instant, and time-based. It actually provides some extra flexibility to the streamer. Here you can also subscribe for daily, weekly, or monthly plans.

Getting viewers on your stream for an entire month gives you a powerful kick and later Twitch starts pushing your content organically. After building a proper viewership, you will not have to buy viewers anymore.

This platform is providing premium viewers that ensure trust and credibility and that is the reason we have listed them at this place. Let’s discuss some of their key features.

Key Features

Guaranteed & Instant Delivery within 2 mins
● High Quality, Active & Real Viewers
● Unlimited Stream Hours
● Cheapest Service in the market
● 100% Legit and Secure

Feel free to buy from them if you are just starting your career on Twitch because they have a
very competitive price plan and stability in their services.


ViewBot #3 – StreamBot 

Why I am recommending this as number one because this bot is providing service for a long time and at very affordable prices. StreamBot charges $25 a month for 10 live real viewers.

So I can say this can be considered the safe and cheapest Viewbot for twitch that can help you quickly reach your twitch affiliate safely.

Another best part is that their website navigation is quite quick and anyone can simply operate it.

This Viewbot allows you to choose the viewer’s location, and chat interval time and also provides chatters so that your chatbox should not be empty. Let’s have a quick look at their key features.

Key Features

  • Cheapest ViewBot Service
  • Viewers from your desired location
  • Get both viewers and chatters
  • Allows to choose chat interval


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ViewBot #4 – TwitchBooster

Twitch Booster is another great option as a twitch view bot that provides realistic viewers and also interactions in the stream.

They ensure that they will help the streamers to reach their affiliate or partner program quickly in a legit and safe way.

If I talk about their cost their basic plan is $15 and they provide 20 live viewers for 24 hours. According to Twitch booster, this is 100% secure and legit.

Now what I recommend is that is the best way to evaluate their services. You just go with 24 hours and check the quality and viewer engagement. If this goes positive and is beneficial for you then you can purchase the next-day plan as well.

Twitch booster is not only limited to viewers’ service but also provides twitch followers at a very cheap price. You can check on their website.

Key Features

  • 100% Safe and Legit
  • Interactive realistic viewers
  • The best way to evaluate their service is you can purchase for 24 hours.

Visit Twitch Booster Now


ViewBot #5 – StreamerViewerBot

Streamerviewer bot is again a good platform to get twitch viewers through the bot and is also very similar to twitch booster.

Just like twitch booster they have also custom plans where you can buy the views on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis at a very cheap price.

But it’s much cheaper and can be a good option for you if your budget is low. Also, you can evaluate their service by getting a 24-hour plan. Views offered by them will be counted in the twitch live viewers count.

Streamerviewer bot charge around $2.75 USD to give 10 live viewers for 24 hours.

Key Features

  • Cheap Viewbot for Twitch
  • Stable & Quality Views


ViewBot #6 – StreamerPlus

StreamerPlus can also be considered the best option for twitch view bots. 

This service was recommended by a user in my discord, as she used this service for approx 7 times and got safe and positive results as expected

However, this service seems a little expensive and I won’t recommend it to streamers who have a low budget. But as we are talking here about a few legit and best twitch view bots I felt to put this name on the list.

StreamerPlus starter plan starts from $7.99 USD which gives 100 realistic viewers

Key Features

  • Legit & Safe View bot for Twitch viewers and followers
  • No password required
  • Suitable for streamers with a good budget.


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ViewBot #7 – Views4Twitch

Views4Twitch is another best view bots for twitch that is currently leading at the top in the viewer’s bots results.

I made my whole research on this View bot and found a good option for getting quick views on twitch. 

Views4twitch bots can be accessed from any device through a browser without downloading.  It’s simple to use and helps in getting quick unique viewers to rank at the top of the twitch page.

This bot is affordable and suitable for almost all streamer categories. Their basic plans start at $1.99 USD for 3 hours in which they provide 20 unique viewers.  

Key Features

  • Cheap and Affordable Services
  • Full anonymity
  • Free Private Proxies
  • No need to download and access from any device


Best Twitch View Bots of 2022 [FREE] 

The term free is loved by almost everyone but have you ever thought about why someone will offer you something free? They may be either fool or have some bad intentions.

But if say free trial for twitch view bots that sounds better and legit. Viewerlabs was one of the reliable view bot companies that were providing free trials that includes 15 live viewers or chatters, but unfortunately, they shut down.

Free bots are never recommended, but I understand there are a few people who want to try this on their demo twitch account just to evaluate the service. 

After spending a few hours, I have found a few best and most free twitch view bots.


If you are looking for a free twitch view bot so that you can first evaluate the service or probably you are not in a position to afford any money for views.

ViewerApps has a professional view bot that gives stable and realistic viewers to bring your channel in twitch recommendations.

You can enjoy ViewerApp’s free trial that gives 25 live viewers and 24 chat lists for 10 minutes. I know 10 minutes is quite low but you will at least boost your channel with a safe view bot.

 Once you are satisfied and feel comfortable with their services you can go with their starter plan that costs $5 in which you will get 25 live viewers, 25 chatbots, and 25 chat lists for the next 12 hours.


Twitch View Bot

Twitch view bot is a bot that is free and you need to download this software from a third-party website. I am sharing this view bot just because it has been suggested by many users and even on many YouTube channels.

Now keep in mind, that I don’t recommend this view bot as it’s totally free so use it at your own risk.

I have seen a demo of this view bot software that works and quickly raises viewers on twitch.

You need to manually configure it by putting different proxies so that it should not get flagged by twitch. 

Download this twitch view bot and you can also see the YouTube tutorial on how to use it.


Should I ViewBot on Twitch with the Best Twitch view bots?

The biggest reason why people use a view bot is to get instant viewers through which their channel can come to the top of twitch recommendations.

When you think of the View bot as a Streamer you only think about a few benefits of it but people do not know its side effects.



  • Using the View bot on Twitch can get you banned permanently and you won’t be able to create an account on twitch using your credentials.


  • If you have lots of viewers on your twitch stream but the chat is almost dead or looks scripted, real viewers will come to your stream but will also leave it.


  • This is just like clickbait, where you may get a few viewers but not real followers and permanent audiences.



  • The legit View bot is more suitable for either small streamers or big streamers.


  • A good number of viewers can bring your channel in the twitch recommendations.


  • Can help small streamers who have watched 2 or 3 viewers, so using view bots increase their current watching to 20 or 30  and so can engage real viewers.

Now keep in mind, that viewers love your gameplay, dedication, and the way you entertain your viewers. 

So getting viewers for a while is not a big deal, but making them stay at your stream is a bigger deal. 


How to Know if a Twitch View Bot is a Scam

Probably you have no idea about this but let me tell you that are many scams going on.

The scammers show that they are providing views on twitch but their main intention is to steal your personal information.

In order to spot these twitch view bot scams, keep the following points in your mind.

  • Never download any software or tool suggested by these people to get views, until you trust them or are from any legit company.


  • View bot service companies charge a very low amount in return for providing highly realistic views.


  • Websites that even do not have secure connections. 

As mentioned above, it’s better to avoid view bots but still if you want to use then kindly go with the above suggestion.

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How Legal Viewbots Thrive on Twitch

There are things that you must know about the view bot and how its works. When you are creating a Viewbot it means you are creating a server with billions of twitch accounts.

It’s probably like an AWS server or related that keeps all accounts online by different random names with some random chats like LUL, good, or Enjoying. This is what is considered illegal view botting by Twitch.

Now legal view botting is something when you embed a stream on autoplay with audio on a website. 

Then every person that hits that stream is counted as a viewer or an ad play.


FAQs on Best Twitch view bots

How is Streamer using Viewbot gets Caught?

According to Dexerto, there are many streamers like GunsAndGlitch who got banned for using the view bot.
There is no such tool to tell if someone is using a view bot and viewers can only identify it by looking at the viewer’s names and through their messages in the chat.

Is Viewbotting Bannable on Twitch?

Yes, view botting is bannable on twitch as it breaks twitch terms and conditions. You may lose your twitch account and even get banned to make an account on Twitch with your credentials.

Do big Streamers use Viewbot?

For big streamers who already have a high number of viewers, it doesn’t make any sense to use a View bot.
If still, they think to use it to increase viewer count, then there is more risk than benefit. No streamer would like to get banned at this stage.

Does Viewbotting really help to grow?

Yes, view botting helps to grow as according to the twitch algorithm channels come to the top twitch page according to their viewers count.

But I only recommend it to those who don’t have much to lose on Twitch as they may get banned for using view bots on twitch.

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