10 Best Twitch Communities for New Streamers in 2022

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Finding the best twitch communities for new streamers was an important task I was assigned with people in my group.

So today I want to address one of my most frequently asked questions which is how do you get your followers and grow on twitch.

If you are a small streamer too and want to grow on twitch check these 10 best communities for twitch new streamers.

Now as you are here, make sure to read the complete article carefully.

It took like a few weeks to find these best communities for small streamers.



Best Twitch Communities Groups for New Streamers  

This is really frustrating seeing 1 figure viewers on your stream and of course, no one likes to stay with this figure.

I’ve seen people fall off so I think I’ve got a pretty unique set of experiences and knowledge that I want to share with you in hopes to help you grow your channel.

These 10 communities are divided into 4 different platforms like

  • Facebook Groups
  • Discord Servers
  • Subreddits
  • Twitter

Though there are many other ways that I will share at the end so keep reading.


Facebook Groups for Small Twitch Streamers

Facebook is one of the biggest social platforms with different groups having huge members.

On average facebook have around 2.85 billion monthly active users.

All these users are from different communities and interests, so I will help you to find the 3 best Facebook groups for new streamers on twitch. 

Check a few of these groups

NO #1 – Twitch Growth and Support

This is a Facebook private group for twitch streamers with around 52.8k members.

The group was created about 6 years back to help twitch new streamers with growth and support.

On average around 300 posts are posted in this group.

You can share any appropriate twitch links in this group like the live twitch stream links and your best-created clips.


  • Engage with people in the group
  • Ask and help people in this group
  • Create a best twitch stream invite link (Video clip) and share it in the group.

Make sure this community is more for the help than to get viewers.

You can also contact the owners for advertisements or ask them that how to promote your twitch channel on their group.



NO #2 – Twitch Streamers (Follow 4 Follow)

This Facebook group was created for the small streamers looking for the best communities to grow their channel.

Once you join the group and get approved you can introduce yourself and share your channel link.

I believe, getting leads is very important and that is what you will get here.

Try to be active in the group by sharing your channel stream link and other information every day.

I understand this won’t give you the real viewers but at least will take you closer towards the affiliate program.



NO #3 – Join Group of the Games you Stream

Getting viewers and followers for your twitch channel can be more worth it if get it from the right audience.

With the right audience, I mean viewers who are really interested in watching your stream and gameplay.

Depending on your game you need to join the community of these games which can be from Facebook, discord, or any platform.

You will find many servers on discord and groups on Facebook with such games.

Facebook Groups for new Twitch Streamers

Again Facebook has also different groups for almost all kinds of games.

So depending on the game you want to stream, join the groups and communicate with the members by posting some interesting game clips.

Make sure you only post the relevant posts and links matching the group.

For a better explanation, I am sharing a few Facebook game groups that you can join.

However chances are that you don’t play and stream these games, so you need to search on Facebook for the relevant game.

Call of Duty Global Facebook-Server


PUBG Facebook Server


Dream Minecraft Server



Twitch Streamers Community Discord

Discord is becoming one of the most popular applications for gamers and other communities.

There are many discord servers with different games that have members who are the real players and can be your viewers.

As discord also helps to connect people with each other from the same community you can also join big streamers discord and ask them to support.

Bonus Tip:- Create your own Discord server and add valuable information to your server to help discord users and gain some viewers and followers for twitch.


NO #4 – Join Slayers Unleashed Discord Server

For games like Slayers unleashed you can join my basic discord server that has around 800 members.

I know members are low but all these members are the players of Slayers Unleased and you must also stream with such games that are streamed by very few streamers.

I guess you can successfully gain at least 300 followers from here. You can directly DM me for promotion as I also own other discord servers based on Discord Tips.


NO #5 – Twitch Kittens

This is another discord server and among one of the best twitch communities for new streamers.

Twitch kitten is an active discord server created to help and support twitch streamers, especially the new streamers.

You can also stream on Discord and show your status as streaming which will surely bring some viewers to your channel.

On the twitch kittens server, you can ask for any help and even the server keep you updated with new information to grow your viewers on twitch.

Once you are regular and active on this server you can also get the role of a streamer.

For more opportunities, you can also DM moderators or owners for the promotion.

Join Twitch Kittens Discord Server


NO #6 – Small Streamer Community

Small streamer community is another best twitch community for small streamers.

The server is active and has multiple roles given to its members and by spending some time on this server you can also have some additional roles.

This server will not only help you to grow with some viewers but also help you with the support needed for twitch.

They have a collaboration channel as well where you can collab with other streamers.

Now the most important part is that by a regular visit to this server you can gain plenty of more experience and tips to grow your twitch channel.

Join Small Streamer Community Discord Server 


Subreddits (Best twitch Communities for new Streamers)

When we talk about growth, the opportunity is the first thing that comes to the top.

To grow on twitch or any other platform you need to keep looking for new opportunities and Reddit is one the best platform for such opportunities.

There are several subreddits that might not have huge members but keep in mind these subreddits get ranked on many search engines.


NO #7 – Quality Gaming Content and Discussion – r/Games

This is one of the best subreddit communities for new twitch streamers that are streaming games.

This subreddit has 3.0m members and around 8k people are always online.

This community was created to share informative gaming content and suggestions.

So like other discord servers and Facebook groups you also need to spend some time here and better start with helping people or sharing some informative gaming content.

Once the group relies on you, you can also share your streaming link and twitch clips.

But I would recommend that better create an attractive video or gif link, first you need to share on Twitter and then that twitter link to this subreddit.

Join r/Games 


NO #8 – Small Streamers – r/SmallStreamers

Small streamers subreddit was created to promote and help small streamers.

There is a total of 22.3K members in this subreddit which is increasing really fast.

You can post your best and favorite twitch clips here that can engage the members but make sure these links are in twitch.tv format.

Try avoiding posting stream direct links and better post proper invite videos and clips.

This can be of great use as you meet many other new twitch streamers and share information with each other.

Join Small Streamers 


Twitter (Best Twitch communities for new Streamers)

Twitter has millions of users and is one of the best sources for twitch new streamers.

There are many different Twitter accounts that have thousands of followers and if you act smart you can really gain good viewers from Twitter.

I am sharing a few Twitter communities made for new streamers.


NO #9 – #Support Small Streamers

This community basically supports small streamers to grow and you can follow this Twitter account.

You can at least visit on every alternate day and retweet their tweets relevant to your content.

Apart from this, you must also maintain your Twitter account by posting twitch clips and invites.

Use relevant tags related to the game and also for supporting small streamers.

The probability is that support small streamers also retweet your post if they find it relevant and unique.


NO #10 – Streamers Connected

Streamer-connected community on Twitter was created in 2017 to connect streamers.

Now keep in mind these communities are meant to grow your streaming circle more than get direct viewers.

Let me explain in simple words

From these communities, you will get the resources to grow your twitch channel by connecting with other streamers and gaining new ideas.

Streamers connected have around 30.2k followers on Twitter and they also have discord servers.

Follow them Retweet their tweets and further you can share your clips by tagging them.


5 Additional Tips to Grow on Twitch  

Hopefully, you better know now how to take work with these communities which are the best twitch communities for new streamers.

So apart from those communities, I know you are more concerned about getting more viewers and followers. Just follow these tips and make them in practice.

TIP 1 – 0 Viewer mistake

Whenever anyone comes to twitch and search for games they find the streamers streaming their favorite games.

Now viewers really don’t like watching streams with 0 viewers.

Better use your other family member’s phones, create a twitch account on them, and put them on work whenever you go live.

This will automatically bump you up in the browsing category.


TIP 2 – Focus on Less Saturated Games

Oversaturated games like Call of Duty, Apex legends, Valorant, and GTA will of course have more viewers but there are already big streamers steaming those games.

You must focus on games that are less saturated and not on the top of browsing categories.

TSo better find the games where only a few people are streaming.


TIP 3- Work on Branding

I noticed that lots of streamers don’t think about being consistent through all their social platforms.

You need to look more professional by following the right strategy.

Use major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord and be consistent on that by regularly sharing clips and other engaging posts.

You must maintain a professional logo that should be the same on all the platforms.


TIP 4 – Raids and Hosts

This is something that really works if used properly with the right strategies.

With raids and hosts, other people will know that you are a streamer without self-promoting.

Pick any mid-level streamers and raid or host them on your channel.

You can start and stop hosting these twitch streamers anytime.


TIP 5 – Maintain Stream Scheduling

This is another mistake that many new streamers don’t have any streaming schedule.

The streaming schedule is really important as people don’t know when to come to find you if they don’t know when you go LIVE.

You should decide on a specific time of starting the stream and ending the stream.

Create an attractive twitch offline banner and also mention it on your twitch channel about section.




How do you join communities on twitch?

Joining these communities is very easy through a few communities may take a few hours to get you approved.

Make sure you have all the accounts for these communities like on Facebook, Discord, and Reddit. Simply visit the link given below every community and join it.

Will twitch communities help in growing?

Yes by joining these best twitch communities for new streamers you get connected with many other streamers as well as viewers.
You gain different ideas with chances to collab with other streamers.
Even there are a few communities which I mentioned above that are full of viewers.



So basically I tried to inform you about the best twitch communities for new streamers with some bonus tips and tricks to grow.

Reading or watching tips and then ignoring them is the biggest mistake.

So better implement these tips and join the community spend some time on them, learn from them and gain viewers.

Let me know in the comment box if you still have any doubts related to twitch communities  


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