6 Free & Best Streaming Software for Twitch in 2022 – (Streamers Choice)

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Choosing the best streaming software for twitch in 2022 is really important as you cannot spend hours every week settings up this software.

Now even if you plan to stream choosing the right streaming software can be a headache.

Let me ease your task at least with deciding which software to use for streaming.

I am sharing 6 free and best streaming software for a twitch in 2022.


Best Streaming Software for Twitch in 2022

Once you think of streaming you have a couple of good options in streaming software.

Even if you plan to switch to other streaming software you will have a good list of options to choose from.

Check these entire lists of streaming software tools

  1. Twitch Studio

  2. Streamlabs OBS

  3. OBS Studio

  4. Nvidia ShadowPlay

  5. vMix

  6. Gamecaster

  7. Wirecast

  8. XSplit Broadcaster

  9. Lightstream

  10. FFSplit

Though there are many other options due to the growing streaming industry, different streaming software’s are launched.

The above list also contains paid streaming software but let I have shortlisted 5 free and best streaming software for twitch.

Just have a quick look and then I will help you select one among them


Top 5 Free & Best Streaming Software for Twitch in 2022

Here you can see all the features with good and bad stuff as I am trying to narrow it down to choose one easily.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you can comfortably choose streaming software and can easily kick-start your streaming career.

I will start with the best that I decided on reviews and on my own experience.


NO #1 – OBS Studio 

OBS (Open broadcaster software) is one of the best and free software for recording and streaming.

I personally use this for recording videos and live streaming.

OBS can be used on major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.

This is one of the most popular and used by the majority of streamers and creators on the Internet.

OBS Studio for streaming on twitch
OBS Studio for streaming on twitch

You can add multiple audio and display captures on OBS with an easy set-up process.

OBS supports many plugins that can extend its functionalities and features like NDI that enhance video and audio broadcasting.


  1. Along with streaming on Twitch, you can also stream on YouTube and other major platforms.
  2. Absolutely FREE and best to use for both live streaming and recording.
  3. Interface and functions are easy to understand and use. Once you spend some time with OBS, you will never intend to leave.
  4. Compatible with almost all platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  5. Best video and audio quality with enough filters like Compressor, Noise Suppression, and Gain.


  1. You cannot link an audio file as a source in OBS Studio.
  2. No dedicated support
  3. Issues like black screen while display or game capture occurs that are fixable. 



NO #2 – Streamlab OBS (Best Streaming software for Twitch)

Streamlab OBS is one of my and many other streamers’ favorite streaming software.

It comes with almost everything installed, all built into one program without needing a single plug-in or extra tool.

This is multipurpose broadcasting software and can quickly start streaming no matter you are an expert or a beginner.

SLOB is considered one of the best streaming software for gaming as well.

Best twitch streaming software
Streamlab OBS
What is the best software to Stream on Twitch?

Though all the above streaming software is best for streaming on Twitch and free.

Bur if we talk about one of the best streaming software to stream on Twitch or YouTube, Streamlab OBS will be on the top.

However, paid version of Streamlab can give you the ultimate experience and feature.

So if you plan to upgrade then you should go and try stream lab OBS.

PROS of Streamlab OBS Streaming Software

  • Superfast and responsive on all streaming platforms
  • Best for both Streaming and Recording
  • Free Video editor to edit and create highlight videos
  • No high CPU usage
  • Access to tons of themes, widgets, and overlays in the library

CONS of Streamlab OBS Streaming Software

  • Not suitable for low configuration PC
  • Occupies more CPU and Memory than OBS studio and that can even lead to Twitch freezing issues.



NO #3 – Gamecaster

Gamecaster is free and the best streaming software for gamers.

Through Gamecaster it becomes simple to make your stream more professional.

I have used this streaming software and I would say if you are looking for a change then you must try Gamecaster.

The theme library in XSplit Gamecaster is absolutely free, though you get more features in the pro version.

Gamecaster Streaming software
Gamecaster Streaming software

Most of the features related to recording and streaming are already set by default.

Gamecaster is even perfect for the people who want to start streaming as it’s free and doesn’t need any technical knowledge to use it.

This streaming software contains all widgets that you need to set subscriber’s goals, display chats, and many other widgets.


  • A simple and easy interface that allows you to spend and focus more on stream rather than on streaming software.
  • Best optimized streaming software for recording and live streaming.
  • Best customization feature where you can edit the layout, change the color scheme and add animations according to the game you play.
  • Gamecaster remote features allow controlling your stream, audio, and monitoring chat. 
  • You get free copyright-free music along with this streaming tool to play during the stream.


  1. Though the interface is simple it requires much space to run, so not good for low hardware PC. 
  2. You can stream with 720p only as you need to upgrade to a pro version for using above 720p. 
  3. There are certain bugs like cause issues while synchronization.



NO #4 – NVIDIA ShadowPlay

NVIDIA Shadowplay can give you an amazing stream-quality experience.

I’ve looked at that extensively in recent times and I want to share my experience with you that will actually blow your mind.

If you’re a streamer you’re always looking for new software.

You might have tried xsplit maybe you tried obs and so on, but this is going to blow your mind really because it blew mine.

NVIDIA Shadowplay for streaming
NVIDIA Shadowplay for streaming

So what exactly I liked the most with NVIDIA shadow was a good stream performance with low configuration and internet.

It does not occupy a lot of CPU usage and that exactly makes it one of the best streaming software for Twitch and YouTube as well.

PROS of NVIDIA Shadowplay streaming software

  • Free for Everyone
  • Included in Geforce drivers
  • Work well with low hardware as compared to others
  • Low CPU Usage

CONS of NVIDIA Shadowplay streaming software

  • Must have NVIDIA Graphic card
  • Only for beginners and more suitable for recording
  • Picture in the picture option not available



NO #5 – Twitch Studio

Twitch studio is also considered as one of the best streaming software for Twitch, which is absolutely free.

If you are a beginner and thinking of streaming then you can try twitch studio that gives you enough features to start streaming smoothly.

Twitch basically designed this software for beginner streamers who are not so technical and can start streaming on Twitch.

Is OBS better than twitch studio
Twitch studio for streaming

Most of the required settings are auto-enabled like hardware acceleration that surely helps to increase the gaming experience while streaming.

So far I guess this can be considered as one of the best streaming software for twitch as this is absolutely free and with enough features.


  • Absolutely Free
  • Free customizable layout and templates
  • Can connect your iPad and iPhone to share the screen
  • Easy to use and a basic user can operate it.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac


  • Can only stream on Twitch
  • No option of Custom monetization
  • Limited custom plugins



NO #6 – Restream Studio

Restream studio is free and the best streaming software for twitch and other platforms.

Restream studio is the easiest way to go live super quickly with graphics, comments on screens, and all kinds of features.

This broadcasting software is doing a really good job with several other solutions for the creators.

As I said you can stream on multiplatform with this streaming software like on YouTube, Facebook, and of course twitch.

best streaming software for Twitch
Restream studio for Twitch

However as we are talking about the free feature here, let me first share what all you get in the free version which might be enough for you to start.

You can try this streaming software as well and make a test stream on Twitch to evaluate the performance. 

PROS and features of Restream Studio free version

  • You can multistream up to 30 platforms with this software absolutely free.
  • Stream monitoring is included in the free version.
  • Unlimited live stream and viewers.
  • Combined chat application with no bit rate limits.

CONS of Restream Studio

  • Quality depends on your Internet speed and stability.
  • Hard to configure with a Facebook page and YouTube.



Streamlab OBS vs OBS studio

Now probably you also have the same question what is the difference between Streamlab OBS and OBS studio.

How do both these differ in terms of feature and PC resources usage?

I am going to share the major differences that you must know and that will help you to better understand the difference between these 2 best streaming software.

Feature and DIfference Streamlab OBS OBS Studio
Download file size Around 240 MB Around 70 MB
Interface Easy Easiest
Themes Ready to Install with different templates Need to manually download and Install
CPU & Ram Usage High Low
Cloud Backup Yes No
Supported on Only Windows Windows, Mac, and Linux

So if I talk about the conclusion, then OBS studio is more suitable for beginners and low configuration PC.

But, yes if you have already had enough time in streaming and good hardware PC then can go with SLOBS that provided tons of features.



What streaming software do most streamers use?

Streamlab OBS and OBS studio is one the best and used by most of the streamers in 2022.
As this streaming software is free and suitable for both experts and beginners, that makes it a choice for most streamers.

Is OBS better than twitch studio?

OBS is of course better than twitch studio according to my experience and a few of the streamers that I know.
Basic reasons why OBS is better than Twitch studio are
–       OBS is suitable for all streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook whereas Twitch studio can only be used for streaming on twitch.

–       OBS performance is amazing even in low-end PC.

–       More features and filters.

Should I stream on Twitch or YouTube in 2022?

In terms of Streaming Twitch is a bigger platform than YouTube but there are many other factors that you need to keep in mind.
Location is one the most important term to decide, Twitch has more viewers in countries like US and UK.
But on another hand, in Asian countries like India twitch is not so popular.
YouTube content is too broad and so the viewers but most people visit Twitch for enjoying streaming,
You must stream on Twitch and share your past broadcast on YouTube by enabling VOD on twitch.

Best streaming software for Gaming

All the above streaming software are best for streaming.
But keeping your PC configuration in mind you should choose software that occupies less space.
As gaming also captures many resources from CPU and memory.
My recommendation would be OBS studio.



Finally, I would like to share my recommendation on the free and best streaming software for twitch.

There are certain things that you need to keep in your mind before choosing the right option.

Decide the software according to your PC configuration and Internet stability.

I know and have seen people making selections on basis of features which according to me would be only good for the streamers with high configured PC.

But my recommendation would be to go with the one that gives more good quality.

So the software features can be managed somehow but the poor quality are not accepted by the viewers.

Let me know if you still have doubts to pick one.

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