Application Suspending in 15 minutes PS4 – 2022 (FIXED)

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Did you too receive a pop-up of “application suspending in 15 minutes PS4 because the license cannot be verified” on your PlayStation screen while playing games?

This can be really annoying as you have already owned the game and restoring the account license may also not work as it’s a temporary solution.

I have the solution for you and in this article, I will explain how to stop an application from being suspended on PS4.

Before proceeding you must know why PS4 says application suspending in 15 minutes.


Why does my PS4 say Application Suspending in 15 minutes?

Now it is important that you know all the possible reasons behind this PlayStation application suspending in 15 minutes.

These causes will also help to better stop this PS4 application from suspending errors.

  • Poor Internet connection or fluctuating internet connection is one of the major causes.


  • You are not playing with your primary console account of PS4.


  • You don’t own a legit copy of the game.


  • Internet connection is down, and not able to connect to sony servers to register a license.

As per my knowledge out of 100, almost 98 people had this problem of application suspending in 15 minutes ps4 because of the above reasons.

Now let’s quickly start fixing the problem, read carefully as a few of the steps would be related to core troubleshooting.


How to Fix “Application Suspending in 15 minutes” PS4

Hopefully after reading the above possible reasons behind this PS4 application suspending problem you may have caught the problem.

You better start with that and if not follow the below steps one by one.

Before proceeding with the fix, I would recommend that you should better ignore this message and move ahead as many people did the same and got it fixed.

As many times it shows the problem but the app does not close so you better try ignoring it once.


FIX 1 – Restart Modem and Router

As I said internet connection is the biggest reason behind this problem and so you need to assure that you have a proper and stable internet connection.

Better restart your modem and router by turning off and on but my recommended way is by 

  • Plugging out the modem power plug from the switch.


  • Remove the Internet cable from the modem.
  • Wait for 2 minutes and then plugin back again.

Once done, launch your web browser and open the website to check your internet speed and ping.

If you find a better speed now with low ping then try again playing, hopefully, this would fix the problem of application suspending in 15 minutes ps4.

If not then you should get in touch with your ISP (Internet service provider ) and make a complaint about poor internet.


FIX 2- Switch to LAN connection if possible

PS4 gives you a couple of options to connect to the Internet such as WiFi and LAN.

WiFi connection sometimes may lead to slow or fluctuating internet that leads to many other problems as well.

LAN (local area network) gives you a faster and reliable connection and you may have seen most of the gamers using a LAN connection while playing on PS4 or PC.

How to connect PS4 with LAN

To connect your PS4 with a LAN cable you need a LAN cable that can connect your PS4 with your Modem/Router

Now connect one cable end jack with router/modem port and another with PS4.

How to connect PS4 with LAN
How to connect PS4 with LAN

You will find an RJ45 port at the back of your PS4 where you can insert the cable. Try this out and keep using it in the future as well.


FIX 3 – Restart PS4

You can consider these all fixes as the steps as well to fix this PS4 problem.

Restart is one of the best and simple fixes that should be tried first before proceeding to the settings steps. If you stream then also try doing a test stream on twitch first to verify the issue has been fixed.

Once you are done with the above fixes with Internet restart you must also try restarting your PS4.


FIX 4- Make your account the primary console

If nothing worked for you no need to worry as you came to a conclusion that the problem is not with your Internet.

Probably you are not playing with your primary console account on PS4 and so PSM might be having trouble sending the license.

Though it also works on the secondary account for the game you don’t owe but it requires a very stable connection. 

How to set PS4 as primary console account
  1. Open Settings in your Playstation 4.


  2. In the settings, look and click on PlayStation Network/ Account Management.

    the following application will be suspended in 15 minutes because the license cannot be verified


  3. Now in the Account Management section at the bottom, you will find the option of Activate as your Primary PS4, simply click on it.


  4. Here you will see the activate the option as highlighted if it’s been deactivated. Simply click on Activate.


    How to fix ps4 application suspending in 15 minutes
    How to fix ps4 application suspending in 15 minutes

Once done try checking back again if this fixed the problem of application suspending in 15 minutes in ps4.  


FIX 5 –  Contact SONY

Now if you really have hard luck and nothing worked for you then you will have to contact Sony.

You can contact Sony at 1-800-345-7669 or you can also live chat with them by visiting their support website.

Better explain your problem and let them know what you have tried so far.



PS4 license cannot be verified 2021?

If you are not able to verify your PS4 license then this can be because of two reasons.
– Poor or Unstable Internet connection
– The primary console account is deactivated.

Better try the above fixes and then try back again.


How to Set PS4 as primary?

Open Settings on your Playstation 4 > Account Management > Activate as your Primary PS4.




So hopefully you got the solution and also know why this “application suspending in 15 minutes PS4 because the license cannot be verified” error occurs.

It is not only you who have this issue but many other users face this problem mainly because of unstable internet connection and not using a primary console account.

Please let me know which fix worked for you or if you have any other suggestions for our audiences.

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