Adblock Not Working on Twitch [2022 Updated Fix] – PC & Mobile

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Not only you but many users reported the issue of Adblock not working on Twitch and so we researched and found the 10 most effective solutions for this along with the reasons.

Probably you must be thinking about why you need to go through with these 10 solutions and
does Adblock still works on Twitch?

Yes Adblock still works on Twitch but for many, it’s not working because of a couple of reasons and I am very sure your issue will be resolved by any of the 10 fixes.

However, twitch ads are one of the important parts of streamers earning and according to Statista, there are around 763.5M worldwide users of Ad Blocker.

Anyways, let’s think as Viewer, and

Check the reasons and solutions that why Adblock doesn’t work for twitch for some users.


Why is Adblock not working on Twitch?

With proper research, we came across multiple reasons that can stop twitch Adblocker to work properly.

I have been using Adblocker for the last 3 years and never had a problem. But a week back I found that I see ads while on Twitch.

For me, the reason was that the Adblocker extension got disabled, but let’s see all the possible reasons.

  • Ad Blocker got Disabled
  • Outdated Ad Blocker
  • Adblock twitch filter settings
  • Improper Ad Blocker settings
  • Conflict with another extension or some Browser problem.

There can be many more other reasons but these are the major causes and the rest I will share in the solutions.

How to Fix Adblock not Working on Twitch

I have a humble request to have some patience and apply all these simple solutions one by one. Though the streamers give you many twitch channel points while watching their stream and in return, they want to earn from the ads shown on their channel.

But still, you want to skip then keep reading.

As I am not sure what exactly is causing problems on your end so maybe you try all of them until you find the right one.

I want you to go from here with the solution and a lovely smile.

NOTE:- Try restarting your PC before moving to the solutions below as many times a simple restart fixes the issue and saves enough time.


SOLUTION 1 – Check If Adblock is not Disabled

This is the first solution I prefer because this was the reason in my case and then I found most of the people AdBlock was not working just because the extension was disabled.

There can be many reasons like the extension got disabled after downloading any software from the browser or you may have disabled and forgotten to enable it.

  • On Chrome, click on the 3 dots at the right-hand top, and from the drop-don hover up to More tools and then choose Extensions. 
    AdBlock not working on Twitch
    AdBlock not working on Twitch


  • Look for the Adblock extension and make sure the toggle switch is blue and enabled.

If not then enable it back, restart your browser and check if the issue is resolved.


SOLUTION 2 – Update your Adblocker

An outdated ad blocker can be another major cause due to which any ad blocker won’t work on twitch.

Twitch keeps bringing some new updates to make these ads work even after adblocker and so ad blocker also brings new updates to block ads.

So whenever your ad blocker doesn’t work properly you must first check for updates.

  • Open Google Chrome browser. 
  • Click on the 3 dots at the right-hand top, hover up to More tools, and choose Extensions. 
  • Make sure developer mode at the right-hand top is enabled, if not click on the toggle of developer mode to enable. 
    How to Update AdBlock on Chrome
    How to Update AdBlock on Chrome


  • Now at the top, you will find a box of UPDATE just below the search extension box. Click on it and all the extensions will be updated. 
  • Once done sign out of Twitch, restart the browser, and try again by logging in to twitch.

You may also try one complete PC restart as well. If it still doesn’t work then move to the next solution.


SOLUTION 3 – Check Ad Blocker Settings

There are a couple of settings in AdBlock that you must check. If there is an exception for any ads or channels then the twitch ad blocker may not work properly on Twitch.

Follow below simple steps in order to verify these ad blocker settings.

  • Click on the Adblock icon from the extension bar located at the right-hand top. 
  • Adblock box will pop up. Click on the settings cog icon located at the right-hand top of that box. 
    How to open Adblock Settings
    How to open Adblock Settings


  • In the general options, at the very top, you will find “Allow some non-intrusive advertising”. Disable this option by clicking on the switch. 
  • Below there is another option of “Allow ads on specific twitch channels”, make sure this option is also disabled. 
    Adblock doesn't work on Twitch
    Adblock doesn’t work on Twitch


  • From the left-hand menu, click on Filter lists, and under the Adblocking filter list, disable the option of Acceptable Ads. 
    Disable Acceptable Ads on AdBLock
    Disable Acceptable Ads on AdBlock

Once done, restart Google Chrome or any other browser. Hopefully, this will fix the problem, and if not then you also need to add some twitch filters.

  • Open Ad blocker settings again and click on the Customize tab from the left-hand menu. 
  • Scroll down a bit to Manually edit your filters and then click on the orange button of Edit. 
    Add filters
    Add filters


  • Now in the first box paste this below command as shown in the image.





Once done click on Save and restart the browser to check if this fixed the problem.


SOLUTION 4 – Try Disabling Other Extensions

I have seen most of the users’ issues getting fixed by just applying the above 3 methods. But for you, if still, AdBlock is not working on Twitch then maybe a few other extensions are creating problems.

You may have a few faulty or conflicted extensions on your chrome browser.

Try disabling all extensions for a while to check if the problem is with any extension or not. Just follow the below steps

  • Open Google Chrome, in the address box type chrome://extensions, and hit enter.
    How to open Extensions in Chrome
    How to open Extensions in Chrome


  • Chrome extensions will now be up with the list of all the installed extensions. 
  • First, find all those extensions that you don’t identify or don’t use and permanently remove them from chrome. 
  • Once done, disable all the extensions except Adblock.

Restart the browser and check if this fixed the issue. If not, enable all extensions back and move to the next step.

SOLUTION 5 – Install HLS Adblock

Twitch tries its best to show maximum ads to viewers on the streaming channel for which they connect ads directly to HLS (HTTP live streaming).

So what I am assuming is that if none of the above solutions worked then probably you need an HLS Adblocker.

HLS ad blocker for Twitch blocks ads that are directly inserted into the HLS stream.

  • Visit the Github website to download the HLS ad blocker extension. You can get this for both Chrome and Firefox.
    How to Install HLS Ad blocker
    How to Install HLS Adblocker


  • Under Assets, click on the link. For chrome click on chromium and the zip file will now be downloaded. 
  • Open the downloaded folder and extract these files into a new folder. 
  • Now open chrome and type chrome://extensions and hit enter. 
  • From the chrome extension window, click on Load Unpacked at the left-hand top and choose the location of the HLS extension you just downloaded and extracted. 
    Does adblock work on Twitch
    Does AdBlock work on Twitch


  • Once done you will see Twitch-HLS-Ad-Block extension will be displayed in the extensions lists.

Make sure the extension is enabled and restart the browser to check if this fixed the issue.


SOLUTION 6 – Reset your Browser

If even after trying all ad blocker troubleshooting nothing works then I guess the problem can be with browsers.

Browser reset also helps in fixing Twitch black screen issues on all the browsers.

So here we will go with a simple reset of the browser, additionally if you wish you can also try clearing browsing data as well.

For Google Chrome follow the below steps

  • Open Chrome browser and click on the 3 dots located at the right-hand top and from the suggestions choose Settings. 
  • From the left-hand menu click on Advanced and then click on “Reset and Clean up”. 
    Reset your browser
    Reset your browser


  • Now click on “Reset settings to their original defaults” and then on “Reset Settings”.

Once done click on Privacy and Security from the left-hand chrome settings menu and then on Clear browsing data. Choose the time range to All time and leave the box of Password and Autofill form data.

Once done restart your browser and check if this resolved the problem or not.


SOLUTION 7 – Reinstall Ad Blocker Extension

Reinstallation of any app, the software even for extensions always works.

So if the Adblock is still not working in Twitch then better try reinstalling the Adblock extension on any of your browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Reinstalling the Adblocker extension is simple and easy, follow the below steps.

  • Right-click on the adblocker extension at the right-hand top and from the options choose to Remove from Chrome. 
  • Click on Remove again and the ad blocker will be uninstalled from your browser. 
  • Now restart the chrome browser and open the Adblock extension again to install it. 
    AdBlock for Twitch
    AdBlock for Twitch


  • Click on Add to Chrome and once installed open twitch again to check if the problem is fixed.


SOLUTION 8 – Install Video-Adblock for Twitch

Video-Ad block, for Twitch, is another good extension especially made for Twitch. Many users suggested that they finally got their solution by installing this extension.

This extension has 500k downloads so far and works for almost all of them.

I can also say that this is the latest fix for Adblocker not working on Twitch in December 2021 as many people had this issue and went with the solution.

  • Navigate to Video Ad-Block, for Twitch extension and click on Add to Chrome and then on Add Extension. 
    Video AdBlock for Twitch
    Video AdBlock for Twitch
  • The extension will now be installed and if you can’t see it on the extension bar at the top then click on the puzzle icon and then click on the pin icon in front of the extension.

Once done, restart your browser and check if the ads have been blocked on Twitch or not. If not, no need to worry we still got a few more solutions for you.



VPN always comes to use when we do such troubleshooting for the problems like twitch network errors.

Now in case if nothing is working for you then you better switch to a different IP address.

Twitch does not serve ads in all the countries like Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia, and Mexico.

So if you belong from a country where twitch ads are served, better get an IP from the location where twitch ads are not served.

You can go with any free VPN like the ZenMate extension that works bingo with all browsers. Connect to any location where twitch ads are not served and just refresh the twitch page.


SOLUTION 10 – Try Different Browser

This can be another solution if something is wrong between the adblocker extension or the current browser.

Maybe they had a fight !! Just Kidding.

Try switching to different browsers like Brave which even doesn’t need any ad blocker as this browser comes with a default ad blocker.

If you wish to go with another browser that you already have on your PC, then install Adblock on that and check if AdBlock works fine over there or not. 

If it works fine or another browser then you can better continue with that or simply reinstall the browser where the ad blocker is not working for Twitch.


How to Block Twitch Ads on Mobile

Now as we are talking here about the twitch ads, I guess most of the viewers enjoy streaming on their phone, either android or iPhone.

So how to enjoy ads-free stream on twitch mobile free as extensions don’t work on mobile.

No need to worry as I am sharing a few best ways to block twitch ads on mobile.


Method 1 – Get AdBlocker Browser

You can have adblocker ads on both your Android and iPhone that will block twitch ads on mobile.

The one I am sharing is the free and best one used by almost 10M people.

  • Open your Play store and just type Adblocker and you need to go with Free Adblocker Browser. You can also click on the link to directly open it.
  • Once downloaded, install it by following the instructions.
  • Open the browser and type to open the twitch website and here you can enjoy twitch stream without ads.


Method 2 – Use Brave Browser

Brave browser is one of the trending and most used browsers. So far Brave has 50M downloads on mobile and this is just because it provides many paid features absolutely free.

  • Open Play store or app store and type Brave and from the suggestions choose brave browser. 
  • Install the browser and then open to open Twitch stream.

You will find that you are enjoying the twitch stream without any ads.

Click on the brave icon (lion) at the right-hand top of the app and you will see a message Brave Shield UP with a message that ads are blocked.

In case Brave ad blocker is not blocking twitch ads then refresh the page once or twice.


Method 3 – Use VPN

VPN is another best choice to get rid of twitch ads on mobile. If you are not aware you might be thinking about how VPN can stop ads as it only changes IP addresses.

There are many regions where twitch does not serve ads and so we will use VPN to connect to those locations.

Below are a few locations where twitch does not serve ads

  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Mexico
  • Ukraine
  • Serbia

Download and Install any free VPN of your choice. I would recommend ZenMate. Once downloaded and installed connect to any of the above locations.

Once connected, open the twitch app and probably you won’t see ads.

In case this doesn’t work with the twitch app, then better try opening it in the browser.



These 10 solutions for Adblock not working on twitch are the best and most effective ones. 

While applying every solution try restarting the PC and refreshing the browser as this becomes more effective. 

Though Twitch gives an option of Twitch Turbo to enjoy an ads-free stream with many other perks. But most of us look for the free stuff.

Let me know if you still have any doubts or with any different solutions that can help our other viewers here.



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