4Head Twitch Emote Meaning & Origin – Briefly Explained

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4head twitch emote is just used as a reaction to a joke which to some extent is true but I genuinely don’t think I’ve ever seen the emote as a replacement to lul or any other laughing people.

In this guide I will take you through that what does 4head twitch emote means, its origin, and how you can use it.


What does 4Head Twitch Emote Means? 

If something is quite difficult being oversimplified and the starting word of their explanation was the word just, well all you have to do is use a 4head emote or any other variant you wish.

The simple meaning can be responding to any jokes or meme as well.

Top Twitch Emotes
Top Twitch Emotes

4head is a BTTV emote that is used extremely sarcastically and is meant to highlight their ridiculousness of downplaying something difficult as if it was just easy as breathing.

For example, if your favorite Valorant player does something different to get a win but unfortunately gets fails badly and other players ask what did you do. If he responds like I was just then that is the perfect time to spam this 4Head emote. 

When to use 4head emote in twitch chat
When to use 4head emote in twitch chat


4Head Emote Origin

4Head is one of the most popular emotes on Twitch that was cropped from the face of former League of Legends streamer “Cadbury”.

He has since moved on to the lucrative field of taking the same photo of his dog over and over on Instagram.

The images of Cadbury’s face with a huge grin on it started taking off in 2015 which oddly enough was almost a year after Cadbury last regularly streamed on the platform.

4Head Twitch EMote Popularity
4Head Twitch EMote Popularity

The forehead emote has also undergone a pretty big evolution in terms of its meaning.

Originally this was sort of a good-natured emote that was meant to show enjoyment of a joke or when something funny happened on stream.

Like most emotes it also eventually became a sarcastic response to the same actions however in the last year or so it has developed an entirely new meaning.


When to Use this Emote in Twitch?

Emotes are basically meant to express your reactions in a chat and so many tops emotes like MonkaW, 4head and Pogchamp have their own purposes. 

You probably be like one out of three people who actually even don’t know how to use 4head emote out in the first place but that’s why y’all are here.

From the 4head meaning, you may have got the idea where to use this emote.

If a joke is being told that wasn’t really funny in the first place but a streamer or whoever the streamer is with starts to laugh uncontrollably for seemingly no reason this is when these emotes can also be used.

The main purpose is to sarcastically make fun of the person’s laugh and for the most part, the laughing question is always to some degree a loud.


How to Use 4Head Twitch Emote as a Veiwer?

I wonder you are here because you may have not used this emote before.

Forehead emote is available with BetterTTV and FrankerfaceZ extensions only and so you need these extensions in order to use it.

Follow below quick simple steps

  • Open Better twitch tv extension on Chrome store and then click on Add to Chrome. I am using chrome, but BTTV is available for almost all browsers.
  • Click on Add to Extension,  then on Upgrade Permission, and then click on Allow to finally add BTTV extension to the browser.

So BTTV emotes are now added to your extension and now simply open twitch or refresh the twitch page.

You will now see a new emote section has been added by BetterTTV just left to the Chat at the very right-hand bottom.

Make sure to enable BTTV emotes from BTTV settings and if still 4Head emote not showing under BTTV twitch emote then better refresh the page a few more times and also suggest your streamer to add the emote.


How Streamer can get 4Head Emote to their channel

If you are a new streamer then you must be updated on the best streaming time on twitch and all popular emotes, news in streaming.

If you don’t find 4head emote to your channel then you first need to install BTTV extension and then add 4Head emote to the channel.

For installation watch the steps above and follow the steps below to add emote.

  • Open betterTTV website and click on the Emotes tab located at the left-hand top menu.
  • Now in the search box that is at the right-hand top, type 4head and hit on the enter key.
  • Here you will see all variants of 4head emotes, for the real one-click on 4Head by HazerMikey.
  • Now click on Add to channel and you are all done.

Refresh the twitch page and the 4head twitch emote should be in your channel now. If not then you can wait for some time as this may appear after a few minutes.

You can also add other related emotes like WidePeepoHappy through this way.

Emote Variants?

There are many variants of 4head that are also used by the viewers and streamers as well. You can just look into the list and can add them to your channel.

Check this below list of a few best 4Head variants.

Number Emote Name Emote Pic
1 4House 4house emote
2 3Head 3Head Emote
3 5Head 5head emote
4 4Weird 4Weird Emote


Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have now all the information related to the 4Head twitch emote. If you still have a question let me know in the comment box.

Did you have an experience where people spammed with 4head emote, let us know?

You should also check other emotes by visiting our website.

If you are a streamer better have all these emotes in your channel emote list as viewers love to see all emotes in your list.


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