How to Change your Twitch Name Color in 2021 – (Desktop & Mobile)

How to Change your Twitch Name Color

Have you seen people having different name colors, don’t worry you are in the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to change your twitch name color in 2021 both on PC and Mobile. Sometimes changes are important not only in life but also in your gaming life. If you are a streamer … Read more

How to Link Twitch to Discord in 2021 (PC and Mobile)

How to Link Twitch to Discord

Discord has huge 150 million users every month and once you know how to link twitch to discord, you can increase your audience on Twitch. Connect your twitch to discord and let the people know you are streaming on Twitch. In fact, you are not connecting twitch to discord but both the families with each … Read more

How to Stop Hosting Someone on Twitch in 2021 (PC & Mobile)

How to Unhost someone on twitch

In this article, I will explain how to stop hosting someone on twitch in 2021 both on PC and Mobile. Hosting someone on twitch can be a great tool to grow but not to everyone. Choosing the right streamer and stream to host is something you should better know. Let’s see how to unhost on … Read more

How to Delete Clips on Twitch in 2021 (PC & Mobile) Manage Clips

How to Delete Clips on Twitch

Have you finally decided to delete twitch clips? It’s easy and I will brief step by step that how to delete clips on twitch. You can delete twitch clips created by you or by your followers in the community. Before we proceed let me give a short summary that what I will cover in this … Read more

Top Twitch Streamers Earnings Leaked in 2021 – Shocking Facts

Twitch Streamers Earning Leaked

Recently top twitch streamers earnings leaked and have been revealed on the Twitch website. Twitch leak that ended up leaking a ton of information and with that we had a lot of lists come out as to what many content creators supposedly are making on the platform. Many people are alleging that the whole source … Read more

How to Fix Twitch Notifications not working in 2021 (PC & Mobile)

Twitch Notifications not Working

Notifications play an important role in almost all apps like twitch but what if twitch notifications not working. If you are not getting twitch notifications you will miss your favorite streamer stream. As a streamer, you may notice a drop in your viewers while going live on Twitch. In this article, I got a solution … Read more

How to Fix OBS Display Capture Black Screen (5 Expert FIX)

Obs display capture black screen

Mostly the users having an external graphic card have an OBS display capture black screen problems. But whatever the problem is, it becomes like a real pain in the ass. You might be in the middle of creating a video or recording game and notice OBS just record a blank screen or I can say … Read more

Words you can’t say on Twitch in 2021 (Twitch Banned Words)

Words you can’t say on Twitch in 2021

This might be frustrating but let me share the words you can’t say on Twitch in 2021. You must avoid these words as you may get banned and also because it keeps the community and streams safe. Now, this is important to know if you are an experienced or either a beginner streamer on Twitch. … Read more

How to Set Chat Rules on Twitch in 2021 – Chat Rules Template


Have you not set any chat rules so far, then you must know how to set chat rules on twitch and why to have chat rules? Chat is an important part of any stream that connects your viewers with you and the viewers get more attached to the stream because of this communication. But on … Read more

Why does Twitch keep Freezing and Buffering 2021 – FIXED (PC & Phone)

Why Does Twitch keep Freezing & Buffering

This is really painful when twitch keeps buffering or lagging and so I will explain why does twitch keep freezing every second and how to fix it. The solutions will be for all PC and Mobile devices. By the end of this article, you will be able to get rid of Twitch freezing, buffering, and … Read more