How to Block People on Steam – (PC & Mobile)

How to block people on Steam

If you have some weird people in your steam friend list you can quickly block all communications. In this article, I am sharing a step-by-step method on how to block people on Steam both through PC and Mobile. Steam is a great platform that provides you with tons of games to store without occupying space … Read more

How to Unblock someone on Steam in 2022 (PC & Mobile)


You may have blocked someone on steam just because you are mad at them or probably accidentally. In this guide, I will explain step by step how to unblock someone on steam both from PC and mobile app. Blocking and Unblocking people on steam can be complicated sometimes for the users. Steam allows you to … Read more

Can you Smoke Weed on Twitch? If Yes then how (Twitch Tos)

Can you Smoke Weed on Twitch

When it comes to streaming on twitch you want to make sure you follow all the terms of service. You might also want to light up that “can you smoke weed on twitch” and that is what we will discuss in this article. Probably you have recently got your twitch affiliate or program and it … Read more

What are Channel Points on Twitch – (How to Setup and Earn)

What are channel points on Twitch

Twitch keeps bringing up new features like channel points that were launched back in 2019 for all twitch affiliates and programs. So, what are channel points on twitch, and how this is useful for twitch streamers and viewers? Twitch understands the importance of engagement between a streamer and a viewer. Streamers try their best to … Read more

What does POG mean on Twitch – (How to Use PogChamp Emote)

Twitch tweet removing Pog emote

I have seen most of the people have 2 questions in their mind like what does POG mean on twitch and how to use Pogchamp emote. Pogchamp emote, you’ve probably seen this dude’s face when something hyper surprising happens on stream but who the hell is this guy and where did he come from Keep … Read more

How to Fix Twitch Network Error 2000 – (Chrome, Firefox & Mobile)

Twitch network error 2000

This is another common problem where twitch video players keep buffering with a black screen and then give a twitch network error 2000 message. The major cause behind this error is the network and this buffering screen keeps coming even if you reload the screen multiple times. The buffering black screen finally stops with the … Read more

How to Fix Twitch Black Screen with Sound – (Desktop & Mobile)

Twitch Black Screen with sound

The problem is widespread, with many users reporting the issue of a twitch black screen with sound both on desktop and on apps. Users see a black screen while live streaming on twitch and even viewers have the same trouble. You might be thinking that why can I hear only audio on twitch and see … Read more

What is Slow Mode on Twitch – (When to Turn On & Off)

What is Slow mode on twitch

This becomes very hard and painful when you grow on twitch with lots of viewers or chatters but are unable to manage them or communicate with them. Even if you are a small streamer you must know what is slow mode on twitch and when to use it and when not. Don’t worry, I will … Read more

What does VIP do on Twitch and How to Get VIP badge in 2021

Twitch VIP Badge

If you are on twitch whether as a Streamer or a viewer you must know what does VIP do on twitch and how to get VIP badges or how to make someone VIP. Twitch VIP badge is one of the best ways to thank and cheer your viewers who helped you to move forward towards … Read more

Sims 4 Sim won’t sleep (Check these 10 Solutions)

sims 4 sim won't sleep

This becomes really annoying and irritating when Sims 4 sim won’t sleep. The sim energy level goes down from green to orange and then to red but nothing works to send sim for sleep. Did you try anything to get rid of this as I tried a couple of things to fix this? You won’t … Read more